Boiler Replacement & New Boiler Guide for 2022

New Boiler Replacement

Boiler replacement guide for new gas boiler upgrades and installations

boiler replacement and new boiler guide

Gas Boiler replacement or buying a new boiler is a purchase a homeowner should make only every 10 to 15 years therefore you must find the right replacement boiler for a warm and happy home and here at Boiler Central, we are happy to help.

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New gas boilers for all UK property types

When considering the wide range of new gas boilers available, the new replacement boiler cost varies significantly depending on the model and type of system you require, which depends on the property of the gas boiler that will be installed.

As the best boiler replacement company, we love helping our customers. Homeowners and landlords alike, we look at all your replacement gas boiler options at Boiler Central, from a direct swap to a complete back boiler conversion, we can pretty much arrange anything you require and will help you along the way. If in doubt, give us a call.

To help, we’ve produced this replacement boilers guide with everything a homeowner, tenant, landlord or bill payer will need to know and you can use the contents above to find the specific questions you have in mind or read on for complete advice on why your should replace your boiler with a new one, or not!

New replacement boiler guide to getting the perfect boiler for your home

worcester bosch 8000 lifestyle range

This guide will give you everything you need to know about getting the best new boiler replacement for your property from our experts at Boiler Central has installed over 15,000 new boilers in the UK since we started so we know a thing or two.

We can’t stress enough how important it is when replacing a gas boiler to get the right one for your central heating system to ensure that running costs are low and your new boiler can cope with the demands and needs of your home and occupants.

New gas boiler installation comparison for different types, makes & models

Learn more below about how we determine the signs of old boilers, types of boiler replacements, boiler quotes, boiler replacement deals, new hydrogen-ready boilers (20% blend), and more information on new boilers installation prices and ensuring that your get the right make, model, output and Gas Safe engineers attending your property.

Did you know if you install an energy-efficient boiler it can increase your house price? Prospective buyers are starting to look at what state the central heating system is in and even if you are a landlord, prospective tenants are asking the right questions. It’s almost as important as how big the garden is!

Should you replace your boiler with a new gas boiler? – Watch now to find out why

The new boiler conundrum – Is it really worth the hassle? We’re obviously going to say yes, but it is backed up by stats from governing bodies like the Energy Saving Trust

Replacing an old boiler with a new one – Top reasons why you should install a new boiler

With regular servicing, some old boiler models can withstand many years of use, but if you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you will need a new boiler and your boiler may need replacing soon, however, sometimes, you just need to bite the bullet and install a new boiler. With an old boiler, the repair bills can stack up pretty quickly, especially if you do not have a boiler cover plan.

So, when should I get a new gas boiler?

Old Broken boiler is beyond economical repair

new boilers from viessmann

Your existing boiler is not working and Beyond Economical Repair (BER) and in these circumstances, it’s usually cheaper to get a new boiler than get it repaired and the brand-new A-rated boiler would also save you on your heating bills too. If you think this is me and I need a new boiler what should I get, compare boilers online now and get fixed price quote online.

Persistent boiler breakdowns

Frequent issues – requires you to have it serviced more than once a year or several call-outs mean it’s getting expensive and getting a replacement is the best option here. A leaking boiler could indicate a faulty heat exchanger and lead to your boiler not working at all.

Increase energy efficiency

A new boiler can increase energy efficiency if your boiler is 10 years old or your existing boiler may have poor energy efficiency, which usually means expensive gas bills so a change of boiler would be the best option here as a new A-rated boiler can save you up to £580 per year on your gas bill.

Adds value to your home

If your thinking of Selling or renting your property, if you get a boiler fitted it can increase the value of your home. If you rent it out, your tenants would love the energy savings on their bills and another bonus is an upgraded boiler usually adds value to your home. If you’re a landlord check out our Landlord boiler cover.

Leaky boiler

If your boiler leaks then it is likely time to get a new one unless it is under warranty – If leaks are causing expensive call-outs, then a replacement boiler may be the best option for you in the long run. A boiler leaking water can sometimes lead to bigger problems.

Moving a system or boiler change

If you are planning on moving the system or if you would like to move your existing boiler to a new location, it’s usually better to just get a brand-new boiler it would be less hassle and usually is the best option to upgrade your heating system.

If you’re experiencing any of these major issues, it may be time to say out with the old, and get an upgrade and in that case, it’s time to replace your boiler, so why not get a quote now below:

Why you should not get a new boiler

We like to be fair here at Boiler Central, so we would like to stress that if your central heating boiler is under 10 years old and has a regular service every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer then there is a good chance that getting a new boiler won’t save you any money at all on your energy bills.

If you are in any doubt, check your gas bill, speak to an expert or book one of our engineers for a boiler service now and they can maintain your boiler’s efficiency whilst also advising on whether a replacement is right for you! A boiler service costs around £100 which is much cheaper than expensive repairs and can help keep your gas bills down too, but if you’re looking for the best place to get a new boiler, you’ve found it.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
new boiler replacement

How to get the best new boiler for your home with Boiler Central

Deciding on the best type of new boilers is entirely dependent on your home and for example, a small London flat with 1 bedroom would have a different replacement boiler than a 5 bedroom home in Mayfair.

Here, we have listed some main features to look out for when choosing a combi or gas boiler replacement and the main things to factor into your decision are:

Hot water usage

1. Hot water usage:

Large families that use a lot of hot water will find a regular boiler or system boiler more efficient and therefore a home with fewer occupants will benefit from a combi boiler

This will mean that running costs are lower, which will keep your energy bills down.

2. Home size:

Because combi boilers don’t require hot water cylinders, we can install them in a home with less space, and you can see our recommended replacement boiler size chart depending on the size of your home.

Use this boiler size calculator to get the best boiler for your home

Size of Home & Hot Water DemandCombi Boiler Output
1–3 bedrooms, 7–10 radiators, 1 bathroom20–29kW
3–4 bedrooms, 11–15 radiators, 1–2 bathrooms30–35kW
4+ bedrooms, 16–20 radiators, 2+ bathrooms36–60kW

3. Solar water heating compatibility:

If you’re using solar to power your hot water, it’s essential to know that many combi boilers are less compatible and inefficient with this heating system. Contact us if you’re unsure.

Read more: Types of Boilers: Which are Best for Your Home?

Many old gas regular boilers and oil boilers are just boilers with hot water cylinders to live in the airing cupboard and cold water tanks to live in the loft.

When replacing regular boilers or system boilers, you should be able to keep the hot water cylinder to go with your new boiler installation.

Combi boilers are the most popular in the UK. Combi boilers, also known as ‘combination boilers’ are a 1 unit system that lives in a kitchen cupboard.

A combi boiler is brilliant unless you require a high demand for water at once to multiple taps. In this case, you would be better with a regular boiler.

Arguably, a new boiler is an investment. Over a period of time, especailly now with ridiculous gas prices, you could get your money back. And the more they rise the greater this investment becomes.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Replacing a boiler of a different type

Now we will discuss different options for a replacement boiler. if you have a gas or oil boiler, one of the following types should match the boiler on your property. Take a quick look at our guide to boilers summary table before our in-depth guide.

Replacing a boiler is what you would do if you change a combi boiler to another or a system boiler to another. If you want to change your boiler type, it would be called a conversion.

This is just a guide, and every property is different in terms of occupants and hot water demands, this is where it is so important to use a company like Boiler Central for a brand new boiler perfect for your home.

New central heating boiler comparison table

Replacement Boiler TypeHome SizeBathrooms & ShowersRadiatorsOther Reasons To Buy
Combi Boilers1–4 BedroomsUp to 2 Bathrooms5–20 RadiatorsCompact & Easy To Install
System Boilers3+ Bedrooms2+ Bathrooms10+ RadiatorsHigh Hot Water Demand
Regular Boilers3+ Bedrooms2+ Bathrooms10+ RadiatorsLow Water Pressure

New gas boiler replacement

Here at Boiler Central, a new gas boiler replacement is our bread and butter.

We replace thousands of gas boilers throughout the UK each year, of which are all gas boiler replacements as we do not currently offer oil or electric boilers.

It’s paramount to get the best gas boiler for your home, and with Boiler Central, you can get the exact replacement options available for your home type online in seconds.

Below are some replacement boiler options and we go into more detail on the different types of new boiler options, one will surely be suitable for your home.

Gas combi boiler replacement

Combination boilers, also known as gas combi boilers, are the most popular type of home boiler system registered in England as they provide a combination of instant hot water and efficient central heating.

Boiler replacement and new boilers

When you request heated water, a sensor signals the boiler to burn gas, electric, or oil fuel and most new combis are super energy efficient in the way they heat water and run at over 90% efficiency. This is due to the condensing technology involved and improvements in parts and components.

New replacement combi boiler pros and cons


  • New gas combi boilers don’t require any external components, making them appear sleek and compact.
  • Hot water is available on demand without cold water or a feed and expansion tank.
  • They are more affordable to install than regular models.
  • A replacement combi boiler is easy to install


  • More internal moving parts mean there are more potential malfunctions. These issues may be more expensive to fix than with a conventional boiler. 
  • Hot water from a combi boiler system can only support one user at a time. This makes combi boilers less ideal in a larger home. 

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Like teachers used to say, if you don’t know, ask. The right replacement boiler is so important, don’t make a mistake.

New combi boiler replacement: Why get one?

There are many reasons why you should get a new combi boiler replacement. The first would be that according to the Energy Saving Trust, you can save £580 a year on your gas bills if you change from an old G-rated boiler to a brand new A-rated combi.

By getting a new combi boiler, you could pay for your boiler in a matter of years. With the ever-increasing energy bills, getting a new combi boiler has never been easier.

If you need some help in choosing what the best combi boiler replacement is then, we have guides on this, or alternatively, you can get a fixed price online – click here to do so.

how long does it take to replace a combi boiler?

A simple swap of a new combi boiler is really easy and usually takes 4-6 hours for a Gas Safe engineer to fit from start to finish.

However, if you are looking to replace a water tank with a combi boiler then you will have currently a system boiler, therefore you would need a gas boiler replacement system boiler. You don’t usually need to change the hot water tank unless it’s really old.

Read below on your options for changing a system boiler to a new combi boiler:

System gas boiler replacement

System boilers are known as closed vent boilers as they work on a closed system with a hot water cylinder.

These are perfect if you prefer a heat-only boiler but would like fewer external components. System boilers do not require the cold water tank that conventional boilers do.

Like a combi boiler, these models have their external components built into the body of the heating system. 

System boilers contain a hot water cylinder, but the feed and expansion tanks are supplemented with an expansion vessel in the new boiler.

This is where the circulation pump and the valves are housed. 

New system boiler replacement pros and cons


  • System boilers work well with large homes where heated water is needed for more than one task at a time.
  • They don’t require the space needed for a conventional boiler.
  • System boilers are very efficient in areas with low water pressure.


  • They require space for the heated water cylinder.
  • Installation costs are higher than with basic combi systems.
  • They are less efficient than combi systems since they lose heat from stored water in the hot water cylinder.
  • One has to wait for it to heat up again after heated water has emptied from the cylinder. 

Some like it hot. Some like it really hot really quickly. System boilers are unrivalled at hot water delivery.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Regular gas boiler replacement

Heat-only boilers are conventional systems, also known as regular boilers.

These models store hot water in a cylinder and cold water in a storage tank.

new boiler replacement

A regular boiler produces a large amount of hot water more efficiently than combi boilers and can supply multiple taps at once with water.

The circulation pump, along with feed and expansion tanks, is housed as an external component. 

These typically feature an on and off switch. This means you can heat the water in the storage tank when you know you’ll be using it. You’ll conserve energy when it’s not in use. 

New conventional gas boiler replacement pros and cons


  • Conventional boilers work well with large households.
  • Large amounts of hot water can supply multiple taps at once.
  • Good for homes with low water pressure


  • Replacing a conventional boiler with a combi can be a complicated process.
  • Can not be as energy efficient due to constant heating of hot water cylinder
  • Less choice of replacement options

Replacing a boiler: How much to upgrade?

Cost of upgrading a boiler

A boiler upgrade is an excellent investment for your UK home. Whether that’s a gas combi boiler, system, or regular boiler, they all have their place in certain home types.

We offer authorised and regulated payment options to ensure you can afford whatever boiler you choose.

Based on the new boiler you’ve chosen and our intake evaluation, new boiler costs will vary.

Boiler Replacement cost UK

To give you an idea, in the UK conventional gas boiler replacement costs plus thermostatic radiator valves will typically cost around £2,300 before factoring in additional individual radiators. Whilst we are on the subject of radiators, if you get a new boiler, always ensure maximum efficiency by bleeding your radiators regularly.

You can keep the boiler replacement cost down by comparing boiler prices online now with Boiler Central for the best combi boilers available right now.

Can I change the type of new boiler I want to replace?

removing a tank when getting a new boiler

Yes. Changing a boiler type to aid energy efficiency or make space in your home is becoming increasingly popular. The new boiler most people choose when replacing is the same type, but converting from, say, a system boiler to a combi boiler is always an option.

When you decide to convert from one type of boiler to a different one, you are rearranging pipework and either removing or adding a hot water tank or cylinder.

All these can be quickly completed in 1-2 days by a fully trained and qualified heating engineer.

One thing you will need to remember though is that this fitting of a completely different unit will come at a cost due to the amount of work involved.

If you have made up your mind or don’t have much choice, you can now find out how much a conversion is in under 20 seconds online with Boiler Central.

Financing a new combi boiler replacement

New gas combi boilers cost significantly less than regular models because these models are less complex.

New boiler financing options

However, the price of your combi replacement will depend on the labour required to fit in the model of your choice.

Some combis are more expensive too, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford one. Help is at hand with our panel of lenders here at Boiler Central.

New boiler financing options

If you’re overwhelmed at the cost of your new boiler, don’t fret. There are many boiler finance options available to us.

We have different lenders with different acceptance criteria to help you get the boiler you want.

We offer access to a new gas boiler with 0% interest-free financing, interest-bearing credit, and monthly payment options regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

New gas boiler warranties

If you are replacing a boiler, you will want to ensure you get the best warranty available. 12 years is the industry standard on some of the best models. Boiler Central, however offers 12 years warranty on boilers that have ten years as standard from a manufacturer.

We use our vetted and trusted Gas Safe engineers to handle all of your boiler replacement needs for safety and your peace of mind. With any boiler, you will get a warranty, which can only be valid if it is carried out by a fully trained and registered gas engineer.

replacement boilers

In our busier months, some of our old boiler replacements are fitted by our trusted subcontractors. We assure you that all of our engineers will perform with the utmost safety and professionalism.

You must also ensure that you get your boiler serviced yearly to keep your warranty valid.

The new boiler warranty length is factored into the cost along with your satisfaction and ability to remain stress free at home after a long day of grafting

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Cheap boiler replacement

If you are looking for a cheap combi boiler, then there are some good options on the market that you can choose from.

New Alpha boiler

It must be said that, in general, you will find that the cheaper boilers are, the shorter the warranty will usually be. For example, you can pick some budget boilers up for £1,499 but they may have a two or 5-year warranty.

If you spend a little more than these cheap new gas boilers, then you can start to get more extended warranties from 7 years to 10 years, from manufacturers like Worcester Bosch.

Getting the cheapest replacement boiler is not always the most brilliant idea. You may be better off getting a more expensive boiler with a longer warranty but finance it over 10 years so it’s paid off in manageable chunks.

Boiler Central offers 1 to 10-year finance, so get a quote here to see your options. You can even see the monthly repayments and ensure that it’s cheap enough when you replace your boiler.

What are the cheapest new boilers?

Below we round up some of the cheap new boilers that you can get your hands on if these are your desired price:

  • Vokera EasiHeat 25kW – These gas boilers are great workhorses for 1–3 bedroom homes – Price one up – click here
  • Alpha boilers – Fantastic replacements from 29kW power
  • Vaillant boilers – They have some cheap boiler options in their range

Many of the above new gas boiler options are cheap, in the region of £1,499 model and retailer dependent.

Boiler replacement deals & offers

There are not many deals to be had with boiler replacements, but companies like Boiler Central offer some unbeatable deals, such as up to a 12-year warranty on all Worcester Boilers and Viessmann boilers purchased online.

You also get your boiler controls such as a free wireless thermostat or you can upgrade to a smart thermostat to help keep energy bills down.

This deal is unheard of in the industry and were the pioneers to introduce this fantastic combi boiler replacement deal into the online market.

Get a price below in seconds; choose your fuel type:

If you want to spread the cost of a new boiler to make small monthly repayments, look no further than our boilers on finance.

Here at Boiler Central, you can get interest-free boilers over 2 years, buy now, pay in 12 months or spread the cost over 10 years if required and pay as little as around £10 per month!

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Are boiler replacements the right option?

No one wants to waste money on their gas bills with a boiler draining money when it’s on. Plus, it’s not eco-friendly and getting an upgraded boiler can save you up to £580 per year on your bills.

Most homes have their heating on throughout the winter, so it’s best to get boiler replacements ready for the coming winter. If you are worried about your energy bills, then make sure that you check out the best smart thermostats to help keep gas and electricity usage down even more.

Boiler offers and deals

Get a fixed price online now – click here

New boiler offers the UK

Everyone wants to get an offer on their new gas boiler; that’s why at Boiler Central we give you fixed prices online.

They will not change even if we have to complete extra work on the day.

We have new boiler offers every day of the year, with the lowest prices in the UK.

Whether you are looking for new combi boiler offers or deals; or getting that old back boiler replaced with a huge deal on a new system boiler, we can help.

There is a wide range of boiler offers and deals at Boiler Central, check out our new boiler deals blog to find the most suitable replacement for your UK property.

New boilers for UK properties

We only install boilers in UK properties and this gives us nationwide coverage so that you can have peace of mind that if you order a new boiler in the UK, we can fit it as quickly as the next day.

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How to get a new boiler

It couldn’t be simpler when getting a boiler replacement. Gone are the days when you have to call British Gas (who are around 3 times as much as us, seriously) who would send out a surveyor to your home.

Well, we say surveyor… They are salespeople disguised as a surveyor.

Now you can order a boiler upgrade from anywhere worldwide as long as you have an internet connection from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Click, click, click,….click, click, click, type, click, type, click. Boiler ordered, installer booked. Await a first class service.

Why buy a new boiler?

If you have searched Google, something like “buy a new boiler”, then you are undecided on what boiler make or model you require.

With Boiler Central, you can choose your own installation date on our booking calendar as quickly as the next day, and we make everything online.

It really never has been easier to buy a boiler upgrade and we are dedicated to making it as easy as possible to purchase online. Choose your fuel below and get an online boiler quote:

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Which is the best new boiler?

There are many new boilers to choose from in the UK but here we have ranked them in order which we think are the best. If you want to know more, then check out our best combi boiler guide for a more in-depth review. If you are a bit strapped for time, however, why not look at some of the latest gas boilers on the market that you can get with Boiler Central below:

All these hydrogen-ready boilers to 20% come with full boiler replacement of your old boiler:

New boilers at Boiler Central – Get yours online now in minutes

Boiler Central is all about new boilers and Gas Safe installation and we offer the full service from start to finish, so from you deciding you want a new one right up to putting your boiler on your wall and registering your warranty, you are covered for any breakdowns right from the off.

How much does a new boiler cost?

If you have got this far you are probably wondering how much does a new boiler cost then? The simple answer is around £2,000, but this will depend on the make and model. Read our new boiler cost guide to find out what exactly you are paying for when replacing your boiler with Boiler Central.

What to do next to get fast boiler replacement in 24 hours?

Using Boiler Central’s online quotation system to get the perfect boiler installation, answer 9 simple questions about your home and water usage to find the fuel and boiler that’s efficient for you.

Once we’ve received your information, we’ll act as a credit broker to help you finance your boiler replacement if you require finance. You can also pay after boiler installation by card, Paypal, or even buy now and pay in 12 months.

We’ll provide a list of boilers we can install, including a budget replacement boiler right through to mid and top-end boilers, by answering just 9 simple questions. Next, choosing the best new boiler installation for your home is down to you.

All the recommended units will be suitable, but you just need to pick one that’s within your budget, or if there’s a particular brand you like then you can choose them.

How to replace boiler with a different type

If you are looking at how to replace a boiler boiler with a different type, then you can simply use Boiler Centrals online replacement quote builder and simply choose to convert to a another type. You then also ned to decide if you want to keep your tank, however this will not be possible if you want to change a boiler to a combi. If in doubt, contact one of our experts now.

After Boiler Central has installed your new boiler

When your Gas Safe installation is complete, we will contact the boiler manufacturer to register your warranty. If you have taken up one of Boiler Central’s offers of a free 2-year extra warranty worth £500, this is automatic, and we will register your details on our system.

Also, at Boiler Central, we love how good our customer service team is so, in the unlikely event that there are any installation issues with your new boiler, then we are on hand to resolve this for you ASAP.

You can call us any time, and we also will reach out to you throughout the day to ensure that everything is going as you would expect!

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