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boiler installation london

Our guide to boiler installation in London including replacement, conversions & costs

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Boilers are essential and should therefore be affordable to all – no matter where you are located and as new boiler installation and boiler replacement services are often extortionate, particularly in and around London we aim to keep costs down

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However, it’s not just your London postcode that determines the cost of your new boiler as travel time often impacts the costs, in addition to the type of home you live in and the type of boiler you’re having installed.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

New boilers London & installation prices

We offer the best prices for new boiler installation throughout the whole of the UK – London included – and to get a quick and accurate quote on how much your new boiler will cost in London, click here.

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To give you a better understanding of what factors impact the price you pay for a new boiler installation in London, read on, but if you want to save time and money, get a quick online quote now with Boiler Central for a fixed-price quote in your area in under 20 seconds.

Boiler installation & replacement services in London

We offer numerous new boiler services and can provide next-day installation throughout London however our main services are boiler installation and boiler replacement. Our boiler replacement services are carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers.

You must ensure that your engineer is Gas Safe registered for your safety and insurance purposes as we all know gas can be dangerous and an incorrectly fitted boiler can lead to a disaster.

New boiler installation

We can supply and install combi, system, and regular/heat boilers to any corner of London but if you’re unhappy with the performance level of your last boiler, our engineers can make a boiler conversion to your home, switching from a system to a combi.

You can get a fixed price quote online now for new boiler in London postcodes and not pay a penny more than what you see online.

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Local London boiler installers

To install the boiler, we will send one of our engineers to your location to fit the boiler and, if necessary for the boiler type, hot and cold storage tanks.

Our engineers will be able to determine how best to install the model, where best to position it, and how to connect it up to ensure optimum performance level.

Boiler replacement London

Most homes require a new boiler once every 15 years but in the unfortunate scenario your boiler is not working or is regularly leaking, you should consider getting a boiler replacement.

If you are happy with the boiler system you already have in place, we can replace it with the same model or the latest version of it and impressively, all the new boilers we offer are hydrogen-ready boilers too, so you can be sure that they are futureproofed.

The price of boiler replacement in London depends on the type and model of boiler you’re having installed. For example, a basic system boiler replacement will be priced from £1,740, whereas, for a more expensive system model such as a Worcester Bosch 4000 30kw, prices start at £2,150. Again, this depends on where you are located and London boiler installation is generally higher.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

What types of boilers do we install?

We deal only with the leading boiler brands, including Worcester Bosch, Alpha, Viessmann, Valliant, Glow Worm, Ideal, Baxi, and Zanussi.

We also only install the best boiler types, from combi to electric. The price of your installation in London depends on the make and model you choose as well as the installation company. For your new boiler, you can choose from the following types:

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Combi boiler installations

A combi is the most common type of boiler, being as simple, efficient, and compact as it gets. Short for combination boiler, combis are designed to combine all of the main elements of a traditional boiler into one unit.

They supply a combination of both heating and water and are so compact that they can fit neatly in your cupboard like the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w.

Combi boilers are amongst the most economical options, as you only pay for what you use. It can provide your home with warmth directly, on-demand, and without the need for a tank.

Factors that impact the cost of combi boiler installations include moving the boiler positioning, what floor you’re on, and boiler flue issues. However, with fewer parts, they are generally easier to install than the likes a system boiler. For this reason, they may be the most cost-effective boilers to install, particularly if you live in London.

We can provide combi boiler installations in London starting from £1,840.

System boiler installation

A system boiler is the opposite of a combi boiler. It features two separate components, a boiler and a cylinder, and takes up more space than a combi boiler.

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The two components are typically split up, with the hot water tank commonly stored in the loft and the water cylinder in the airing cupboard.

Although not as efficient as a combi boiler, a system boiler does have benefits over the likes of a conventional boiler. The latter requires both a hot and cold tank, whereas a system boiler only needs one hot tank.

This tank can store plenty of hot water, meaning you can easily run two taps at once and expect the same volume of hot water from each.

System boilers are typically more expensive to install than combi boilers as both the water cylinder and the tank need to be fitted.

We can fit system boilers easily in all areas of London

Condensing boiler installation

Condensing boilers are a type of boiler in their own right, but you can also get condensing system boilers, condensing combi boilers, and so on. Condensing boilers are 90% energy efficient, as it recycles the heat from the gas it produces and uses it to warm the central heating system.

In other boiler types, this heat energy escapes through the flue, which renders non-condensing boilers only 60% energy efficient. Ensure any installation company you use in London provides you with a condensing boiler!

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Conventional boiler installation

A conventional boiler – also referred to as a heat-only boiler and a regular boiler – is the oldest boiler type still commonly in use. It consists of two tanks, one for holding cold water and the other for holding hot.

The cold water tank is stored in the loft, which sends water down to the boiler when required. The heat exchanger turns this into hot water, which is then stored in the hot water cylinder.

A regular boiler is recommended for families who need hot water in several places at once. It is also amongst the easiest boiler types to replace.

Our conventional boiler installation starting price is £1,740.

Oil boiler installation

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Oil boilers work almost exactly the same as any other boiler, except gas is swapped for oil. Getting an oil boiler installation is recommended for those who live off the gas grid and require a reliable alternative.

The oil is stored in a tank, which is normally kept outside, and oil is fed to the boiler when hot water is needed. The oil is ignited in the combustion chamber, and the heat produced is used to heat water, which is then sent around your central heating system.

Both the boiler and the oil tank make this option a more expensive one. However, oil boilers are far more durable than other boiler types and can last over 35 years after installation.

Oil boilers in London are expensive to buy new. For example, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II has a starting price of £2,369 and will require an OFTEC registered installer.

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Electric boiler installation

An electric boiler is another good gas alternative appliance. It is far easier to install than gas boilers, as a flue won’t be necessary. This means that the boiler installation cost may be significantly less.

Instead of using gas or other fuel, electricity is used to heat the water in the boiler. Cold water is fed directly to the heating element from the mains water supply, which the boiler can then turn into hot water.

With no gas or fuel burned or wasted, electric boilers are more energy-efficient than combis and other types of boilers.

We sell a range of different electric boilers in London that we can install, starting from the Electric Heating Company’s Comet, priced at £695, to the Thermaflow TH 9/210U, priced at £2,300.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Boiler?

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If you order a new boiler from us before noon during the winter or 2 pm during the summer, you can get next-day boiler installation anywhere in London.

There are not many boiler providers who can provide such a fast turnaround, especially in London. Our engineers will arrive at your home between 8 am – 10 am.

The length of time it takes to install the new boiler depends on the type of boiler being installed and other labour factors.

For example, to replace an existing combi boiler with another combi, you can expect labour time to be as short as 6 hours. However, if you want to relocate the position of the combi boiler, you can expect this to take up to 2 days to complete.

If you require a boiler conversion to be carried out, you can expect it to take between 1-2 days.

The most lengthy boiler replacement procedure is swapping a back boiler to a combi, which can take between 2-3 days. This takes a while because back boilers are positioned behind your fireplace, making them difficult to remove.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

London boiler installation cost

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If your postcode falls within the capital, you may find a new boiler installation to be priced well above the national average. New boiler cost in London is higher, just as with everything else in the capital.

Generally, a new boiler in London costs £75 more than the UK national average. This means that a combi boiler replacement could cost you £1,740 outside London, but over £1,815 inside the city.

Why are London boiler installations more expensive?

Boiler installation London prices are higher because it generally has more expensive hourly labour rates than anywhere else in the UK. This is simply a product of the city being amongst the most expensive in the world.

High rates for new boiler installations are charged to meet the high cost of living in the city. That being said, the northwest of London tends to be cheaper than the southeast of the city.

Reasons a boiler installer in London may cost more than elsewhere

Whether you are located in London or not, the price of a new boiler can be impacted by several factors, including the following:

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  • The complexity of the job – Boiler replacements are generally cheaper than boiler swaps, as all the wiring and piping will already be in place. However, if you’re swapping over from a conventional to a combi boiler, you can expect labour costs to be significantly higher. This is due to the amount of additional fitting or replacement work that will be required.
  • The boiler type – An electric boiler installation is cheaper to install than a system boiler.
  • Where your boiler is installed -We charge more for boiler relocations, as this costs a lot more in labour time and effort.
  • The number of add-ons – If you are also getting thermostats and filters fitted, you can expect to pay more.
  • The weight of the boiler – The heavier the boiler, the more you’ll have to pay in labour costs. If you’re getting a sizable boiler installed, you’ll likely have to pay for a two-man installation job.

Get a quote for a new boiler in seconds by simply answering a few questions regarding the fuel you use, current boiler type, current tank type, and the layout of your home. The price we give you is the price you pay!

Finance Options for London Boiler Replacements

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We offer numerous finance options for London boiler installations, including a buy now pay later (BNPL) option, which allows you to use our boiler installation service and pay nothing for six months.

If you want to break down your combi boiler installation charge into manageable installments, you can buy it now and pay monthly on a 0% interest-free credit plan for up to 2 years.

If you need a little more time to pay off your new boiler, you could use our 9.9% interest-bearing option, which you can pay back over the course of a decade!

New boiler London FAQs

Do you offer warranties on boiler installations?

We offer warranties on new boilers we sell to you. For example, we can provide you with a 12-year warranty on Worcester Bosch and Viessmann models.

What payment methods are accepted?

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We accept card payments, finance, bank transfers, and payments through PayPal. Call us on 01924 925912 to arrange the details for a bank transfer.

Are your engineers in London licensed and Gas Safe registered?

We are listed on the Gas Safe register. All of the engineers that we work with are also Gas Safe registered and are fully authorised boiler installers. You can ask to see an engineer’s Gas Safe registration at any time.

Do you have a Buy Now Pay Later boiler finance?

We do have a Buy Now Pay Later boiler finance option. With this, you can order your new boiler from our website and pay it back within six months. This is great if you require a new boiler urgently but do not presently have the funds to cover the price.

Do all the boiler cover plans offer a free annual service?

Not all of our boiler cover plans offer free annual boiler servicing. You can get free yearly service with our Boiler Plus, Boiler and Heating, and Complete Cover packages. The prices for these cover packages range from £17.99 – £26.99.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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