Baxi 630 Heat 30kW Regular Gas Boiler

630 Heat 30kW Regular Gas Boiler
Total Cost
£1,786 - £2,286
Manufacturer Baxi
Boiler Model 630 Heat 30kW Regular Gas Boiler
Condensing boiler? Condensing
Energy Efficiency Rating 93%
Energy Band A Rating
LPG model/Conversion kit No
Manufacturer Warranty 7 Years
Heating Output 30kW
Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Wall Mounted
DHW Flow Rate N/A
Total Cost £1,786 - £2,286
ERP Rating A Heat
Hot Water Max Output

The Baxi 630 Heat 30kW regular gas boiler is one of Baxi’s leading boiler options. At only 19.5kg this lightweight and compact boiler is a great option to fit into any snug space, including your kitchen cupboard.

As a powerful and efficient regular boiler, the Baxi 630 Heat gas boiler is the perfect choice for larger homes with a high demand for hot water. Its modern appearance fits in easily with any interior style and functions both quietly and discreetly.

What type of boiler is the Baxi 630 Heat?

The Baxi 630 Heat 30kW is a regular gas boiler. It is only used for central heating rather than domestic hot water use and is powered by gas with an output rating of 30kW. The 630 range is also available with alternative output ratings (13kW, 16kw, 19kW, 25kW, and 30kW).

What fuel supply does the Baxi 630 need?

The Baxi 630 regular boiler is powered by natural gas and needs to be connected to the national gas grid. It is not compatible with LPG.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

What is a regular boiler?

A regular boiler, also known as a traditional or conventional boiler only produces hot water for your central heating and not for domestic household use. This means that it will not provide hot water to your taps or shower.

Regular boilers use a large tank of cold water that is typically stored in the attic. It needs to be stored in a high location, above where your boiler is located within your home to benefit from gravity. This tank will supply the cold water which will then travel down to the boiler that will heat it. The hot water then travels to a well-insulated hot water cylinder which stores the hot water until you are ready to heat your home.

Is a regular boiler suitable for my home?

If you already use a regular boiler, then upgrading and replacing it with a new, smarter, more efficient regular boiler, such as the Baxi 630 Heat regular gas boiler, is a great option.

Regular boilers are suitable for larger properties with a high heating demand. New models are also much more efficient and will help reduce energy waste.

Regular boilers are typically installed as part of a full heating system with a hot water storage cylinder and cold water storage tank. For those that are particularly lacking in space, then all of these individual pieces may not be as suitable for your home.

If you like the look of the Baxi 630 Heat 30kW gas boiler but don’t want a regular boiler, then don’t worry as it is also available as a combi or system boiler option, which may be more suitable for your needs.

Baxi 630 output rating

The Baxi 630 Heat 30kW regular gas boiler has an output rating of 30kW. The 630 range has output options of 13kW, 16kw, 19kW, 25kW, and 30kW. This means that if 30kW is too high there are still plenty of alternatives that may be more suitable for your home.

Is a 30kW boiler enough?

At 30kW this Baxi 630 Heat regular gas boiler is suited to larger homes with up to 20 radiators. An output rating of 30kW is high and as such, it is much more suitable for larger homes. However, if this is too powerful for your heating and hot water needs, then there are alternative output ratings of this model as detailed above.

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What size is the Baxi 630?

The Baxi 630 Heat 30kW regular gas boiler is both light and compact and has a simple modern appearance. At only 625mm x 370mm x 270mm (HxWxD) and 19.5kg it fits neatly into a standard-sized kitchen cupboard and is easily installed by a gas safe registered engineer.

What is the price of the Baxi 630?

The Baxi 630 typically costs £986 including VAT for the model alone. Installation costs for this model vary between £500 – £1000, depending on the installation process and how easy it will be. Typical sundries costs are on average £300. The sundries consist of all the supplies you might need for plumbing, boiler and central heating installations and maintenance, such as filters, flues and so on. On average, the total cost will come to £1,786 – £2,286.

What are the features of the Baxi 630 Heat?

The Baxi 630 has no pump overrun or permanent live switch, making it ideal for replacing old boilers. It has both top and rear flue options to help with easy instalment.

It is suitable for both fully pumped open vent and sealed systems and is easy to fit onto the wall using the mounting bracket. There is both front and side access and the LED heat setting display makes it easy to use and manage.

This Baxi 630 Heat is also compatible with the market-leading Megaflo Eco cylinder to help improve heating efficiency.

How many radiators can a Baxi 630 heat run?

As the Baxi 630 Heat 30kW regular gas boiler has a high output rating of 30kW then it is able to run up to 20 radiators in one home. It is ideal for larger homes that require a high volume of heating.

Depending on your household needs, there are alternative output ratings that run fewer radiators.

This table outlines how many radiators each output rating option can heat on average. This example is based on regular boilers only and may not be applicable to Combi or System boiler alternatives.

Output rating in kWAverage number of radiators
13kWup to 10
16kW10 – 15
30kWup to 20

What is the warranty period?

The manufacturer’s warranty for the Baxi 630 Heat regular gas boiler is 7 years. This means that if there is a problem with your boiler, then it will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

It is important to register your Baxi boiler as soon as you have it to ensure that you are able to benefit from this warranty.

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Does it need an annual service?

As with any boiler, it is always advised to conduct an annual service and maintenance check. By doing so, you are able to detect any issues early on to avoid potential large costs in the future. It is also good practice to ensure that your boiler is performing optimally so that you can feel confident that it is running efficiently and not wasting energy.

In addition to this, as one of the leading boiler manufacturers in the country, you can rest assured that your gas-safe engineer will be able to replace Baxi boiler parts easily.

Remember to register your boiler with Baxi so that you can benefit from the 7-year warranty.

How long will it take to install?

You must use a gas safe registered engineer to fit your Baxi 630 Heat regular gas boiler.

If you already have a regular boiler then the boiler installation is straightforward and simply needs to be replaced. However, if you wish to move the location of your current boiler then this will be more expensive, so remember to check your budget.

If you are converting from an alternative boiler type such as a combi boiler or system boiler to a regular boiler then the installation process will take more time and be more expensive.

It’s also important to bear in mind that if you want to change other parts of your heating system, including the hot water cylinder and the cold water tank, then there will be additional installation costs.

How efficient is the Baxi 630 Heat?

The Baxi 630 Heat 30kW regular gas boiler has an efficiency rating of 93% and has an A-rating ErP. The Energy-related Products (ErP) directive is a regulation set by the European Union to improve the efficiency and performance of heating and hot water products.

New boilers, such as the Baxi 630 Heat regular gas boiler are optimised for ultimate efficiency to help reduce energy waste.

What does this mean?

In the UK there is a Government initiative to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. To help support this mission new boilers have been optimised to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. Not only will this help to reduce carbon emissions through energy waste but it will also help to lower your overall energy bill.

How to make your home energy efficient

In addition to the Baxi 360 Heat regular gas boiler, there are also other ways to ensure that you are heating your home efficiently.

For example, the hot water cylinder is another simple way to improve energy efficiency. The function of the hot water cylinder is to ensure that the hot water that has been created remains hot. An effective hot water cylinder will be well-insulated to keep the water hotter for longer.

In addition to this, effective insulation throughout your home including your windows and roof can also ensure that you are not wasting heat.

Smart thermostats are also a great way to optimise your energy use, keep costs low and reduce waste.

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