How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost in the UK?

james murfin
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Updated on 28th May 2024
Posted on 27th May 2024
Topic: Boiler Costs
boiler service cost

Boiler servicing is an unavoidable expense for homeowners, but knowing the exact boiler service cost for 2024 doesn’t have to be a mystery.

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With boiler servicing prices in the UK ranging from £80 to £140, several factors, including the type of your boiler and where you live, come into play.

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Otherwise, this article will walk you through the details of these costs and offer insights on how a boiler service can save you money in the long run.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Cost of a Boiler Service Overview

  • How much a Boiler service costs in the UK ranges from £80 to £140, averaging at £100, with variances depending on location, boiler type, age, and service provider, highlighting the need to compare quotes for the best deal.
  • Annual boiler services are crucial for maintaining safety, efficiency, and longevity of the boiler, with regular check-ups preventing costly repairs, carbon monoxide poisoning, and ensuring compliance with warranty requirements.
  • Choosing between a boiler cover plan or one-off boiler services should be based on the boiler’s age and repair history, while selecting the right engineer involves factors like Gas Safe registration, reputation, price comparisons, and clear communication.
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Servicing Costs for Different Types of Boilers

Boiler TypeService Cost
Gas boiler service£80-£140
Oil boiler service£100-£180
LPG boiler service£80-£125
Electric Boiler Service£50
*prices right as of 01/01/2024

Average Boiler Service Costs in the UK

The cost of a boiler service in the UK varies, with prices ranging from £80 to £140, with the average boiler service cost hovering around £100.

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The fluctuation in service cost is influenced by several factors such as the type of boiler, its age, and the specific service provider.

For instance, in London, the average rate is between £120 and £140, while in Wakefield, it ranges from £90 to £110, and servicing for oil boilers or electric boilers starts at an average of £120 in London.

Each boiler type – gas boilers, combi boilers, or oil boilers – has different servicing needs and costs.

Gaining insight into these costs allows you to plan strategically, compare boiler quotes from various heating engineers, and secure a service that is affordable, safe, and efficient for your gas and oil boilers.

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Gas Boiler Service Cost

Gas boilers are common in British homes. In the UK, the typical cost for annual gas boiler servicing ranges from £100 to £120.

This service helps ensure that the boiler operates efficiently and safely.

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A one-off service can vary, typically ranging from £90 to £110, with an average of about £100. Bear in mind, regional variations can affect the cost.

For instance, the typical cost of servicing a gas boiler in London is around £120.

While these costs may seem significant, remember that regular servicing ensures your gas boiler runs efficiently, reducing your heating bills and avoiding costly boiler repairs down the line.

Besides, regular servicing by a Gas Safe engineer is a safety requirement, ensuring your boiler functions correctly, providing you with peace of mind.

Combi Boiler Service Cost

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Combi boilers are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their compact size and dual functionality for central heating and hot water.

Here are some key points about servicing a combi boiler:

  • The cost of servicing a combi boiler ranges from £80 to £140, with an average cost of £100.
  • Combi boiler services may be less expensive than services for other boiler types due to their more straightforward design.
  • The parts of a combi boiler are easily accessible, making servicing easier.

Grasping these costs and factors will help you adequately prepare for your combi boiler service, guaranteeing value for your money and the optimal performance of your boiler.

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Oil Boiler Service Cost

If you have an oil boiler, the cost for a one-off service ranges between £100 and £140. The cost is influenced by the need to inspect both the oil tank and the boiler itself.

It’s crucial to hire an OFTEC registered engineer for an oil boiler service to ensure proper maintenance and adherence to safety standards.

With these costs in mind, you are better equipped to make knowledgeable choices about your oil boiler service, safeguarding its safety, efficiency, and lifespan.

Back boiler service cost

While a standard boiler service might set you back between £60 and £120, back boiler servicing can cost significantly more, ranging from £80 to a hefty £160.

This price difference boils down to two key factors: accessibility and complexity. Back boilers are tucked away in fireplaces, making them challenging for engineers to reach.

Additionally, servicing a back boiler involves the boiler itself and the connected gas fire service, adding an extra layer of complexity. So, a traditional combi or system boiler is the way to go for a more hassle-free and affordable service.

What is included in boiler service costs?

Being aware of what a boiler service entails helps us understand the expenses. A typical service includes:

  • Visual assessments of the unit for leaks or corrosion
  • Testing of the boiler operations and controls
  • Inspection and cleaning of internal components like the spark probe, main injector, and heat exchanger
  • Inspection of the flue terminals and pipework to prevent blockage and identify wear

Further, the engineer conducts a series of safety and efficiency tests, adjusts the gas pressure and flow, and ensures all safety devices within the boiler are functioning correctly.

From this, you can appreciate the comprehensive work involved in a boiler service and why it’s a crucial aspect of home maintenance.

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The Importance of Annual Boiler Servicing

Annual boiler servicing extends beyond basic maintenance. It is a critical measure for ensuring the safety of your home and its occupants, and you should get your first boiler service 12 months after the date of the new boiler installation.

Regular servicing helps prevent risks of carbon monoxide poisoning from gas boiler leaks, which can be life-threatening.

By addressing boiler issues during an annual boiler service, you can prevent them from developing into significant, hazardous damages.

Moreover, regular boiler servicing offers several benefits:

  • Efficiency improvements, which can lower your energy bills over time
  • Keeping a boiler warranty valid and avoiding out-of-pocket expenses for potential replacements
  • Adhering to annual servicing requirements

Overall, boiler servicing is an economically prudent practice as it’s more cost-effective than replacing a boiler, and it prevents expensive breakdowns, including the need for boiler repairs.

Safety Concerns

Frequent boiler servicing guarantees safe operation and aids in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, whose symptoms can be mistaken for common illnesses. Consequently, annual servicing isn’t just advantageous, it’s a necessity for your safety.

Efficiency and Lifespan

Getting a boiler service often or Routine boiler servicing contributes significantly to energy efficiency savings. A well-serviced boiler can last between 10 to 15 years.

This maintenance practice promotes energy savings by ensuring optimal boiler performance and efficiency.

If your boiler is not serviced you will not benefit from reduced energy consumption from efficient boiler operation helps save on energy costs, making annual boiler servicing a sound investment for the long run.

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Comparing Boiler Service Plans and One-Off Services

Boiler maintenance can be approached in two ways: subscribing to a boiler service plan or opting for a one-off boiler service.

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When deciding between the two, consider the boiler’s age and its repair history. While annual costs for boiler and heating cover plans average between £100 and £200, one-off services might be a cost-effective option for some.

While boiler cover plans might seem pricier initially when compared to one-off services, they provide extra comfort with their coverage for repairs and breakdowns.

Comprehending the advantages and drawbacks of both alternatives enables you to make a decision that best fits your particular needs and situation.

Boiler Cover Plans

Boiler cover plans aim to provide homeowners with the assurance of annual servicing and additional repair coverage. A boiler cover plan is essentially an insurance policydesigned to provide service and repair in case of a boiler breakdown.

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For instance, the Service Plan by Boiler Central, at £8.99 per month, includes one annual service, whereas the boiler and central heating cover plan, at £21.99 per month, extends coverage to include the central heating system along with the annual service.

While boiler cover plans may seem more costly upfront, they can ease financial strain by offering consistent cash flow management through regular payments and inclusive repair coverage.

They are popular among homeowners who rely on natural gas as their heating source and seek customisation to meet specific needs and ensure complete protection from unforeseen breakdowns.

One-Off Boiler Services

On the other hand, one-off boiler services allow homeowners the flexibility to pay as needed and choose from a variety of service providers.

They are a suitable option for individuals not covered by boiler insurance or whose boilers are out of warranty. Opting for one-off services allows you to address maintenance issues as they arise rather than through annual plans, potentially leading to cost savings.

Ultimately, the choice between a boiler cover plan and a one-off service depends on your unique circumstances and preferences.

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How to Arrange a Boiler Service Engineer

Regular boiler servicing is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient heating system, but finding a qualified engineer in your area can feel like an extra hurdle. Here at Boiler Central, we understand that convenience is key so you can book online or over the phone with us.

Alternatively, to make boiler servicing a breeze, we recommend searching online for “boiler servicing near me” or using a trusted directory like the Gas Safe Register to find registered engineers in your local area.

Always ensure the chosen engineer is Gas Safe registered, as this guarantees their qualifications and ensures your boiler service adheres to safety regulations.

Choosing the Right Engineer for Your Boiler Service

Selecting the right engineer for your boiler service is crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Verify that the heating engineer is Gas Safe registered before they begin working on a gas boiler, as this is vital for maintaining safety and adhering to regulations.
  2. Research the engineering services to identify those who are reputable and backed by positive client feedback.
  3. Avoid selecting solely based on low prices.

Also, when hiring a Gas Safe heating engineer, make sure to:

  • Request a boiler service quote online
  • Compare quotes from several heating engineers to ensure competitive pricing and a clear understanding of the service costs, which involves comparing heating engineers estimates
  • Make sure the heating engineer carries public liability insurance
  • Ensure the heating engineer is willing to clearly explain the service and address any questions, contributing to overall safety and satisfactory customer service

Fortunately, all Boiler Central’s heating engineers are fully qualified and vetted by us.

However, you can locate a registered Gas Safe engineer, through resources such as the Gas Safe Register and vetted local installer platforms to make informed decisions when looking for heating engineers to service your system.

With a quick web search and a Gas Safe check, you can have a local, qualified engineer keeping your boiler running smoothly for years to come.

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Does the Time of Year Affect Servicing Costs?

Wondering when to schedule your boiler service? Here are some reasons why arranging a boiler service during the summer months might be more economical:

  • Decreased demand for engineer services often results in lowered fees.
  • Summer is an advantageous time for boiler servicing due to generally shorter waiting times.
  • More scheduling options are available during the summer months.
  • The reduced importance of heating systems during warmer months makes it a convenient time for servicing.

Furthermore, opting for boiler maintenance during summer can dodge additional financial strains associated with the winter holiday season, when household expenses usually increase. So, as you enjoy the warm weather, remember to get your boiler serviced and ready for the colder months ahead.

Preparing for Your Boiler Service

Preparing for your boiler service? Consider these suggestions:

  • Clear the area around the boiler to provide unhindered access for the servicing engineer, and remove any obstacles that could pose a safety risk.
  • Keep pets away from the boiler area to avoid distractions or accidents during the service.
  • Ensure the boiler is turned off before the technician’s visit to allow sufficient time for it to cool down.

Additionally, perform a basic visual inspection for signs of water ingress or soot deposits prior to the technician’s arrival. Inform the service engineer of any issues or irregularities you’ve noticed during your own inspection. This preparation can help ensure a smooth, efficient service and prevent any potential issues during the servicing process.


In summary, understanding boiler service costs is crucial for homeowners. Regular servicing, whether through a boiler service plan or a one-off service, ensures the safety and efficiency of your boiler, ultimately reducing energy bills and extending its lifespan.

Choosing the right engineer and preparing for the service enhances the process’s effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, when it comes to boiler servicing, knowledge is power – it allows you to make informed decisions, ensuring that your boiler keeps your home warm for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a boiler service UK?

A boiler service in the UK typically costs between £70-£120. It is recommended to have your boiler serviced at least once a year to ensure it operates efficiently and cost effectively.

What’s included in a boiler service?

A boiler service includes visual assessments, internal component inspections, cleaning, safety and efficiency tests, and gas pressure and flow adjustments. This ensures the safe and efficient operation of your boiler.

How long does a boiler service take?

A boiler service should take between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the type of boiler, ease of access or experience of the engineer. How long a boiler service takes doesn’t usually affect the cost.

Does a boiler service include radiators?

A standard boiler service does not include radiators. If you want your radiators checked on a boiler service, then you will need to make prior arrangements with the heating engineer to check this, likely at an extra cost.

What is the importance of annual boiler servicing?

Annual boiler servicing is crucial as it ensures safety, efficiency, warranty validity, and cost savings. Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns and ensure safe operation of the boiler.

Should I opt for a boiler service plan or a one-off service?

It depends on your specific needs and circumstances, as both options have their benefits. Consider your preferences and the level of support you require to make a decision.

How do I prepare for a boiler service?

To prepare for a boiler service, clear the area around the boiler, keep pets away, turn off the boiler in advance, perform a basic visual inspection, and inform the engineer of any issues or irregularities. This will ensure a smooth and efficient servicing.

Do you check gas fires on a boiler service?

No this is not included in a standard boiler service. Therefore a gas fire service is completely separate and will require you to book an engineer to specifically do this for you.

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