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New boiler installations from Boiler Central

Having a new or replacement boiler is a significant investment. It can often be a complicated process, too, which is why you need the right guidance from an expert. Someone that you can trust, depend on, and offer you the best value for money.

Boiler Central is a experienced boiler company covering the whole of the UK. We’re a Which? Trusted dealer of new and replacement boilers and have been installing new boilers across the UK for years.

Boiler Central work with many heating and plumbing experts, who are fully trained and Gas Safe certified.

Ten reasons why you might need a new boiler from Boiler Central:

Having a new boiler installed in your home isn’t a decision that homeowners take lightly. But if you did need a new boiler, you’re in safe hands with Boiler Central.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to consider getting a new  boiler installed in your home:

1. Your current boiler is more than ten years old

For the most part, boilers tend to last around ten years before needing replacement. Even if you have yours serviced each year, you’ll find that parts for it will be hard to find. Plus, it’s not unusual for boilers to become less efficient over time.

2. You have to keep getting it repaired

Boilers require little maintenance by homeowners and only need an annual service. If you’re spending a lot of money fixing things that break on it each year, it’s time to think about getting a new combi boiler.

3. Heating and hot water supplies always get interrupted

Are you finding that you need to rely on electric heaters and kettles for your heating and hot water needs? If so, it’s time to get a new boiler installed in your home.

4. Your boiler keeps going on strike by shutting itself down

You know there’s a serious problem when your boiler keeps shutting down regularly. The cause can be down to anything from a faulty pump through to low-pressure issues.

5. Your boiler sounds like it’s about to blow up

Have you started hearing strange gurgling or banging noises from your boiler? As you’ll have gathered, it shouldn’t be making those sounds!

6. Your boiler keeps leaking

As a boiler ages, it can develop problems like corrosion and internal limescale buildup. When those issues occur, it will eventually cause external water leaks. In some cases, it’s more cost-effective to replace the boiler rather than repair it.

7. Your radiators are only lukewarm to the touch

The weather is getting colder, and you need to put your central heating system on each day. But your home still feels cold! If your radiators don’t feel hot, it can be a sign that your boiler isn’t doing its job of heating the water correctly.

8. The pilot light in your boiler keeps going out

Yes, it’s easy to reignite your boiler’s pilot light. The thing is, a modern and maintained boiler shouldn’t need constant pilot light reignition. The only time you would need to do that is if your gas supply got interrupted. If your pilot light keeps going out, but your gas connection is okay, it’s time to consider getting a new boiler.

9. Your boiler doesn’t look like everyone else’s boilers

Does your boiler look like a strange steampunk contraption? If so, you likely have an outdated boiler. One that’s most likely inefficient and costing a lot to operate. Now’s a good time to consider upgrading to an energy-efficient combi boiler!

10. Your boiler makes too much noise

A modern, energy-efficient boiler should make little to no noise during regular operation. If you hear a lot of banging or clicking noises, it’s probably ready for the scrap heap!

The benefits of boiler replacement with A Rated Boilers:

For many people with an old or faulty boiler, upgrading to a new model can seem like the difference between night and day! Did you know there are many benefits to getting a new boiler installed by Boiler Central?

Arguably one of the most significant advantages of having a new boiler fitted is the cost savings. Old, inefficient boilers use a lot more energy, and so will cause your energy bills to spike as time goes on. New boilers only use the energy they need to operate, and they do so in a highly efficient manner.

Another welcome benefit to new boiler installations is that you’ve got more control. These days, boilers with smart thermostats mean you can conveniently control your home’s heat and hot water even if you are several hundred miles away from home! You can create customised heating schedules and manage them from your smartphone.

Many homeowners also find that their existing boilers take up much-needed space. The good news is that today’s modern boilers are smaller and compact, leaving you with extra space to utilise in your home.

The environmental impact that we have on our planet is a cause for concern for more homeowners each year. Today’s modern boilers have excellent energy efficiency properties. As such, you can be sure that your home’s carbon footprint will be low.

Last, but not least, having a new boiler installed isn’t as expensive as you might have thought. It might surprise you to learn that a new boiler in your home won’t cost as much as you first assumed! Our boiler prices are on par with the lowest in the UK. Buying a new boiler is no longer a huge expense.

We offer fixed online quotes within minutes, so you can purchase new, reliable boilers from Boiler Central.

We offer finance (Boiler Central acts as a credit broker) and adhere to the financial services register. We have finance solutions for good, average and poor credit customers.

Which type of boiler do you need for the heart of your home?

In the UK, you’ve got a choice of boiler types that you can have installed in your home.

Combi (combination) boilers are the most common type and get installed in 70% of all homes. They are compact units that provide all your heating and hot water needs. Plus, you don’t need a separate hot water (immersion) storage tank. Combi boilers usually run on natural gas piped to your home. In some cases, such as with static caravans, they can run on LPG supplied in large gas cylinders.

For homes that are in rural areas, oil boilers are usually fitted. They require a separate tank that you’ll need to have refilled with heating oil every so often.

Some people have conventional gas boilers fitted. They come with separate hot and cold water storage tanks. Such boilers are ideal for older properties and those with a high demand for hot water — for instance, large homes with several bathrooms.

Another option for large homes or those with a very high demand for hot water is system boilers. They are similar to conventional boilers, but take up less installation space. Also, they feature a high-pressure system. In a nutshell, this means there is no drop in hot water flow if more than one tap gets opened.

What are the best combi boilers?

It’s no secret that there’s a vast choice of boiler brands on the market these days. Here’s a quick run-through of the most commonly installed boilers in UK homes:

Worcester Bosch

A market leader, Worcester Bosch has been manufacturing boilers in the UK for more than 50 years. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range got awarded the ‘Which? Best Buy’ for more than ten years. Homeowners that have Worcester Bosch boilers in their homes were the ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ according to a Which? Boiler Survey.

All their gas boilers get manufactured at their UK headquarters and registered office, in Worcester. Their range of oil boilers gets made in Clay Cross, Derbyshire.


Vokèra got founded in 1984, and its boilers are European-made. They boast a 99% reliability rate within the first two years of installation and get rigorously tested before leaving the factory. Vokèra boilers have been installed in more than 1.5 million homes throughout the UK and Ireland.

Ideal Boilers

Founded in 1906, Ideal Boilers have a long and rich heritage. They have many endorsements from both the Energy Saving Trust and Good Housekeeping.

Ideal’s current range of boiler includes features such as stainless steel heat exchangers. Plus, they have parts and labour warranties of up to 12 years as standard.


One of the oldest manufacturers of heating systems in the UK is Baxi. Founded in 1866, Baxi design and manufacture boilers out of four sites in England.

The recipients of various industry and consumer awards, Baxi also offer free parts and labour warranties.


Vaillant has a history of heating system manufacturing dating back to 1874. They pioneered the world’s first gas-fired heating system with hot water in 1894. Today, Vaillant is an international brand that employs over 13,000 people worldwide.

With a rich blend of German design and British manufacturing, Vaillant also designed the world’s first combi boiler. As you can appreciate, they are a well-known and respected brand in Britain.


Established in 1934, Glow-worm became a subsidiary brand of Vaillant in 2001. All their boilers get built at a state of the art facility in Belper, Derbyshire.

The brand boasts a range of domestic gas combi, system, and heat-only boilers. In 2010, they developed the world’s first hybrid heat pump and condensing boiler.


Another German brand, Viessmann is a boiler manufacturer that can trace its roots back to 1917. Today, they offer a range of gas and oil boilers and alternative energy heating solutions.

It is a family-owned company and has been in the Viessmann family for over four generations. They have design and manufacturing facilities in over 74 countries worldwide.

Why choose Boiler Central?

Boiler Central was founded to give customers the option to purchase their boiler online with no salespeople visiting your home. We provide a range of gas, central heating, and plumbing services to domestic and commercial customers.

If you need an energy-efficient heating system, you may be wondering why you should trust us. We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and our glowing testimonials speak for themselves.

Boiler Cental is made up of a network of Gas Safe registered gas and heating engineers. Unlike some of our competitors, we have undergone rigorous training and have many years of industry experience. We are best-placed to provide our customers with a professional service.

When selecting a provider to install your new boiler, you can rely on us.

Fixed-price gas services

Many of our competitors choose to charge for their services by the hour. At Boiler Central, we offer fixed-price online quotes instead.

Gas Safe registered and DBS-checked engineers

When you choose someone to provide heating and plumbing services, you want to be in safe hands. All the engineers used by Boiler Central are Gas Safe registered. Boiler engineers are vetted thoroughly by us to ensure they are highly skilled and up to our high standards.

Minimum of five years guarantee on all new boiler installations

When you have a new boiler fitted in your home, you want to feel assured of a quality installation. That’s why we at Boiler Central offer a minimum of five-year guarantees on all new boilers. This warranty is manufacturer based.

General plumbing, kitchen and bathroom services

At Boiler Central, we do more than install new boilers. Our range of services includes general plumbing, such as replacing taps and pipes with our home cover sister company, UK Home Cover.

We can also take care of removing old bathrooms and fitting new ones. Our kitchen services include the removal and fitting of washing machines, dishwashers, and sinks.

Boiler Central is also qualified and fully-trained to fit vented and unvented cylinders and air conditioning.

Landlord and estate agent services

UK Home Cover can handle various aspects of property maintenance. We work with both landlords and estate agents to provide a range of services, such as:


  • Landlord gas safety certificates;
  • Boiler cover, servicing and gas inspections;
  • Gas, heating, and plumbing repairs and installations.

It doesn’t matter if you are a landlord managing properties alone or an estate agent that maintains houses and flats on behalf of landlords. We can ensure that your properties are safe and habitable for your existing and future tenants.

Boiler Central is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority via and AR authority.

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch! Alternatively if you are looking for a new boiler, get a fixed online boiler quote here.

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