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Boilers on Finance

Boilers on Finance with low monthly payments

Boiler finance is perfect if you are looking to pay monthly for your new boiler, with many options to get a new boiler on finance.

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You can finance your boiler with 0% interest-free boiler finance, or get an interest-bearing up to a loan term of up to 10-years.

We even provide Buy Now Pay in 6 Months (BNPL), so you can order your new boiler and pay nothing for 6 months, with no deposit required on ordering.

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Spreading the cost of a new boiler over 2 years, 5 years or 10 years

If you’re thinking of swapping your boiler in the near future, then you’ll undoubtedly that the new boiler cost can be quite expensive, so financing a boiler is a nice option to have available. There are a few different options to suit different people when spreading the cost of a new boiler.

boilers on finance 0% interest

Thankfully, you can now get access to a new boiler with 0% interest-free financing, interest-bearing credit, and buy now, pay later options. You can also choose to make the repayments over 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years.

Spread the payment for your boiler over multiple different term lengths by choosing a new boiler payment plan that suits your financial situation and needs.

This is the ultimate guide on boilers on finance. Once you have read this, you will know everything there is on boiler finance and be well equipped to decide on what option is best for you.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

How to apply for boilers on finance?

You can apply for boiler finance as long as you are aged 18 or over up to a max-age of 85 years old at the end of the agreement. You will need to be a permanent UK resident for at least the last 3 years.

Your income is important so you must generate income in order to pay for your monthly boiler plan and regularly make payments.

To apply for finance online, with an instant decision you will need the below:

  • A valid, in-date passport
  • A valid, in-date UK driving licence
  • A bill dated within the last 3 months with your name on

Boiler finance deals – Get the best boilers on a monthly payment plan

Looking for a great finance package deal on a Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, or another boiler? Then with boiler Central, you can apply online in minutes for all these manufacturers. Answer 9 quick questions, and get an online fixed price for a new boiler. Once you complete the checkout information, you can then choose which finance you want at the last step to apply to pay monthly.

Once you click that you would like to pay by finance then a pop-up box will open for you to fill in the form with your information. When you have filled in the form it will give you an instant approval decision for your finance. Boiler Central uses a panel of lenders via Vendigo to offer you a boiler on finance. Boiler Central is authorised and regulated by FCA.

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Let’s start with a few common FAQ’s we get on pay monthly boilers:


Boiler finance and pay monthly FAQs

Can you buy boilers on finance?

Yes, you can! You can purchase new gas boiler finance with:

  • Interest bearing finance 9.9% over 3, 4, 5 or 10-year terms
  • Interest-free 0% APR for 1 or 2 years (most popular)
  • Buy now, pay later finance 6 months

Can I get a new boiler and pay monthly?

There are many options to pay monthly for a boiler. You can choose from 0% interest-free credit plans, interest-bearing (9.9% APR representative from Boiler Central) of up to 10 years, and buy now pay later options with 6-month terms.

Why pay upfront when you can spread the cost with some fantastic finance deals for a replacement boiler?

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How do you finance a boiler?

Financing a new boiler is easy from companies like Boiler Central offer new boilers where you can answer 9 simple questions about your home, get a fixed price online, and then if you’re happy, you can apply for boiler finance online.

The online finance application gives you an instant decision on acceptance, so you will know straight away if your new boiler purchase is complete and scheduled in for a fitting. You can opt to pay no deposit or up to a maximum 50% of the loan value.

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Where can I get a boiler on finance?

There is a wide range of companies in the UK that offer pay monthly boiler plans so that you can spread the cost of your new boiler and monthly repayment over time.

Offering low-interest rates and sometimes 0% boiler finance if you opt for interest-free you may as well pay over installments of up to 10 years right?

Click here to get a fixed new boiler price and apply for finance. (this gives you an instant online finance decision)

Is there a credit check with boiler finance?

Yes, as with any loan or finance agreement or money lending, there will be a requirement for the lenders to perform a credit check to check your eligibility. This will mean that the lender will check your credit file with Experian or Equifax to see if you are able or likely to make the required payments. If you apply for a boiler on finance through one of Boiler Central’s lenders, then this will show up on your file.

New Replacement Boilers on finance for broken boilers

boiler energy efficiency

Boilers have become an essential component in our everyday lives. Whether it’s hot water to do the dishes or take your morning shower, our boiler provides us with a higher quality of life.

Unfortunately, they’re not invincible and may require replacing or fixing in the future.

While you can maintain a boiler to keep it running effectively, an older boiler might break down far too frequently, resulting in expensive boiler installation costs to keep it running.

If your current boiler is not working, then you can opt for a service plan or purchase a new one.

Whether you have a back boiler and need a replacement or you would like a combi boiler swap, we have a range of new boiler costs for you. 

Low montly repayments spreading the cost of a boiler

To solve this, you might want to consider purchasing a new boiler and spread the cost.

boilers on finance

While the cost of the boiler might be higher, you save money in the long run because you’re not constantly calling out an engineer to repair an old boiler.

Many of our customers do not want to pay upfront for their new boiler, so our pay monthly plans are perfect.

Here you can spread the cost of the new boiler installation up to 10 years (120 months).

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Boiler finance is available with different finance products as below:

  • Interest Bearing Credit 5 or 10-years
  • 0% Interest-Free Finance
  • Zero Deposit Interest Bearing Credit 5 or 10-years
  • Buy Now, Pay in 6 Months & Buy Now Pay in 12 Months

Combi boiler finance plans and options:

We provide a range of combi boilers at Boiler Central, all of which you can get boiler finance up to 10 years term, with low monthly repayments.

Whether you are looking for combi boiler finance for a straight swap or conversion, we are sure to be able to have a suitable payment plan for you.

Use our boiler quote calculator here to get a price on your new combi boiler and also apply for finance with an instant online decision.

Pay monthly for your boiler replacement

If you are wanting to pay monthly for your boiler replacement then great, we can help with that.

Within 20 seconds we can get you a fixed price on a new boiler and the prices you see are to pay monthly for your new boiler replacement.

Click here to view the pay monthly options for your replacement boiler.

7 reasons to get your boiler on finance

Below we’ve included a list of reasons why you might want to consider purchasing a boiler on finance to replace your existing one.

  1. Your existing boiler is old and requires constant maintenance – Older boilers require a lot of maintenance that could become very expensive in the long run.

    In most cases, boiler financing is a great way to ensure that your maintenance bills are kept low and could save you more money in the future.

  2. Your boiler is making odd noises such as popping or hissing sounds – Strange sounds can mean that your boiler is starting to wear out due to old age. A replacement will not only fix these strange noises but could offer more features, better gas efficiency and more safety.

  3. Your boiler is outdated and is costing you a lot in gas bills – Old boilers tend to be inefficient and will cost you a lot in gas bills.

    These inefficiencies aren’t present in newer boilers thanks to newer technologies, and you may want to replace your boiler with the help of a financing option to save more money.

  4. Your boiler has leaked in the past, or raised carbon monoxide alarms – A past gas leak or carbon monoxide issue is dangerous, and your boiler should be replaced as soon as possible.

    We understand that a new boiler is expensive, even if it’s an emergency purchase. That’s why our interest-free boiler financing option is a great option for replacing a boiler that is a danger to your family.

  5. Your water temperature isn’t as consistent as it was before – Fluctuations in your water temperature usually mean that your boiler is starting to function poorly. Replacing your boiler through financing is a great way to solve this problem and ensure that your hot water is always available when you need it.

  6. Your boiler smells strange when it’s operating. Strange smells usually indicate that there’s probably a gas leak. You should immediately turn off the boiler and call an emergency line to fix the issue. If there’s been a gas leak, then replacing the boiler is a good option.

  7. Your boiler repairs are getting more expensive – You might be fine with your old boiler especially if the repairs aren’t too frequent, but if your boiler repairs are getting more expensive then it could indicate that the parts are getting harder to find.

    Eventually, your boiler will become extremely expensive to repair due to parts availability, and you might be better off financing a brand new boiler.

If you’re unsure whether you need to finance a new boiler, don’t hesitate to contact us or get a fixed price online here for your boiler.

It’s important to replace a boiler, especially if it’s become a danger to your wellbeing, and we offer finance packages that can help you get new boiler deals for a low fixed monthly cost.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Pay monthly boilers with no deposit

Get boiler finance and pay monthly boiler plan with zero deposit with Boiler Central. This means that you don’t have to pay a penny upfront and the first payment comes out within 20-30 days of your new boiler is installed.

Typical Boiler Finance Example:

Cash Price£1,794
Amount of credit£1,695
Monthly Payments£21.93
Loan Term120 months
Total Payable£2,730.60

Typical 0% interest-free boiler finance example:

Cash Price£1,794
Amount of credit£1,000
Monthly Payments£41.67
Loan Term24 months
Total Payable£1,794

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Choosing the right boiler to finance

combi boiler

We have a wide selection of boilers available for financing.

We both supply and install different boiler types, such as combi boilers and system boilers from a variety of trusted and reliable brands.

Choosing a boiler on finance means that you’re able to choose something that would typically be out of your price range, resulting in a higher-quality boiler that offers better gas efficiency and more comfort-focused features.

If you’re not sure which boiler to purchase, we’re more than happy to make recommendations based on your current financial situation and needs.

Whether you’re replacing a boiler because it’s leaking or if you’re tired of constant repairs and maintenance, we have a wide selection of boilers on finance available for you.

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Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler on finance from £26.44 with £0 deposit

If your looking for a Worcester bosch 4000 combi boiler but don’t have the funds to buy one outright. Check out this great offer we have here at Boiler Central. This is for the Worcester 4000 25kw combi boiler. To get a fixed price quote for your home and to apply for finance, use our simple online quotation tool now.

Cash Price£2,045
Amount of credit£2,045
Monthly Payments£26.44
Loan Term120 months

What options are available for boiler finance?

We offer several boiler financing options that are designed to give you flexible options when purchasing a new boiler. Having a range of finance options available means that it is likely to be a payment plan that can suit nearly everyone in the UK. Here are some of the best ways to buy now and pay later, and our boiler financing options offer you a simple, no-nonsense way of obtaining a new boiler at a low cost.

0% interest-free boiler financing

Interest-free boiler financing with 0% APR is an option that allows you to pay for a new boiler on finance with no added interest for your boiler installation.

This means that the repayable amount for your boiler is the same as the full cost of the boiler and installation with no added fees.

Paying off this loan early also doesn’t incur extra payment fees, meaning you can always pay it back if you’re in a stable financial situation.

Loan terms are flexible and can depend on your financial circumstances. A deposit is required for interest-free boiler financing.

Interest-free boiler financing is perfect if you would like to spread the cost but not have to pay interest on the boiler finance.

Since the total repayable is the same as the amount for the boiler and installation, you won’t be paying for extra fees which means it’s the cheapest option in the long run for replacing your boiler.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Flexible pay monthly boiler installments up to 10-years 9.9% APR

10 year boiler warranty

Flexible boiler financing usually involves no deposit with low APR.

There are plenty of flexible repayment plans to spread the cost that can start from just 36 months all the way to 120 months.

Since the APR is fixed, you won’t get any surprise interest charges or repayments. There are also no early repayment fees, meaning you’re free to repay the full amount whenever your financial situation allows you to.

Flexible boiler financing is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have the means to pay an up-front deposit.

While a deposit can reduce the total amount payable, it’s not necessary to be eligible for flexible boiler financing.

The repayment lengths are also incredibly flexible, offering far more options that range from 2 to 10-years.

Get a boiler quote with an instant finance decision online – click here

Buy now, pay later interest-free boilers & financing options

Pay-later financing defers payment for the first year, meaning that the first 12 months are completely free of any repayments.

However, interest rates are typically higher than other forms of boiler financing, but a deposit is not required.

You also have the option to repay the loan in full within the deferred period with no added interest or exit fees charged.

You can also continue to repay the loan outside of the deferred period and the interest will be charged from the start date of your financing agreement.

Pay-later boiler financing is a good option for anyone unable to pay an initial deposit or someone that believes they can repay the entire loan off in the first year.

By spreading the cost of a new boiler you and access 0% APR finance rates. Getting a new boiler on finance has never been easier than right now.

Please note that you should keep in mind that interest rates are typically higher for customers with adverse credit history, and you may be subject to a credit check for any financial products.

Get a boiler quote with an instant finance decision online – click here

What is interest-free boiler financing?

We know that paying for a boiler can be an expensive investment.

As a result, people may turn to ask their bank for a loan in order to pay for a boiler.

However, this can incur heavy interest, especially if you don’t look at the financial options available for purchasing a new boiler.

As a result, you’ll end up paying more for your boiler even if the cost is spread over a longer period of time.

In contrast, we offer interest-free financing options for paying for your boiler with low monthly payments.

This means that the price you pay for the boiler doesn’t increase due to interest, and there are no additional charges or fees.

You only pay for the boiler in pre-agreed monthly payments and the installation fees with nothing added on top.

This is a great way to purchase a boiler as the monthly repayments will be lower and the lack of additional charges means you get to pocket more of your own money.

If you’re interested in interest-free boilers on finance, then don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our boiler payment plans.

Considering a new boiler replacement cost can be can cost several thousand depending on the work required, we highly recommend interest-free financing as a way to purchase your boiler.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Boiler financing your new installation

best boilers 2020

Unlike many other new boiler financing options, boilers on finance mean that you can also have your installation costs bundled with your plan.

This means that any installation costs will be included in the loan and will be paid for with monthly payments or instalments alongside your boiler.

This also means that you don’t need to stress over finding a boiler service to install your boiler, potentially leading to additional interest charges or fees.

With our boiler financing services, you don’t need to worry about the fees involved in removing your old boiler and replacing it with your new one.

It’s all included in the financing costs and you can simply sit back, relax and let our operatives do all of the work.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Financing process for new boilers on finance

Getting a new boiler installed on finance might seem daunting, but it’s surprisingly accessible.

Whether you have no hot water coming from your boiler or a leaking boiler, the process of getting a new boiler is easy.

Here’s a list of example steps that you might take if you’re interested in getting a boiler on finance.

Step 1: Getting an Online Quote

It’s important to get a personalised payment plan and quote alongside a boiler replacement recommendation.

This can depend heavily on the reason you’re replacing your boiler, the amount of space you have available and also your financial situation.

You’re also welcome to contact us directly for a quote or more information before you pick us for your new boiler.

Step 2: Booking a Survey

Once you’ve accepted a quote for a boiler, one of our technicians may come to survey your home to see if your chosen boiler will be suitable for your home.

Your technician will also inspect your existing system, and you can ask any questions if you have concerns or are curious about the process.

If you would like to purchase your new boiler online, then you can do it with our online fixed price system.

Step 3: Finding the Ideal Repayment Plan

Once you’re happy with the boiler quote, installation plan and choice of boiler, you can speak to a financial advisor that will guide you on the repayment plans available, if you wish.

Whether it’s an interest-free plan or a flexible payment plan, there are many options available that can suit your financial situation.

You can also complete finance and payment online if you wish to pay in full.

Step 4: Installation of Your Boiler

Now that all of the paperwork and financial obligations are taken care of, you can now move on to having your boiler installed.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

The cost of the boiler installation is also included in the repayment plan, so there are no added fees or hidden costs involved.

As you can see, getting a boiler on finance is simple and most of the work is taken care of for you.

With our expert advisors and Gas Safe technicians available, you’ll be given the best advice available to help you make an informed decision throughout the entire process.

With flexible financing options and a wide range of boilers to pick from, you’ll find that financing a boiler can be an affordable and flexible option.

10 Tips to get a pay monthly boiler

best combi boiler 2020

Boiler Central and any other provider of finance must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA for short, and registered in England and Wales.

By using a reputable boiler installation company such as Boiler Central, you are ensuring that reputable engineers install your heating and hot water boilers.

  • The installers will be Gas Safe registered with a unique number and competent in your chosen boiler manufacturer so that your warranty is valid for the duration that your manufacturer gives you.

  • The monthly payment options and interest rates on this page are accurate for most lender agreements that you may take out if you opt to pay monthly for your boiler.

  • We always advise that you compare finance deals for your boiler and ensure that the interest rate that you pay is right for you.

  • If you need further information on boiler warranties, energy savings and how efficient your boiler is or even if you need to know how much radiators cost, feel free to contact us or use Live Chat.

  • With Boiler Central, you do not need to have a home survey as all of the questions that we ask you (9 of them) is all that we need to give you quotes. We will never charge you more or less than the fixed price you have been quoted.

  • Worcester Bosch and Viessmann are probably the best boiler brands to go for whether purchasing on credit or cash outright. Worcester Bosch is manufactured in the UK, but Viessmann are German-made. You make the call.

  • British Gas have reviews of 1.4 out of 5 on We will leave that one there. Click here to see if you don’t believe us…

  • Ensure that your monthly payments are agreed and manageable for you before signing a finance agreement. It is hard to cancel a finance agreement once it is signed.

  • Not that you will need to pass a credit check and any adverse credit may impact the APR rate and amount that is repayable on your loan agreement.

  • If you have any issues with the boiler finance and credit side of things, you can refer to the Financial Conduct Authority FCA who regulate the financial services industry. All credit brokers will be authorised and regulated by the FCA as a credit broker and not the lender. Check the terms and conditions of your financial plan before signing.

Boilers on finance – Final overview

We hope this guide on getting a boiler on finance has been helpful for you. Here at Boiler Central, we offer some of the lowest rates possible for financing your boiler with flexible pay monthly options for a wide range of budgets. You can order today and pay zero deposit; your first payment comes out 20-30 days after your installation date.

If you would like to get a fixed online quote, choose your fuel type below now:

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

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