Cheap Combi Boiler Prices and Reviews

Cheap combi boiler prices reviews

Cheap Combi Boiler Guide

Cheap combi boilers are ever-growing in popularity in the UK with boiler manufacturers launching a rising number of budget boilers to target people looking for the cheapest boilers on the market.

This guide will give you the best cheap combi boiler prices with full costs including installation rates in the UK.

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Cheap combi boiler prices

Cheap combi boiler prices

The cost of the cheapest combi boilers in the UK cost between £1,450 and £1,750 (on the wall price). This includes everything from the cost of the boiler, installation, and anything else required for a combi boiler installation.

Below are the top cheap combi boilers with an average kilowatt or kW rating of 29kW or 30kW. This is suitable for most homes with 1-4 bedrooms.

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The above boilers can be slightly cheaper if you opt for a lower kilowatt rating. You really would be best choosing one of the above.

They all will be perfect for any home with 1-4 bedrooms. This being generally with a decent demand for hot water and heat output.

Cheap combi boiler deals

Cheap combi boiler deals

There are many cheap combi boiler deals on the market, mainly the ones listed above.

There are options to get even better deals on cheap combi boilers if you look at some of the really low budget brands such as Alpha but we do advise to stay away from the cheapest.

This is generally because they have low warranties of 5-years and below, which is generally a sign that the manufacturer thinks it could break after their warranty period. The best combi boilers available usually have

Boiler Central offers some of the cheapest combi boiler deals, and you can get a boiler replacement cost online in 20 seconds.

What to look for when getting a new boiler

Getting new combi and oil boiler installations to require many things taking into consideration such as:

  • Is the installer Gas Safe registered?
  • Demand for heating and hot water of the property
  • Is there any water tank required
  • Warranty length required
  • Who is the heating engineer to fit in the property
  • Are there any pumps shower or other plumbing requirements
  • Is there a cold water tank in the home
  • What heating controls are required
  • How many bedrooms does the home have
  • How many bathrooms does the home have
  • Do you want the best boiler brands?
  • What boiler types do you require?
  • Any radiator valves that may cause an issue

Plus many more….

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Looking for a combi boiler cheap?

Look no further – here at Boiler Central we have some of the lowest prices on new boilers.

These include boiler installation costs, as well as everything else, included to fit your boiler.

The prices are fixed and with a price match guarantee, you can be sure to get your boiler cheap.

What is the best cheap combi boiler?

Best cheap combi boiler

The best cheap combi boiler is not just fantastically priced but it offers long warranties of up to 10 years (15-years extended warranty is available exclusively to Boiler Central) but it also has Which? Best Buy accreditation and is internally sound with the best components used.

This boiler will last ‘donkey’s years’ and is probably the best combi boiler that you will find in the ‘cheap’ category.

The best cheap combi boiler is:

Best cheap combi boiler packages

The best cheap combi boiler packages are technically the ones that have everything in one package including the boiler itself, install and labor cost, pipework, new boiler flue, new condensate pipes, and anything else required to have a fully fitted and working boiler.

Not many people now get their boiler and installer from separate companies and would rather get their combi boiler in one package. Get a quote now online for a complete combi boiler package – click here

Can I get a cheap combi boiler installation?

Technically yes you can get cheap boiler installation but as with anything in life, cheaper does not always do the job.

Let’s face it, you’re wanting to get a new heating system and gas boiler for your home, which uses gas from the mains.

You surely need to make sure it’s installed correctly or it could cause some serious issues.

If you get your boiler installed separately and are actually looking for the cheapest installation rates, maybe you should listen to our advice and know that you should be paying between £300 and £400 for a combi boiler installation.

If you are getting a system boiler converted to a combi boiler then this usually takes 2 days to complete the installation so it will cost between £600 and £750 for the boiler installation cost alone. These are the best system boilers on the market which will help you decide what boiler is best for your home if you are wanting a system boiler.

What about a cheap small combi boiler?

If you are looking for a cheap combi boiler that is small and compact then the best brands would be Vokera or Vaillant. The Vokera 29kW is small enough for most kitchen cupboards and will last years. The Vaillant Ecotec is also a good new boiler replacement option in this category.

If you wish to spend a little more then a Worcester Bosch Greenstar would be a good pick as they do them in a compact model. However, we still recommend the Viessmann 050-W combi boiler as an all-around inexpensive boiler.

Having a good boiler in your home with a long warranty can actually increase the value of your home.

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Cheap boilers – Our Overview

Cheap boilers

This guide on the cheapest boilers has given you some insight into the best options and types of boilers available.

Whether you are looking for a gas combi or a full central heating system, the boiler cost is super important.

You may not get the best flow rates with low-cost boilers but usually, if you are on a budget your home is typically smaller.

By having a huge combi boiler with a large hot water storage cylinder, this would be unsuitable for you.

Boiler output is still important but most budget boiler packs a decent output anyway.

If you need some help on choosing the right boiler, use the online price calculator – click here

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