Compare Boiler Cover: The Honest Guide with Average Repair Costs

Compare Boiler Cover
Compare Boiler Cover
Compare Boiler Cover

If you need to compare boiler cover, you might not know who to trust.

Many of us in the United Kingdom, Europe, and other countries with combi boiler systems often start trying to look for boiler repair costs or boiler cover quotes after having experienced problems such as having no hot water, radiators not coming on, or the pilot light going out and not coming back on. 

This is the type of situation where you may need to call in professionals, and finding the best boiler cover provider is not simple.


So if you are trying to research boiler cover comparisons, looking for boiler repair quotes, or comparing boiler and central heating breakdown covers you are in the right place.

What is Boiler Cover and how do I Compare Boiler Cover

Boiler Cover is a type of policy that can be taken out with a variety of providers and will cover your boiler in case it breaks, or the functionality isn’t as intended. 

Central heating breakdown boiler cover comparison sites are available such as compare the market boiler cover.

Boiler Servicing Prices

Policies are available on the market, which will cover the boiler from a breakdown but also offers an annual boiler service price comparison too. Some companies may even offer a boiler breakdown cover and include the cost to service your boiler.

Each year a certified engineer will visit your home to service your boiler and to make sure that it is all working at optimal efficiency.

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Why choose us for your boiler cover for repairs and service?

Other Boiler Cover comparison sites may offer policies that will cover the whole central heating system, or even cover your electrics, plumbing, home pests and even lost keys! (Yes, they can be quite ‘all-encompassing’ for one low price.) How great would that be if you are a busy landlord looking for boiler cover comparisons?

With most plans on the market in the UK, you will be covered for general boiler repairs. So if you are thinking about how much does it cost to replace a gas valve on a boiler or if your boiler pressure goes too high you should hopefully be covered.

This should include all labour and spare parts but be sure to check your boiler cover small print if you already have a boiler cover.

If you are here to Compare Boiler Cover Quotes, then take note that Boiler Central offers this as part of our range of policies.

Things to take note of when you compare boiler cover service providers:

Comparing Boiler Cover Quotes
Viessmann Boiler Cover
  • Your boiler may be too old to be repaired with currently available parts.

  • You may find a limit to the amount of time an engineer can spend on a repair.

  • When you take out your policy, you may have to wait a period of time before you can
    make a claim.

  • You may only be able to make a certain amount of claims a year.

  • Your boiler cover may not include an annual service as standard; please check the level of your policy.

  • Your boiler may not be covered if you don’t regularly maintain it. (I.E. limescale buildup)

  • Your home insurance may already cover boilers so please check your policy before buying a new one.

  • If you’re a renter, your landlord might have to cover the boiler repair and maintenance so check your rental agreement for more information.

  • Make sure your engineer is certified gas safe before allowing any repairs or modifications to your system. Gas safe engineers are the only ones legally allowed to do any repairs on gas systems in the U.K.

  • You should be aware of your boiler’s working condition and able to recognise tell-tale signs of a fault such as a pilot light not being blue, strange smells, weird sounds, and any drop in performance that can help you take action asap.

  • The cover is available for all types of boilers from gas, condensing, combi boilers and even oil boilers.

The cost of a new boiler repair:

Compare Boiler Cover
Compare Boiler Cover Quotes

When you’re looking to compare boiler cover quotes, it’s good to factor in the comparative costs of getting the boiler repaired yourself without a policy.

Boiler insurance quotes can be expensive if you don’t do enough boiler cover compares.

Comparing boiler breakdown cover can obviously vary based on the type of system you have, the boiler, the size of the home, the number of radiators, etc. but we can give you a rough guide so that you can make an informed decision on any boiler cover policy.

The average cost of a minor repair in the United Kingdom for boiler systems is around £150. This would be for a new gas valve or fan, for example, and there is a cost increase for anything above this, which is why we recommend boiler cover as the costs incurred can start to creep up quite heavily.

For example, anything above a simple repair and you are looking at £350-£600 and up for larger internal repairs and that’s why you should compare boiler cover quotes for the year compared to a one-off breakdown fee, and you are usually winning with the boiler cover plan.

If your boiler is over 10 years old, you may struggle to find parts for it, making the repair costs high enough to consider a whole new system being fitted, so you may be thinking that a new boiler upgrade would be the best option for you.

So in this case, if it’s covered due to age, then you would be well served by having a good boiler cover policy. 

Compare boiler cover online
Boiler repair with Boiler Cover

Here we will discuss boiler and plumbing cover comparisons as to call out fees.

Call out, and engineer fees can be quite high. For example, a Gas Safe registered engineer or plumber will charge over £50 an hour throughout the UK for any servicing or repairs.

This can rise to almost £100 an hour during weekends, evenings, or bank holidays, and we know that issues or breakdowns are not on a schedule. 

boiler cover (service)

Many engineers or plumbers will charge you a call-out fee just for coming out, which could be as high as £75 in most cases.

You could agree to a total cost for repair ahead of time if your issue can be diagnosed over the phone, but this usually isn’t the case. 

Boiler service price comparison as to a call out fee:

As well as the call-out fee, a servicing from most providers will start at £80 and up, and a good clean and pressure resetting will be at least £100. 

boiler cover (service)

So as you can see, general call outs and maintenance can easily cost you upwards of £150-£200. If you divide that over 12 months you are looking at roughly the equivalent cost of £12-£17 a month for one callout! 

That’s where boiler cover can reduce your headaches and give you peace of mind, as with our own Boiler Central Cover we offer it as little as £13.99/mo!

Why we offer fantastic boiler cover compared to our rivals:

So you’ve read our information on the costs involved in boiler repair. Would like to see our pricing for comparing boiler cover?

Compare Boiler Cover

We know there are a lot of companies out there offering boiler cover and servicing or comparing boiler cover quotes. Still, with Boiler Central you can benefit from our nationwide, Gas Safe team from Boiler Central.

After all, we have a near-perfect Trustpilot score!

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Plus, we offer an industry-leading 15-year warranty on all new Viessmann Boilers in case you require a new boiler fitting.

What next?

If you would like to compare our boiler cover and compare our boiler service plans simply visit our page below.

You can see our highly competitive pricing and service plans for your boiler. We cover all the best boiler brands in the Uk. Here are some of the more popular brands that we are specialists for with regards to cover, service and repair work.

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