? How do i send my photographs to you?

When you have completed your order, you will be emailed with your order information and here the email address is provided for you to email photographs to.

We also have a dedicated Whatsapp number where you can text us your photographs - after all, it is 2020!

Soon you will also be able to send us your photographs through Facebook messenger too.

? Why are your Viessmann boilers around £75 more expensive than other companies?

That's simply down to our huge warranty length, see below:

Our competitors offer a maximum of 10 years warranty on Viessmann boilers.

Boiler Central offer 15 years warranty on ALL Viessmann boilers. So for the sake of £75, you're covered for 50% more warranty / or 5 extra years in leymans terms :)

? Is there a difference between private and landlord warranty lengths?

No, the boiler warranty is the same length no matter who purchases the boiler. We offer a market leading 15 year warranty on all new Viessmann boilers :)

? Is my price fixed?

The price that our website gives you for your property is a fixed price and you will not be charged extra on the day of installation. The cost includes the boiler, any pipework upgrades, a new boiler flue, thermostat setup and everything else. All done by a Gas Safe registered installer.

? Will my old boiler and/or tanks be removed from my property?

Yes absolutely :) We always take away the old boiler and any tanks, hot water cylinders and also cold water tanks where possible. The only time we do have issues with this, is if tanks are up in a loft - they are often larger than the access hatch so we would drain them down and have to leave them there. You can also opt to keep any of your existing boiler or tanks if you wish.

? I am a landlord, can i buy a boiler?

Yes you just need to ensure the installation address is the one that you put in at checkout and not your home address. If you would like to purchase more than 1 boiler, you need to re-do the buying process again. It only takes a few minutes anyway :)

? Can i really buy a boiler online?

Absolutely! We ask the same questions that a surveyor (salesperson!) would do about your home, and once you have ordered we ask for some pictures of your existing boiler and a few other pictures and that's all we need. Boilers seem complex, but as long as our guys carry extra kit, your boiler will be getting installed on your installation date with no additional costs to pay.

? Who are Boiler Central?

Boiler Central facilitate the sale of new boilers, boiler cover and home cover services and products. Known as the ‘Uber for Boilers’ we make buying a boiler a fully online process to put an end to inconspicuous companies visiting your home to sell you a boiler too big for your home. Our prices are fixed - the price you see at the end of your 10 questions is the price you pay. Nothing more, nothing less.

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About us

? Who installs my boiler?

We aim to use our employed Gas Safe engineers to carry out your boiler installation however in some of the busier periods we may use some of our vetted, trusted and equally as amazing sub contractors. All subbies have been vetted extensively by us to ensure only the highest quality workmanship and professionalism at all times.

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Ways to pay

? Can i pay upfront with credit or debit card?

Yes you can pay securely online with any debit or credit card.

Our payment gateway is the highest level of encrypted security levels available.

Our payment provider is Stripe who's 100% secure API is expertly coded into our website.

? Do i need to pay a deposit?

No, we offer NO deposit finance for everyone

? Can i pay my finance off early?

Yes you can contact the lender who your loan is with and pay your loan off early - they all accept early repayment.

? Do you offer interest free credit up to 2 years?

We do, however not though our website. If you call us on 0330 043 0114 we can provide interest free credit up to 2 years.

? How can I pay?

For all new boilers, whether that is a combi or system boiler, you can pay by and debit or credit card using our fully secure Stripe payment gateway.
You can also pay by finance if you wish to spread the cost of your new boiler over a period of up to 10 years.
All boiler cover plans are only payable by direct debit through our secure Go Cardless Ltd payment gateway, again which is 100% secure.

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Poor Credit

? What if I have poor credit and require finance?

If you think you have poor credit then you can still apply for finance. If this fails and none of our lenders are able to offer you credit then Yorkshire Boilers Ltd will call you as they do have a facility to offer homeowners a poor credit option. This option is not finance, it is an agreement, and is not regulated by the FCA.

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? When will my boiler be installed?

When you complete checkout, you will pick a date that you would like your boiler installing on. This can be a day that suits you. The installer will turn up between 7.30am and 10am on the day of your installation with all of the tools to fit your new heating system.

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On The Day

? How long does installation take?

Usually within 4-6 hours for a boiler swap, however if you're converting from a system boiler to regular to a combi then this can take up to 2 days. 2 days is also normal for a back boiler to combi boiler conversion.

? Will I need to do anything on the day?

We just need an electricity supply so that we can test the boiler once it’s installed and obviously someone to be there from 7.30am to open the door! Many of Yorkshire Boiler’s engineers like a good cup of tea, if available!

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? Does Boiler Central register my warranty?

Yes, we register your warranty on your behalf so you don't have to!

? Is there any call out charges for warranty claims?

No, if you have a call out for a warranty claim, the boiler manufacturers that we sell on Boiler Central do not charge call out fees for warranty claims.

? Will my boiler be registered?

Yes, Yorkshire Boilers register all boiler installations so that we are accountable for your install. We are fully insured and Gas Safe registered for your peace of mind.

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Boiler & Home Cover

? I have Power of Attorney/ Court of Protection over a plan holder. How do i inform you?

We would need a copy of the Power of Attorney, the Court of Protection document or a letter of authorisation from the customer.
Please email to hello@boilercentral.com

? How do i cancel or transfer the service plan if the plan holder has passed away?

Please email hello@boilercentral.com and we will get in contact with you.

? How can i cancel my service plan?

To cancel your plan please email hello@boilercentral.com

? How do i update my marketing information?

To update marketing preferences or removing yourself from mail please call 0330 043 0114.

? How do i sort a renewal?

You will be notified 30 days before the renewal date advising you on the renewal or any changes.
We will automatically renew your plan if you have not cancelled before your renewal date.

? I have moved house, is it possible to change my address online?

Please call us on 0330 043 0114 so an advisor can process the change and ensure your new property is eligible to our plan.

? How do i update my existing contact details?

Please email hello@boilercentral.com or call 0330 043 0114 to update contact details.

? Do your plans include servicing and/ or repairing gas fires?

No, our plans don't cover gas fires.

? Do your plans include Saniflo toilets?

No, unfortunately we only work on standard toilets.

? Do you offer service plans for mobile homes?

No, our plans are only suitable for permanent properties powered by natural gas.

? Can i get a cover plan if i have a flat or apartment?

Yes certainly, we cover all types of property.

? Do you cover any area?

Yes, we cover all areas of the UK with Gas Safe Registered engineers.

? Do you use genuine manufacturer approved parts for repairs?

Yes, when possible we use brand new, genuine and manufacturer approved parts.

? What is the average response time for a repair?

We aim to get somebody with you in 24 hrs of your call.

? What is the maximum/ minimum value repair available?

Boiler Breakdown Cover Basic and Boiler Breakdown Cover 250 policies, the claim limit is £250 per claim.
Boiler Breakdown Cover Essential and Boiler Breakdown Cover 500 policies, the claim limit is £500 per claim.
Boiler Breakdown Cover Premium and Boiler Breakdown Cover 1000 policies, the claim limit is £1000 per claim.

? What is the difference between emergency and urgent repairs?

Emergency is when you require urgent assistance where as urgent repair is when you need something fixing but it is not an emergency.
For example:
A leak that is pouring water and cannot be stopped is an emergency whereas loss of hot water is an urgent repair.

? How do your service plans compare to other providers?

Have a read of our genuine reviews on Google and Trustpilot.
* Our call out centre is Uk based and 24/7 365 days a year.
* We service and repair any age, make or model boiler if possible.
* Our Home Cover is 5 Star rated.
* We provide rapid response to emergencies and national cover.
* Our plans are on a 12month commitment, they will auto renew after 12 months unless you cancel.

? Can i pay annually direct debit instead of monthly?

No, we only offer monthly direct debit at the moment.

? Can i change my direct debit?

If you wish to change your bank details for the direct debit please call us on: 0330 043 0114

? Can i pay by monthly direct debit?

Yes all of our plans are paid by direct debit, we do not offer card payment.

? Do you need to inspect my boiler before i can join?

No, by signing our service agreement you are confirming that your boiler and central heating is in good working condition.

? Does my boiler need servicing before i can join?

No, providing you have no pre-existing faults with your boiler and central heating system.

? Is the boiler service included and carried out every year?

Yes you will be entitled to a yearly service with your plan.

? How regular will you service my boiler?

We carry out a free boiler service annually usually between April and September.
We will contact you a month before the services are being carried out to arrange a suitable day and time.

? Do your plans cover wall hung and floor standing boilers?

Absolutely yes, we cover floor standing and wall hung boilers.

? Do your plans cover LPG powered boilers (bottled gas)?

No we only cover boilers and systems powered by natural mains gas.

? Do your plans cover oil fuelled boilers?

No we only cover boilers and systems by natural mains gas.

? Do your plans cover back boilers?

We do not cover back boilers.

? Do your plans accept any makes and models of boilers?

Yes we accept all makes and models of boilers.

? My boiler is over seven years, what happens if it is non repairable?

If it is not repairable we may give you money towards your new boiler. Please check the terms and conditions of your plan.

? If my boiler is getting old can you still repair it?

Up to 15 years old we can repair your boiler if the parts are still available.

? If a repair is needed is there a call out fee?

If you have a plan with us there is no fee unless you have chosen a plan with excess.

? How long is the plan agreement for?

Agreement is for 12 months.

? What are the following steps after i have taken out my plan?

When you take out a new plan with boiler central you will within 14 days receive your policy schedule.

? Are your repair engineers vetted?

Our engineers are trained to very high standards:
* We may inspect jobs upon completion by images
* Ensure valid Public Liability Insurance is valid
* Ensure they follow Health and Safety regulations
* Ensure they are Gas Safe Registered so they are they fully qualified to carry out your repair

? Do your own engineers carry out the repairs and servicing?

We use both employed and sub contracted engineers at busier times.
They are all Gas Safe registered engineers in the UK.

? What is the exclusion period from leaving my last provider?

14 days.

? If i am interested in signing up is it possible to speak to someone over the telephone?

Yes of course! Our customer care team will ensure you are set up with the correct support and service for you.
We're available on 0330 043 0114
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

? How soon does my plan start if i sign up today?

If you sign up today you cannot make a claim till after 14days from the sign up date.

? Where is your call centre based?

Our call centre is UK based and open 24/7 365 days a year

? What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday

For emergency boiler and home cover, we are open 24/7 365 days a year

? If I sign up today, how soon does my plan start?

If you’re switching to Boiler Central from another provider, and maintain a minimum of 12 months continuous service, you will get instant support when you sign up with us.

If you are taking out a service plan for the first time, or you have a gap in service, you will not be able to book repairs for faults that occur within the first 14 days of joining us.

? Contact us to ask a question