ACV has been designing and manufacturing heating solutions since 1922. Their range of products includes cylinders, water heaters, condensing boilers and electric boilers. 

ACV electric boilers

With new homes banned from installing gas boilers from 2025 and lots of people looking for heating solutions that have a lower carbon footprint, electric boilers are becoming an increasingly popular option in homes around the UK. 

Electric boilers work in much the same way as gas combi, regular and system boilers. The main difference is that rather than using gas to heat the water, they use electricity. 

One of the main benefits of an electric boiler is that it doesn’t release any emissions as there is no fossil fuel being burnt. They are usually cheaper to install and service as they don’t have as many moving components. 

Electric boilers can cost more to run when you factor in the price of electricity compared to gas, but you always have the option of utilising solar panels or a wind turbine to generate your electricity. 

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
ACV E-Tech W 15kW Mono System Electric Boiler 15kW 37% 1 year £1,128
ACV E-Tech W 15kW Tri Electric Boiler 15kW 37% 1 year £1,160
ACV E-Tech W 22kW Tri Electric Boiler 22kW  37% 1 year £1,310
ACV E-Tech W 28kW Tri Electric Boiler 28kW 37% 1 year £1,560
ACV E-Tech W 36kW Tri Electric Boiler 36kW 37% 1 year  £1,810
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