• June 15, 2019

Compare Boiler Quotes 2019 Press Release

Compare Boiler Quotes 2019 Press Release

Compare Boiler Quotes 2019 Press Release Boiler Central

Compare Boiler Quotes enables customers in the UK who are looking for a new boiler to compare prices from UK boiler companies.

Compare Boiler Quotes is a brand new site enabling customers in the UK to compare UK boiler companies and prices. All the boiler companies on the site are Gas Safe registered and approved by Compare Boiler Quotes to ensure that customers get the best possible deal for them. The site covers a wide range of cities including Birmingham, Leeds, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Wakefield.

Compare Boiler Quotes provides some of the cheapest quotes in the UK for new combi boilers. But, with a wide range of boiler finance options are available on all gas combi boiler, oil fuel boilers and system boiler swaps for customer’s home or commercial property, there’s plenty to choose from.

Finding the right payment solution is an essential part of buying a boiler. Compare Boiler Quotes can offer cash outright, boilers on finance and poor credit finance for people with adverse credit. A No Credit Check boiler offers the perfect solution for customers who require a boiler with bad credit. This means that no matter what their customer’s situation is, Compare Boiler Quotes has something to suit.

To use the site, all customers need to do is fill out the online form. The information required is minimal, making the form quick and easy. Quotes are delivered via email so customers can refer back to the information as needed. There is also plenty of information to browse through in the Boiler Help Centre which is split into boiler servicing, boiler facts and info, and DIY boiler help such as why are your radiators cold and how to bleed a radiator.

Compare Boiler Quotes also offers free boiler grants when customers choose a 12 year service plan cover even with manufactures such as Worcester Bosch. With this plan, the customer’s boiler is serviced once a year, any maintenance is covered and should any parts need replacing, they will be, free of charge. There are a few ways customers could be eligible for this great opportunity including having a boiler that is 10 years or older, a boiler with a C rating or below, a boiler that keeps breaking down or a boiler that costs too much to run.

For more information about Compare Boiler Quotes, please contact Jamie Robinson on 01924 434394, or email sales@compareboilerquotes.co.uk. Check out their website https://www.boilercentral.com/ for all the information you need.

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