New Boiler Cost: Our Price Guide For Boilers, Installation & Replacement Costs 2022

new boiler cost

How much does a new boiler cost to replace?

How much to replace a boiler (Worcester)

You can expect a new boiler to cost £1,600 to £4,000 and here is a quick and easy new boiler cost overview to save your reading the whole of this post – If you didn’t come here first, bet you wish you had now.

Our expert guide will give you everything you need to know about the costs involved in installing a boiler from a direct combi swap to a full back boiler to combi conversion costs.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

New boiler costs & installation prices overview :

Prices shown are correct on Boiler Central as of 14/09/2022 – Calculate exact boiler costs here

  • Replacement boiler – From £1,855 ( E.g replacing same boiler type)
  • Boiler conversion – From £2,650 (E.g system to combi boiler conversion)
  • Boiler replacement with relocation From £2055 (E.g move combi boiler to another room)

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These are guide prices for an Alpha E-Tec budget boiler, but as you can guess, that’s not the end of it, new boiler prices in the UK differ from home to home, as the amount you as a homeowner or landlord will pay will completely depend on a wide range of variables such as the current type of system you have and what your plans are for your replacement.

Boiler price guide for 2022 including gas boiler replacement costs

This guide will help you by breaking down the cost of a new boiler replacement with a range of property types, moving a boiler, boiler conversions, back boiler removal and what you can expect to pay for a gas boiler on its own right now.

If you want an exact calculation of how much your next new gas boiler will be, use our quick online boiler cost calculator for an exact fixed price and always ensure that you compare boiler prices to help you get the best deal and it only asks questions about inside your home like bedrooms, bathrooms, what type of property you have and how many people live in the property.

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How much does a combi boiler cost?

At Boiler Central we cover everything from gas combi boiler costs, gas system boilers, regular boiler, hydrogen-ready boilers (to 20% blend), as well as any additional extras your home may need or to look out for when looking at boilers.

We leave no stone unturned in this ultimate new boiler price guide to ensure that we keep costs down for homeowners and landlords alike and that Boiler Central is the go-to gas boiler installation company for all your needs, If you want to know the latest new boiler prices quickly and get a fixed and final quote for a boiler perfect for your property type, click get a quote now.

Is it worth getting a new boiler now?

Deciding on whether or not it is worth getting a new boiler depends on how old your boiler is really, as older boilers become much less energy efficient over time costing you more in gas and electricity bills. An older boiler would be over 10 years old, but luckily this guide will help you weigh that up in terms of price and if you think the outlay is worth it in the long term.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

The size of your home will determine how much a new gas boiler cost

Bare with us while we explain what makes boiler costs low or high – If you are wondering how much a new boiler is, below are the average you can expect to pay for an average 3-bedroom property, as how much your new boiler cost with Boiler Central will depend on the make and model and the size of your home, so this is just a guide for the UK average.

Here is a list of the most common boiler installation costs in the UK for a budget boiler such as a Worcester Bosch 2000 or Alpha E-Tec and quickly you can see a conversion is the highest new boiler installation cost.

If you are confused about what you need, speak to one of our advisors or use our quick online new boiler quote calculator by clicking get a quote now to start your journey. If needs be, we could attend your property but 99% of the time there is no need.

Boiler ReplacementCost
New combi boiler replacement£1,795
System to combi conversion£2,499
New boiler installation – No current boiler£2,899
Back boiler to a combi conversion£3,299
New system boiler replacement£1,999
Megaflo unvented boiler installation£2,499

There are a lot of benefits associated with getting a new boiler, so let’s look at some of the most common questions we get asked before we look into more details associated and the costs associated with a new or replacement boiler for properties in the UK

£2,000 for a new boiler. Divide it by 12 years warranty, that’s £166 a year for peace of mind

New gas boiler costs continue to rise slowly

Every year on year as inflation kicks in prices is likely to change in the world of boilers and homeowners become less and less inclined to spend, especially with landlords increasing rent for tenants and going out becoming extortionate. Thinking about buying a new gas boiler can become a worry.

Luckily the market is very competitive with a wide range of products giving you, the customer more choice and a greater chance of striking some great deals on the latest boiler models, and surprisingly in the UK, we haven’t seen boiler installation costs rise significantly over the years so as much as they are a large purchase for most people, you can still find one within your budget.

As the winter arrives and there is a higher demand for boilers, expect another change in the prices as demand soars and potential stock issues hit the UK market, and ideally the best time to install a boiler in the summer months when installation costs are lower and demand is lower too so you can always get the boiler that you need.

Can a new boiler save you money?

Yes. a new boiler can save you money by lowering your gas bills. Older boilers generally become less energy efficient, especially if they have not been serviced for a while. While we understand new boilers cost a fair penny or two, you could get a boiler service that can help keep your older boiler more energy efficient but as technology improves, investing in an A-rated energy-efficient one will likely be a better option than trying to salvage an old one.

new boiler costs

*Prices correct as of 17/08/2022

How much does a new boiler cost fitted?

The cost of fitting a new boiler varies, but a new combi boiler costs £1,500 to £2,750 depending on the make and model as well as the heating engineer’s labour cost for fitting. New system boilers cost £1,600 – £2,900 for the same reasons and regular, heat-only or conventional boilers cost £1800 – £3,200 again, depending on the boiler you choose and how long it takes to fit your boiler.


At Boiler Central we are among the lowest-priced boiler company in the UK and we will also match any quotes, and varies on the manufacturer, model, and any other replacement boiler costs such as if your installation is complex or you need to move your boiler.

Make sure your new boiler is also hydrogen ready to 20% too, and the new boiler prices above include boiler installation by a Gas Safe Installer.

More often than not, the actual installation process is the largest cost of a the whole boiler replacment

How much is a new boiler?

How much a new boiler is will depend on the make and model, therefore a new boiler costs from £600 right through to £2,500 but in the real world it is really difficult to give accurate pricing for standalone boilers in this overview, but this new boiler cost guide will help you find accurate prices. As they are the most common type, all of the below is based on gas boiler prices, not oil, biomass or any others and some of the options will also be able to be used with LPG fuel.

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New boiler installation cost

As most people who need a new boiler will need it put on the wall in their desired place, there are considerable expenses involved for each different type of boiler however if you already know what type you need, then you are already halfway there and you just need to know how much it will cost for a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to install it.

If you do know your boiler type, here is a list of prices for each and hopefully, this will help you understand exactly what you are paying for:

1. Combi boiler cost and prices range from £1,500 to £3,000 fitted

Prices range from £1,500 – £3,000

new boiler cost money bag

A new combi boiler costs between £1,500 and £3,000 model dependent, this includes the actual new combi boiler price, installation, warranty registration and is the “on the wall” you can expect to pay, which includes VAT.

If you are looking to replace an existing combi boiler, or change from a system, regular (heat only) or a back boiler to a combi boiler, then the labour cost can vary quite significantly.

This is mainly down to the amount of work required by the Gas Safe registered installer/s to complete the work and whilst changing a boiler can help cut down on energy usage which is massive at the moment, the actual combi boiler replacement cost is higher if you are converting.

We specialise in all these different types and a super competitive with all our quotes regardless of the work involved, and at Boiler Central we will struggle to be beaten on most jobs so ensure that you answer all our questions correctly so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal we can offer right now on all the best combis.

Replacement combi boiler cost

A combi boiler replacement cost is one of the cheapest, however, other factors which may up the new combi boiler price may be:

boiler installation cost
  • Amount of new pipework that needs adding
  • Complexity around your boiler flue
  • If you need to move your boiler, how far does it need to move
  • What floor the boiler is on (flats may require scaffolding)
  • Location in the UK – London boiler installations seem to be higher prices
  • The company you choose to install your new boiler
  • Warranty length

So you can see above there are many things that can affect a combi boiler installation cost. If you are replacing a combi boiler with another combi, then that’s a straightforward job.

There are budget boilers out there with budget prices as well as premium boilers which will set you back several thousand more.

A mid-range combi boiler cost around £1,800 with a long 10-year warranty, such as the Worcester Bosch 2000 boiler. If you order from Boiler Central, you can get a 12-year warranty if you get it serviced every year by us – check out our boiler cover plans that include a free annual service every year.

We love a combi boiler replacement, and you’ll love our prices too. Minimum prices, minimum fuss, maximum value for money.

How much does the best combi boiler cost?

If you are spending money on a boiler then you want to ensure that you are getting the best combi boiler for your money. The cost of a new combi boiler does come into it however as we always want value for money in terms of reliability, warranty, performance, features, energy efficiency, size and output. So here are the best boilers to buy right now not including Gas Safe installation (spoiler alert – that’s in the next bit!)

  • Worcester Bosch 4000 30kW combi – £1,290 (Screwfix)
  • Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi – £933 (Plumb Nation)
  • Ideal Logic C30 combi – £985 (Plumb Nation)

Latest new combi boiler installation costs

New Combi boiler prices, however, will increase if you are changing from another type of boiler system, and we have provided the latest combi boiler prices fitted table below what they will set you back from each of the top brands that we currently offer online right now including Worcester Bosch, Viessmann & Ideal. here is the cost of boiler installation for all the best makes and models available now.

Combi boiler ModelBoiler Installation Cost
Worcester 4000 30kw Combi boiler£2,090
Worcester 4000 25kw Combi boiler£2,010
Worcester 8000 30kw Combi boiler£2,600
Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 25kw Combi Boiler£2,000
Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 30kw Combi boiler£2,099
Viessmann Vitodens 100-w 30kw Combi boiler£2,445
Viessmann Vitodens 100-w 35kw Combi boiler£2,645
Ideal Logic C24£1,890
Ideal Logic C30£2,050
Ideal Logic C35£2,150

How much are hydrogen ready combi boilers?

Hydrogen-ready combi boilers to 20% blend are the latest technology to try and lower carbon emissions in the UK and worldwide.

The best thing is that most new combi boilers are now hydrogen blend ready, and this means that all the top manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Baxi, and Vaillant make boilers that are ready for 20% hydrogen, so, if you are getting a price on any of the boilers from these brands, then you can be sure you are getting a boiler for the future.

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2. System to combi boiler conversion cost:

When it comes to new boiler costs with installation, system boilers are a great option for larger homes and many homes in the ’60s onwards will have a system boiler installed on building the property back when the pound sterling was worth much more. A system boiler has 2 parts to it:

  1. An actual boiler
  2. A separate water tank to store hot water

The boiler, usually found in the kitchen in the majority of homes heats the water, which is then sent to the hot water storage tank that is usually found in an ‘airing cupboard, and once the demand for hot water is required for say a bath, the hot water comes out of the hot water cylinder.

This is when the boiler will fire up and start to heat water and send it to the hot water tank to keep it at a certain fill level.

System boilers are still the right choice for homes that require a higher demand for hot water, and would only typically be installed in homes with 3+ bathrooms as a minimum, and in comparison, any less than this and a combi boiler would be perfect.

So, you are probably wondering what work is required and how much new boiler installation with a hot water tank, thinking that this sounds more expensive than the first combi boiler option. Well, you are right, see below.

Converting a boiler – Short term pain, long term gain

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

3. System boiler replacement costs (swap)

System boiler prices range from £1,600 to £2,900

The price of a system boiler is where you would replace only the boiler (not the tank).

This option is slightly more costly than a combi swap, coming in at around £1,600 for a basic boiler with a low five-year warranty for example.

If you would like a mid to high-end system boiler replacement, then the new gas boiler cost would be £1,900 to £2,900 model and manufacturer-dependent.

New system boiler replacement costs are mostly made up of the actual system boiler itself, fitting, and labour.

System boiler installation costs

Here is the range of system boilers and prices that we are currently offering with full Gas Safe installation. You can get a fixed quote online now in under 20 seconds for these fantastic boilers.

Prices are subject to seasonal change but we always aim to keep them as low as possible, especially in summer which is a great time to buy.

System boiler modelCost
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 System Boiler 15kW£1,975
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 System Boiler 18kW£2,050
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 System Boiler 21kW£2,110
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 System Boiler 24kW£2,200
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System Boiler 25kW£2,495
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System Boiler 32kW£2,695
Ideal Logic+ System 24kW£2,299
Ideal Logic+ System 30kW£2,399

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

4. System boiler conversion to a combi boiler prices

Prices range from £2,300 – £3,000

As you can see, the main downside to this is the cost of boiler replacement is higher, however, many customers who have a home with 1-4 bedrooms can easily have a combi boiler power their heating and hot water, so why would you replace an old system boiler?

What 92% of Boiler Central’s customers are doing is replacing their old system boiler and hot water tank with an all-in-one combi boiler.

Not only will the combi boiler do the same job, if not better, but it will also free up space where the old hot water tank used to be. Everyone loves extra storage space, right?

Converting a system boiler setup to a combi boiler is a bigger job, prices are higher, and will take the installation team usually two days to finish the job. Make sure you get the best system boiler for your home’s heating requirements.

It’s rarely one day, and it’s not often three days, so we are confident in the 2-day statement above and we ensure full removal of your hot water tank is included in the cost plus disposal.

As we all know, labour is one of the most expensive parts of most service-type work, so prices will increase to reflect the additional work required.

As a guide, a system-to-combi boiler conversion is priced around £2,300 for a basic to a mid-range boiler, and then for a higher-end boiler, the price would be closer to £3,000.

Remember, though, once it is done, it’s done, and you will never look back. It’s like going from a manual car to an automatic; no one thinks it will be better, but 98% of people never return to manual.

It’s the same scenario here; trust us.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

5. Regular boiler replacement cost & prices

Prices range from £1,900 – £2,200

A regular, or heat-only boiler, has three elements to it:

  1. A boiler
  2. A separate hot water tank (usually in an airing cupboard)
  3. A separate cold water tank (often in the loft)

If you have one of these, then you will certainly know about it. If you don’t, then you never go into your loft.

These conventional boiler systems are usually best for larger homes with 3+ bathrooms as they are built for high hot water demand. We have two main options here.

Regular boiler installation costs

Here is a short price guide to the regular boilers currently on offer at Boiler Central. A direct regular boiler replacement is one of the best ways to keep costs down if this is the type of boiler you already have.

If you are looking at changing to a combi boiler, then read the rest of our guide for how much extra it will be to convert.

Regular boiler modelCost
Ideal Logic+ Heat 24kW£2,299
Ideal Logic+ Heat 30kW£2,399
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Regular Open Vent 25kW£2,499
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Regular Open Vent 35kW£2,699

What else is there to know about regular heat-only boiler costs?

This option is if you just want to replace your boiler with your existing heat-only system.

The price does not include new hot or cold water tanks as, in most cases, you do not need to pay for a new one.

That’s because they last for decades.

You can get a tank included in new boiler costs but expect to pay over £1,000 for the tank and labour.

The price for a regular heat-only replacement starts at £1,900 for a budget boiler with a low warranty, to £2,200 and above for a mid to high-end heat-only boiler with a good length warranty.

If you want to change to a combi boiler, see below:

6. Regular conversion to combi boiler cost & prices

Prices range from £2,300 – £2,500

Changing from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler option costs around the same as a system boiler to combi boiler as all that’s required are the extra water tank that needs removing.

It’s worth noting that sometimes it’s difficult to remove the cold water tank as they are mostly in the loft but it can be much more economical and less reliant on things like a faulty boiler timer.

Homes back then were built around the heating system, and the access is usually far more limited than the tank, meaning we have to leave many cold water tanks decommissioned in the loft.

So, for a regular heat-only boiler conversion to a combi boiler, the price is £2,300 for a basic boiler, with a low warranty, or slightly more expensive at £2,500 for a mid-range boiler and some higher-end boilers.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

7. Back boiler replacement costs & prices

Firstly, you can’t replace a back boiler with another back boiler. Back boiler replacement is not allowed due to regulations.

They are against regulations to install from new. It’s perfectly fine to use an existing one, but you can not install a new one.

Why would you anyway?

You wouldn’t – they are expensive to run, dirty, unreliable, and a pain to keep going.

Most people who have a back boiler replaced with a combi boiler and all their heating and hot water dreams come true.

Therefore, the only price we will give you is to switch to a combi boiler. If you do require a cost for a system or regular heat only, get a fixed online price here.

Back boiler to combi boiler costs

Prices range from £3,100 – £3,500

To change a back boiler to a combi boiler cost £3,100. This is for a budget boiler with a low warranty through to £3,200 and £3,500 for a mid to high-range combi boiler.

ideal british made gas boilers

Most of the additional cost is due to lots of new copper pipework; you need a boiler flue, and a waste condensate pipe – it’s a fresh new installation without the radiators.

Once you change from a back boiler to a combi boiler though, you will be adding value to your property, and the winters will be warm and cosy. For the investment, it’s certainly worth it.

We offer some of the lowest prices on British gas boilers such as Ideal which are designed and manufactured right here in the UK and if you change to one of these combi boilers from a back boiler you can save up to £580 per year on your energy bills right away.

If you get your new boiler from Boiler Central, you can spread the cost of new boiler installation over 5 or 10 years, so the £3,100 plus for this option is manageable spread over 120 months. View your boiler finance options here.

The back boiler was the modern day combi boiler. But like your youth, sometimes you have to re-live it in a new old fashioned way

Where can I get the latest boiler costs & prices online?

Since it’s now 2022, you order a Taxi with Uber, you book your holiday on, and now you buy your new boiler online with online fixed prices. This helps keep the cost of a new boiler down as there is no middleman or salesperson as we like to say earning a commission.

Boiler Central is the pioneer of online boiler purchasing, and in 20 seconds you can get a fixed boiler price online.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Once you purchase your new boiler online, we ask you for a few pictures of your existing boiler and system so our Gas Safe installations team can check over everything.

Up to date, every 2 in 100 sales online has to have something extra like a new gas supply pipe, and the best part is that we have never charged our customers any additional as we are so confident in our online pricing and will be included in the price if you buy from Boiler Central.

To find out your combi boiler cost now – click here, or if you are looking for a system boiler, read our guide on system boilers.

Firstly we have the cost of a new boiler itself. There is a range of prices on the market, such as:

  • A low-end boiler with a low warranty
  • A mid-range boiler with a decent warranty
  • A high-end boiler with a long warranty

With gas boilers in the UK being more competitive than ever, it’s easy to find the best prices online for your new boiler installation.

Once you have a price on the boiler, you then need to get the boiler installed.

Luckily, in the UK we have some of the best boiler technicians in the World so the installation of your new boiler shouldn’t be too expensive so set you back so much.

Boiler installation labour costs for heating engineers

As the installation part is mainly labour, the time it takes will affect how pricey the job will be. You can work out the hourly rate if you like bt most engineers will charge a fixed rate for the day’s work. You must ensure that you get a quote beforehand that includes everything. That’s the labour, parts and the boiler itself.

The below is are based on a Gas Safe engineer which gives you the boiler installation costs for UK residents:

  • One day installation: £400 to £500
  • 2-day installation: £700 to £1,200
  • 3-day installation: £1000 to £2,000

It is rare for jobs to go into three days, but it does happen, so be prepared to pay the rates above, which are the going retail prices for new boiler installation costs in the UK.

Labour makes it sound like hard work, but our fully trained expert engineers can do their job with their eyes closed (they won’t mind). So don’t feel too sorry for them. Unless theyre taking out a tank in the loft in August maybe.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

The average cost of a new boiler fitted in the UK

To work out the average cost of a new boiler in the UK we will leave in the labour, so the prices that we provide you are not only averages, but they are for the boiler and fitting.

Basically, these are the average you will pay to get a boiler installed and fully working on your property.

The prices are based on the average from budget to the high-end boiler so do not expect to have to pay this amount, they are just a medium figure for illustration purposes:

  • Average combi boiler cost £1,800
  • Average system boiler cost £1,950
  • Average regular (heat only) boiler cost £2,100
  • Average Megaflo cost £1,900

Prices are based on UK averages from Autumn 2022

Calculating new gas boiler costs and options

As there is so much choice from each boiler brand in terms of models, sizes, outputs and the types of installations there are you would think it would be hard to calculate. But Boiler Central have simplified it, you can click get a quote now and we can work out online how much your new boiler will be including full installation.

Here is an example of a new gas boiler replacement cost we can work out online by answering a few questions about your home.

A mid-range boiler will set you back usually around £1,800 for a gas combi boiler. A mid-range gas system boiler is around £1,950, and a regular (heat only) gas boiler cost £2,100 on average. 

The prices above include installation and any other extras required to get your new gas boiler fully fitted and working from UK suppliers.

How much!!! Our favourite Yorkshire saying after gerremin. And from our Yorkshire base, we fully support any penny pinching and price comparing to get that ultimate deal

How long should a new boiler last?

Answer: A new boiler that’s purchased from 2022 onwards should last at least ten years, but with an expected life of 10 to 15 years at high efficiency.

Boiler warranty costs

However, in 10 years, there will most likely be even more economical ways to heat your home; therefore, it may be an idea to swap to something that kicks out fewer carbon emissions.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know, and we will do our best to update this article to help others who are looking into the cost of boiler replacement.

What should you look for in a new boiler replacement cost?

When getting a new boiler, you need to be sure that you are getting the right boiler for your home. If your old boiler is not working, then don’t panic, we can guarantee you a price online.

To do this, you can either get a boiler surveyor to come to your home and assess what boiler is required or (seeing as it’s 2022) you can get the cost of new boiler replacement by clicking the link here.

Boiler installation cost & prices: Overview

The cost of boiler installation is usually included in your fixed price that is quoted to you online if you choose to price your boiler up with Boiler Central. You can even spread the cost of a new boiler with our boiler on finance options.

Some companies offer boiler-only installations such as Screwfix. Still, you will not get the same warranty as if the boiler and installation are carried out by a boiler company such as Boiler Central.

On average the cost to install your new boiler will be between £400 and £800 depending on the type of installation.

For example, if you have a simple combi boiler replacement, then the time to install the boiler will be much quicker and less than a two-day job.

These 2-day jobs are installations such as a back boiler conversion to a combi boiler, or sometimes a system boiler to combi boiler.

For 2 day installs you need labour for 2 days as opposed to 1 day as above.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

What impacts the cost of a boiler replacement? 

Several different factors influence the cost of a boiler replacement for properties in the UK.

On the surface, it may seem like it is just the labour cost and the cost of the unit itself, however, several factors add to the price of a new boiler, and so we are going to delve into these in further detail. If you are a landlord looking for a great deal on a boiler for your rental properties, then check out our boilers for landlords with a great offer for multiple installations.

New boiler£1,000
Horizontal flue£100
condensate pipe£20
Copper Piping£300
Vertical Flue£300
Wiring & electrician£100

The price of a new boiler itself

Of course, there is only one place to begin, and this is with the price of the unit itself.

The price of a boiler differs by hundreds of pounds, if not thousands as it all depends on the quality of the boiler, as well as the boiler brand, kW size, and model.

The typical unit price is anywhere from £400 to £1,800, dependent on the model and boiler manufacturer.

However, there are some much more expensive units on the market today, such as the Megaflo unvented boiler range.

Get a fixed quote online now

The cost of labour and Gas Safe boiler installation

For a boiler swap, the cost of labour to install the boiler is anywhere from £600 to £800 on average, depending on the size of your home and what size boiler is required to heat your home.

The labour price is included in your quote so don’t worry, it will not be added on top of your fixed cost, so no need to worry about the hourly rate your Gas Safe engineer is on if you boiler installation is in London.

The labour cost of conversion on average tends to be between £1,000 to £1,500, for example, a back boiler swap or conversion depending on where you live.

For many years, heating specialists were watched over by the official watchdog CORGI (the Council of Registered Gas Installers). The CORGI brand was synonymous with quality and safety, thankfully that changed between 2009 and 2010 when the Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI which is much more reliable.

People don’t realise how important controling the boiler is. A smart thermostat can be the ultimate tool for greater control. It can also cause arguments, so be careful who has access to the app.

New heating controls & smart thermostat cost: £30 – £300

New heating controls

Thanks to upgrades in technology in recent times, boilers can be turned on and off with ease. You do not have to walk to the boiler to make changes. Smart thermostats such as Hive or Nest control your boiler and give you updates on how much energy you are using.

Depending on the brand and type of the controller, it is going to add different figures to the new boiler price.

Boiler relocation costs (moving a boiler): £200 – £600

You may need to move the location of your boiler for many reasons.

Relocating is going to cost more money, which is going to require several new fittings and fixtures, as well as emotional robustness, additional pipework, and a lot of physical labour.

Unless moving your boiler is vital, it is always a good idea to avoid this. If you are going down the back boiler removal and replacement route then you must now convert to a combi, regular or system boiler.

If you are moving your boiler from the kitchen to the next room then it will be closer to £200, however, if you are wanting to move the boiler from the kitchen to the loft, then the moving boiler cost will be £400 to £600.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

If you get a new boiler quote from another company however they may charge you several hundred pounds to upgrade your gas supply pipes.

Plume Kit: £75 – £150

A plume kit is an extension kit that attaches to the flue of the boiler. They can be required when your boiler flue is too close for comfort to your neighbouring properties, door, or window.

Plus, it must comply with Gas Safe regulations by law.

The typical cost of a plume kit for your new combi, regular or system boiler is anywhere between £75 and £150.

With Boiler Central, your fixed price includes the plume kit.

Chemical flush: £50 – £150

You may also need to pay for a chemical flush. This can be anything from £50 to £150.

Flushes help to get rid of any existing sludge from your heating system. Sludge can prevent the hot heating water from flowing efficiently around your radiators if you do not clear it.

If your radiators are cold at the bottom, a deep clean is going to be required. There are a lot of different options when it comes to this.

However, the most common and standard option is a hot, chemical flush.

For a power flush, you can pay more than £500 with many boiler companies.

Be careful with these, as they can often do more damage than good by forcing high-pressure water through a heating system, especially if it is an old one. It can cause debris to move about that was not causing an issue before.

Then you’re left with a new boiler that’s got issues with the system because it was power flushed when it didn’t need to be.

Again, with Boiler Central, your fixed price includes a free chemical flush that will not harm your system.

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Boiler flue: £50 – £200

A boiler flue is a big piece of pipe, that leads from the boiler to the outside.

The flue makes sure that the flue gases and condensation are pumped outside and not into your face.

new boiler cost guide

Most of the time, the flue is going to leave your home horizontally, which means that there are no extra expenses.

However, flues that leave vertically through your roof demand much more work, resulting in more expenses.

The average cost for a boiler flue is anywhere from £500 to £200, dependent on the length required and type.

A vertical flue is generally more expensive than a horizontal flue.

With every new boiler installation, you need a new boiler flue as per regulations, and at Boiler Central, we include one included in your fixed online price.

Magnetic boiler filter: £100 – £200

Boiler filter (Cost)

The average cost of a magnetic boiler filter is between £100 and £200

Filters are installed inline on the pipework, helping to protect your boiler, and some companies install them included in your price.

They utilise powerful magnets that trap small particles of metal and dirt, stopping them from going into the boiler itself and causing unnecessary boiler leaks and damage.

A quality boiler installation specialist is always going to put together the full cost of a filter into your final quote.

You should not be stung with added expenses at the end. At Boiler Central, we install magnetic filters free of charge as they are included in your online fixed price.

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These are the leading gas boiler brands in UK (with costs)

Below, we are going to take a look at some specific boiler makes, as well as the average boiler prices for these manufacturers.

Worcester Bosch boiler costs

worcester bosch boiler

Price ranges from £1,800 – £3,600

If you’re looking for good reasons to select one of the Worcester Bosch range of boilers, there are quite a few to choose from.

Worcester boiler installers are very experienced in extolling the virtues of their favourite type of boiler, but they’re right when they say that the boilers are excellent.

Perhaps one of the immediate selling points for people looking at Worcester combi boiler is that it has received the Which? ‘Best Buy’ award for six years running.

This award is given based on independent customer ratings, so you can be assured that it is well earned.

Worcester Bosch boilers are also one of the most versatile ranges on the market, with sizes that will fit all properties, including an excellent range of boilers that will fit neatly into kitchen cupboards.

The prominence of Worcester Bosch in the marketplace means you’ll find that your repairs are done swiftly and without too much waiting around for parts.

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Ultimately, however, there is one aspect of buying a Worcester Bosch boiler that seems to stand out in all the reviews available across the Internet:

Worcester Bosch – The Greenstar Range

Price ranges from £1,850 – £2,900

Worcester Bosch boilers are what a lot of people seek when the time comes to replace their old boiler replacement to power their hot water.

In particular, people look to Worcester’s range of Greenstar gas combi models. However, there are a few differences between the Greenstar combi boiler models.

The new Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler range is one of the best-selling combi boilers on the market at the moment starting at around £2,045 including installation. This is the replacement for the old Greenstar i boilers such as the Greenstar 30i

New Boiler costs (which logo)

It features smart heating controls that are simple and user-friendly. 

It also has features such as a low energy pump to reduce electrical usage and is an ‘A’ rated boiler on the energy efficiency chart.

Both of these features mean that your boiler will be using less energy and, therefore, will be saving you money on your annual gas and central heating bill.

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Both of these features mean that your boiler will be using less energy and, therefore, will be saving you money on your annual gas and central heating bill.

It’s also popular in the UK thanks to being well suited to the “cold climates.”

As long as the boiler installation performs correctly, there are zero risks of pipes freezing during the winter months.

worcester boiler costs

You can pick up a Worcester Greenstar combi boiler for between £1,750 and £2,900 depending on the model you choose.

If you want a really powerful boiler check out the Worcester Bosch 8000 boiler

The ‘CDI‘ range is similar to the ‘i’, but it is the top-performing gas combi boiler in the Greenstar range – offering the highest hot water flow of all wall-mounted boilers.

You can get different models of CDI boilers with prices ranging from around £1418 to £2400.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Baxi boilers costs

baxi boilers prices

Price ranges from £1,725 – £2,500

Baxi is a well-known boiler brand. The company itself has been providing heating products for 150 years. Yes, that’s right – since 1866!

They have a wide range and different types of boilers at that you can purchase.

One of their current models is the Baxi Platinum combi boiler. Read our comprehensive Baxi boiler prices guide for all the latest in the range

The Platinum comes with an incredible 10-year-warranty, demonstrating how confident Baxi is in the reliability of the Platinum range.

It has a Band A efficiency rating, which means it’s one of the most energy-efficient boilers out there.

However, in terms of the units themselves, prices range from around £625 for the Baxi 424 Combi boiler, which runs at 89% efficiency, to the Baxi Platinum Combi 40 boiler. Easy enough hot water output for most homes.

It comes with a ten-year warranty, 88.9% efficiency, and 40kw. If you have a large home, you may need a higher-powered boiler such as a system boiler and water cylinder.

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Viessmann boiler costs

Viessmann is one of the latest boiler manufacturers to take the UK installation market by storm, Their Viessmann Vitodens 100-w combi boiler is the best-selling boiler in Europe and is a fantastic value premium boiler. If it’s value your looking for, then look no further than the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi boiler.

The Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi boiler costs around £2,050 with full installation. This is an absolute steal considering that you get 10 years warranty as a standard. On top of this, if you buy with Boiler Central you get an extra 2 years warranty free of charge. This means that you get 12 years warranty instead of 1 for exactly the same price.

Since releasing the updated versions, the Viessmann range has quickly become one of our best-selling boilers and is also cheaper and more compact than its direct competitor, the Worcester Bosch 4000.

Vokera boilers costs

vokera boiler prices

Price ranges from £1,650 – £2,200

Like many other boiler manufacturers, Vokera has a range of both system boilers and the best combi boilers on the market.

Most of these combi models are compact, meaning they are ideal for putting into the kitchen cupboard of a small flat.

As long as a professional boiler installer properly fits it, you shouldn’t see any issues for the first five to ten years of life.

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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Ideal boilers costs

Prices range from £1,700 – £2,600

Boiler installers will give you a whole range of options when it comes to potential boilers that they can install.

However, there’s always a worry that they may be trying to provide you with a cheap boiler at a much higher price than it’s worth.

Yet there are boiler brands of exceptional quality to watch out for, including those from Ideal.

Ideal has been providing boilers for a long time and has become renowned for producing quality combi boilers.

In particular, their Logic+ range of boilers is considered one of the best and most popular models available on the central heating market today in the UK.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that Ideal offers a seven-year warranty on any Logic+ boiler.

ideal logic boiler cost

This range of boiler has won numerous heating awards, including ‘Product of the Year’ titles within boiler categories. ‘Good Housekeeping’ readers and the Energy Saving Trust have also recommended it.

It’s also loved by those performing boiler installation, as this boiler is simple to install, which means that your new Logic+ can be fitted in no time at all.

The Ideal Logic+ series has other notable installation features such as built-in frost protection, a compact size (making it perfect for cupboards).

They come with a range of installation options to suit different properties and size limitations.

Ideal also provides other ranges such as the Ideal Vogue, which comes with a mighty 10-year warranty.

It’s no surprise that Ideal is so famous and synonymous with quality heating.

At the lower end of the range, you have the Ideal Independent Combi boilers, which are between £1,700 and £1,780.

If you’re looking for something with more KW, the Ideal Vogue Max or Ideal Logic Code Combi are both excellent options.

The former is priced between £1,109 and £1,340 without installation.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi is on the market for between £1,000 and £1,330 without installation.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi is on the market for between £1,000 and £1,330 without installation.

Overall, we would recommend the Ideal Logic combi C30 boiler.

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New boiler deals – The best deals on boilers in the UK

Getting a new boiler deal is paramount to your happiness. That’s why at Boiler Central we make getting a new boiler quick and easy.

We have some of the best new boiler and combi boiler deals in the UK and we have the longest warranty lengths available on leading boilers such as the Viessmann 100-W and Vitodens 050-W.

Everyone loves a deal, whether it’s a new car or a new boiler, so click the link below and get the best boiler deals available right now.

All these boilers could be used more efficiently with underfloor heating too. If you think this is something you can afford or want to invest in then check out the latest underfloor heating costs now.

Let’s wrap the prices of new boilers up:

As you can see, prices do differ dramatically depending on the type of boiler that you opt for and the quotes that you get for your new boiler installation.

Prices vary depending upon multiple things, and you are best seeking additional boiler advice if you are unsure of what boiler is suitable for your property.

If your looking for a boiler that’s different and you have the spare cash you could have a look at ATAG boiler prices that come with a market-leading 14-year warranty. This is the only company in the UK offereing this lon a term.

It is also clear to see that a lot of the expense comes from the installation as well, yet this is an essential part of the process, and you do need to make sure you select a professional with care such as us here at

If you would like to get a fixed online quote now without inputting any personal details, click here.

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