Best Radiators to Buy for Efficiency, Value & Design

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 4th December 2023
Posted on 30th November 2023
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Best radiators to buy for efficiency, value & design

Which are the best radiators for keeping energy bills down but look good at the same time?

These radiators are great for creating a cosy feeling in a space while also providing great efficient heating output all year round.

It’s a design decision to find the right radiators for your home as we all know that looks really matter as they are in every room. But, there are more things than simply looking for attractive radiators, especially with the rising bills and cost of living.

Efficiency is a key consideration. To keep your radiators working efficiently, there are many things you can learn about them, including how to bleed a radiator. When buying new radiators, you will want to consider heat output and the right sized radiator so you choose the right model for your room.

A radiator that is too big will be wasting far more energy than required, or a radiator that is too small will be switched on forever causing higher gas bills. And that is the last thing we need right now! We always suggest using the best thermostatic radiator valves to ensure maximum efficiency.

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Buying the best radiator for your home

If you’re buying a new energy-efficient boiler, you want to ensure that you are getting the most out of it with the best radiators available.

Here we look at the best in terms of value for money, energy efficiency and of course looks! And if you are buying a brand new boiler from boiler central, you could get them included in the cost of a new boiler as well as finance them interest-free if required.

We can help you with everything: whether you’re self-building and choosing radiators for your new heating system, renovating an older property with outdated heat sources, or simply wishing to swap out your existing models for something more in line with your interior design.

These are the five best radiators on the market right now, so you can be sure you’re getting the best product at the lowest price. Always ensure that you get an expert who knows how to balance your radiators too, which is different from bleeding them to ensure maximum efficiency!

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#1 Best Radiator – NRG Modern Vertical Radiator

Modern, stylish, and long-lasting

NRG’s stylish radiator is modern in style and will fit well with minimalist or modern home designs.

It’s not only eye-catching but also very efficient. It’s made from 1.5mm premium stainless steel with a high-quality white finish. This model is covered by a 15-year manufacturer guarantee.

Its 1800x354mm dimensions (multiple sizes are possible) ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. This is a good option for anyone who’s looking to renovate or convert on a tight budget. Valves and brackets are not included.

Radiator Specifications

Size: 1800x354mm (multiple sizes are available)

BTU Rating: 4699-6888

Weight: 27kg

#2 – Elegant Vertical Column Designer Radiator

High heat output and a striking design.

This vertical radiator is elegant and efficient, as the name implies. There will definitely be no radiator covers needed for this one.

This radiator is ideal for narrow spaces. It would look great in a hallway or kitchen, where wall space is limited. You can choose from single or double versions.

Another radiator with high BTU. It’s extremely efficient. This one is a bit heavier than others in the line-up, and it can be difficult to transport for one person due to its width and height.

The kit includes a wall bracket, a plug, and a vent. However, valves must be purchased separately.

Radiator Specifications

Size: 1600x480mm (multiple sizes are available)

BTU Rating: 6500-7001

Weight: 38.09kg

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#3 Milano Aruba

The ideal radiator for small rooms

There are many sizes of the Milano Aruba, but we love the 400x415mm radiator. It is compact, stylish, and produces a lot of heat.

Its small dimensions make it suitable for tiny spaces and awkwardly-shaped rooms.

It may be more expensive than other compact radiators but it has a modern, stylish appearance that makes up the difference.

The extra-thick low carbon steel is so durable that the manufacturers offer a 20 year guarantee.

Radiator Specifications

Size: 400x415mm (multiple sizes are available)

BTU Rating: 1638

Weight: 5.68kg

#4 –  Warme Designer Panel Heating Unit

Wall heater electric with wow factor

The Warme Designer Electric Panel Heater Low Energy Heater Radiator is a stunning example of electric radiators that are not boring. It can be used in any room in the house, and even in bathrooms due to its waterproof case.

It is space-age in appearance, but it can also heat your house. A single heater can heat 22 square metres of space, while heat sensors built in to the heater prevent overheating.

You can choose between an instant heat mode or set it up to run on a weekly basis.

This unit is also easy to install. It is mounted on the included wall brackets and plugged in. It is important to make sure that the electrical socket is within reach of the unit and there is at least 30cm clearance between the unit and the wall.

Radiator Specifications

Size: 470x820mm

BTU Rating: Heats at a 2KW output. A 22-metre square room can be heated by one Warme heater

Weight: 9.3kg

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#5 –  Henrad 110960 Type11 SC 1003 Compact Radiator

Simple, yet lightweight and affordable

Although this Henrad compact radiator is not a top choice for its striking looks, it’s still a great option. Many people will find it attractive because of its ability to sit quietly in an interior design.

It is small and compact, making it a great radiator for small spaces. It’s lightweight means that even walls with very little substance can hold it.

This radiator is the perfect radiator for anyone with a tight budget, whether they are replacing radiators or starting from scratch.

Radiator Specifications

Size: 600 x300mm

BTU Rating: 1003

Weight: 5.91kg

Valves not included

Are you looking for electric or plumbed-in radiators?

Before you start your search, determine whether you need electric radiators or ones that are plumbed in.

Electric radiators use mains electricity. While some can be plugged directly into a wall socket, others require an electrician to install. Infrared electric heaters might also be available for purchase. These radiators are ideal for small spaces because they offer high heat output and a slim profile.

The plumbed-in radiators connect to your boiler and heat water from hot water. They are controlled by the central heating system.

How to Pick the Best Radiators for Your Home

While design and budget are important, it is also important to consider the heat requirements of your space.

To calculate the output of the radiators required to heat the room, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of your windows and the materials in the walls.

Read our guide obout when you should replace your radiators if you are unsure if it is a good idea or not.

What’s a BTU Rating?

Radiators have a “BTU rating”. BTUs stand for British Thermal Units and are the unit that measures radiator efficiency.

You can either have this done by a heating engineer or a plumber or use an online BTU calculator.

If you’re choosing to get your boiler replaced with Boiler Central, then you could invest in some new energy-efficient radiators to go with it. Speak to one of our heating experts today to add these fantastic bits of equipment to your order.

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