Infrared Heating Panels Review, Prices & Running Costs

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 21st September 2023
Posted on 20th September 2023
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Infrared heating panels review, prices & running costs

What are infrared heating panels & how do they work?

Looking for a cheaper alternative to a gas boiler to heat your home? Check out electric infrared heating panels and why they can help keep energy bills down.

Infrared heating panels are highly-efficient electric heaters and one of the cheapest to run.

Infrared light was probably something you first learned about in science class and it is likely you may have also seen infrared radiation in commercials or magazines but don’t be alarmed, be intrigued.

Perhaps you aren’t sure what to do with the information or don’t know the basics of light spectra, wavelengths and the science behind them and currently, you might not be able to understand how infrared heating panels operate, but we’re here to help demystify this for you.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

How does infrared heat a home?

Infrared heating systems work in the same way as sunlight, by using infrared radiation. For multiple reasons, this is more efficient than traditional heating methods and can be a good alternative to gas boilers as IR heating generates heat from light that our eyes can’t see.

Because our skin and clothes absorb the light, this heater warms us.

This is similar to the difference in being outside or inside the sun and therefore because the sun produces this light, it warms you. This is because your skin and clothes absorb the light. The sun can’t reach you if you are sitting indoors or out in the shade.

Here are the basics about how infrared heaters work

Heating types that use convection heat the air around them and circulate it until the temperature rises as this is how standard wet radiators and central heating systems work using the best combi boilers, system boilers or conventional boilers.

An infrared heater on the other hand will emit heat that heats you instantly by producing a concentrated beam light of warming light. There is no waiting time with infrared heating such as this and you can feel warm immediately. This is particularly useful when you’re at your computer working, or watching TV on the couch and need the heat to direct at you. We’ll now look at other benefits of Infrared heating panels & systems.

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Is infrared heating right for you?

This heater has many health and financial benefits as this heater provides warmth that is more comfortable because it uses light. It’s also efficient and affordable for your home and there is absolutely no chance of a leak. Modern infrared panels and models have many new features that make IR heating safer for families with children and pets. An infrared heating panel will be the best option if you are concerned about the environment and want to save money.

Not convinced or think they are;t suitable for your home? check out the best combi boilers in the UK right now that can save you up to £580 per year on your gas bill when changing from a G-rated boiler to a new A-rated one.

What is infrared light?

Infrared, a type of electromagnetic radiation, is located just beyond the visible spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radiation is often associated with danger. However, it is actually a process of energy emission. Infrared radiation is safe just like visible light radiation. Even our bodies can emit it (which allows search and rescue helicopters and other aircraft to locate lost passengers at night, for example).

The reason we feel warm in winter is because of the infrared light. The conventional wisdom says that if the air temperature was freezing, you would also feel cold. The infrared radiation emitted from the sun travels through space unimpeded and heats any object it touches, even your body.

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Infrared panel heaters for the home

Infrared heating has been a recent addition to the commercial heating scene and can be used alongside a central heating system such as a gas boiler. It is emitted by the infrared heater and then travels through the air unimpeded until it hits an object. The radiation is absorbed by the object, which causes molecules to vibrate and heat.

Infrared waves can reach about one inch inside the human body when they come in contact with it. They also radiate heat back to you if the solid bodies vibrate when the waves hit them.

Although you can purchase infrared heaters made of oil, gas and solid fuel, electric infrared panels are best for your home. You don’t need to install any fuel storage or pipework when installing the panels and the use of the electric infrared panels produces no emissions and can be used in combination with solar panel to provide 100% emission-free heating. Solar panels can reduce your energy costs up to half off when added to infrared heating. They can also be mounted high up on walls or ceilings, making them easy to keep out of reach of children and pets.

There are many sizes available and some models can double as mirrors, they are also silent and, can be used in any location, as they don’t have moving parts.

Infrared heaters can save you energy

Infrared heating heats a room by heating its surface rather than its volume, which is a significant improvement over traditional convection heaters.

You can also heat solid walls and objects with infrared radiation as these have a thermal mass which means that they retain heat and keep your home warm. In contrast, air does not have thermal mass so if a door is opened in traditional convection-warmed areas, hot air will quickly escape.

You will need to heat the room again to make it feel warm again and these panels have the advantage of allowing you to create a fully-zoned home. The infrared heating panels can be turned on individually in each room using thermostats, which is a major advantage over central heating systems.

Infrared heating is only used when it is needed which is a huge benefit, considering how much energy is lost in rooms such as guest bedrooms.

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Should you use infrared heating panels in your home: pros and cons

You might be considering Infrared heating if you are looking to replace your heating system with something more eco-friendly or if you are looking to remodel your entire house with a modern, efficient heating system.

Infrared heaters are something you may have heard about. We have compiled a list of pros and cons for infrared heaters and gone into more detail to help you decide if they are something you could benefit from.

The benefits of an infrared heating panel

  • Infrared panel heating can be as efficient as conventional heating systems and saves up to 50%.
  • It is very simple to install infrared panels. They simply need to be attached to the wall and connected to a power socket.
  • Infrared heat can heat exactly what you need, unlike convection heat. This allows you to heat a room more efficiently.
  • They are smaller than conventional heaters and can be mounted on the wall.
  • This is a great choice for spaces that are not well insulated because the heat generated by the furnace is unaffected by open windows or draughts.
  • An Infrared panel heater is silent and produce no heat when they run. They can also be used in bedrooms or home offices. Infrared light can be invisible.
  • There are no annual maintenance or servicing fees.
  • Wall heaters are not disruptive.
  • There is no fan or convection to circulate dust like you would find with an electric heater. These are much better for your health, especially for people who have allergies or asthma.

Cons of an Infrared Heating Panel

  • For heat to travel to objects and people, it is important to keep the area around the heating panel free of clutter. For conventional heaters, this is not an issue. However, you shouldn’t place a couch or bed right next to a radiator. You can mount infrared panel heaters on either the ceiling or at picture height on the walls, which solves the problem of space.
  • They stop radiating heat as soon as they are turned off.
  • Heating panels work best when objects are within their immediate vicinity. This is why they may not be ideal for people who move around a lot.
  • Although initial cost is higher than other heating systems, long-term running and maintenance costs are lower. This makes it a cost-saving investment.

Looking for something powered by electricity? Check out the latest electric combi boilers that can be suitable for some smaller homes in the UK.

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Are infrared radiators the future home heating?

Modern technologies are changing the way we heat our homes from more conventional ways such as new boilers. They are more efficient, cleaner, and cheaper. Infrared panel heaters are almost as efficient at converting electricity into heat than electric radiators. They also require less energy and can produce a higher output for a shorter time.

Infrared heating panels, as a radiant heat source, do not heat the room, instead, it emits an invisible energy wave that is emitted to objects nearby. This heat is then absorbed by the surrounding objects and released slowly.

Are infrared heating panels better than normal radiators?

This completely depends on the type of home you have and how much you want your home to warm up.

When you enter a room heated by convection heating (radiators) using a conventional central heating system, the warmth you feel will be the warm air. When you enter a room with infrared wall panels, the warmth that you feel is infrared radiation hitting your body. This is similar to how the sun’s rays feel warm but without the UV. You can leave the windows open and still feel the heat.

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