Best Electric Boilers

best electric boilers

While you may think of a boiler as being gas-powered that needn’t always be the case. This might be because a home isn’t connected to the mains gas supply or you may be getting ahead of the game now that we know gas boilers will be phased out after 2025.

But whatever your reason for going electric we’ve put together all the information you need to make the best choice for your home including new boiler cost.

What Is An Electric Boiler?

These types of boilers simply use electricity rather than fossil fuels to heat the homes hot water supply. Most suitable for small or medium-sized households they’re an excellent option for when there’s no mains gas, and there’s no room to store oil. Electric replacement boilers are also popular heating systems for owners who rely on solar panels for their hot water supply.


How Do Electric Boilers Work?

An electric boiler is very straightforward in how it works. That’s because it works much the same as an electric kettle. The boiler has a heating element which the water passes over and becomes hot. Electric boilers are quite often long and slim, and that’s because it enables a larger heating element to be fitted, resulting in the water being heated more quickly.

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Why Choose An Electric Boiler?

If you’re trying to decide which type of boiler is right you, we’ve identified some big advantages to choosing electric over gas.

No Moving Parts

When there are fewer moving parts, then there’s less to go wrong. So that means that electric boilers are much more reliable than gas boilers.

Easy to Install

Because an electric boiler doesn’t need a flue pipe, an electric boiler is much easier to place where you want it to be within the home. There’s also the advantage that you won’t need a gas safe engineer to undertake the boiler installation.

Highly Efficient

Electricity achieves an efficiency level which gas and oil boilers can only dream of. With electricity, fuel isn’t burned to produce the heat, so that means there’s no waste gases and lost energy.  Expect to see efficiency levels of 99% compared to around 90% for most gas boilers.

Types of Electric Boiler

Electric Combi Boilers

The combi boiler works in precisely the same way as those powered by fossil fuels. So that means that hot water is provided as you need it removing any need for water storage.

Electric Storage Boiler

The storage boiler needs a hot water tank to store the water once it’s been heated. This type does tend to be more expensive than combi boilers, but you’ll be able to take advantage of cheap electricity periods to get your daily hot water heated and stored ready for use. 

Electric Dry Core Boiler

This is another type of boiler which is perfect for taking advantage of periods of cheaper electricity supply. The dry core boiler works by heating bricks which then release heat to be used for heating hot water and central heating.

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Best Electric Boiler Models

Electric Heating Company Comet Electric Boiler

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a boiler which can supply wet central heating or underfloor heating and that’s because the design has minimised the need for external plumbing and pipework. Available in four different outputs ranging from 6kW through to 14.4kW.

The Comet Boiler range comes with a six-stage heating process which utilises a

stainless steel heat exchanger to reduce electricity consumption and running costs.

Electric Heating Company SlimJim Electric Boiler

At just over 20cm wide, the SlimJim certainly lives up to its name and weighing only 11kg it means that installation is an easy job. The SlimJim has a unique Run-Dry Water Level Sensor, which means that the heat exchanger is protected from running dry should there be a system water loss.

The new boiler can be set between 30and 80degrees, and it has a user-friendly control panel for setting the temperature along with fault diagnostic indicators.

Thermaflow TH9/210U

With 100% efficiency rating, these electric combi boilers provide substantial savings when combined with off-peak electricity. Designed for longevity, Thermaflow estimate that their boilers will last twice as long as the equivalent gas boiler.

This boiler is suitable for both radiators and underfloor heating and can also be connected to a solar thermal or wood-burning system.

Elnur Mattira MAC15

This wall-mounted combi boiler can provide both hot water and heating. Suitable for single or 3-phase electricity supplies, they feature digital modulation to reduce energy consumption. Available in twelve different outputs from 3 to 15kW the Mattira can deliver hot water at 12 litres per minute.

There’s a digital display and user-friendly controls along with a 2-year warranty on the boiler and cylinder.

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Electric Boiler Prices

See our table below for electric replacement boiler costs.

ManufacturerModelPower OutputGuide Starting Price
Electric Heating CompanyComet6 – 14.4kW£1,234
Electric Heating CompanySlimJim4 – 14.4kW£695
ThermaflowTH 9/210U10 – 18kW£2,300
ElnurMattira MAC153 – 15kW£1,750

Running Costs Of Electric Boilers

There’s no doubt that the costs associated with running an electric boiler are higher than either oil or gas. Our table below shows the average prices per kW and has been provided by the Energy Saving Trust

Fuel TypeCost per kW
Wood Pellet5.99
Electricity Off Peak9.76
Electricity On-Peak20.3

However, don’t let these figures put you off an electric heating system. That’s because you’ll save on the need for annual safety checks, lower installation costs and a less frequent need for servicing.


Electric boilers will become a much more common sight in the coming years thanks to the UK Governments policy to ban gas boilers in new homes from 2025. Although the choice is quite limited, we feel sure that will change in the next few years, making an electric boiler a real option for many more households. Not convinced by electric? take a look at some of the best combi boilers and best system boilers here.

Right now, there are no restrictions for new homes or replacement boilers, so that means that you can choose the fuel that works best for you. Get a fixed price quote to see our recommendations for your heating and hot water needs.

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