Baxi Baxi Duo-tec Combi 28 Gas Boiler

Baxi Duo-tec Combi 28 Gas Boiler
Total Cost
Manufacturer Baxi
Boiler Model Baxi Duo-tec Combi 28 Gas Boiler
Condensing boiler? Condensing
Energy Efficiency Rating 92%
Energy Band A Rated
LPG model/Conversion kit No
Manufacturer Warranty 7 Years
Heating Output 25.9 kW
Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Wall Mounted
DHW Flow Rate 11.5 l/min
Total Cost £1,850
ERP Rating A Heat, A Water
Hot Water Max Output 28 kW

Baxi Duo-tec 28 combi boiler review

Baxi Duo-tec combi 28 gas boiler is a highly efficient, reliable, compact boiler option for your home. Made in the UK using top-quality brass components, it comes from a popular range of Baxi boilers. And it is made to last.

Boasting a high-efficiency rating of 92%, it will save you money on energy bills. Especially if you’re replacing an old boiler. With this in mind, you should know it is also Boiler Plus compliant. That’s because it is compatible with Time and Temperature control and IFOS.

You are given user-friendly controls, but also the option to use uSense smart controls with the 230v switch live. This means great accessibility for your and your household. It also means you can save energy by conveniently adjusting heating outputs.

Baxi Duo-tec combi is also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust for low levels of fuel consumption. If you are passionate about the environment and prefer a boiler option that emits less carbon, this boiler is a great choice.

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How can I get the Duo-tec 28kw combi boiler installed?

Baxi Duo-tec combi’s features make for an easy and quick installation. It comes with a pre-plumbing jig and interior filling loop. An industry-leading choice of flue lengths, bends, and accessories. Also, you also get a full wall-mounting jig, all of which make installation flexible. Simple. Straight-forward.

Your Gas Safe installer can swap your old combi boiler with this model quickly. Yet, you can face different time frames and costs if you’re relocating your boiler or replacing a traditional model.

How quickly can I replace my old combi boiler?

If you are replacing an old combination boiler, installation shouldn’t take more than a day. Combi boilers are all built similarly, so there won’t be any need for major adjustments.

Can I replace another boiler type with a combi boiler?

If you want replace another boiler type with this combi boiler, it can take up to two days. Your installer will need to adjust the pipework and remove any tanks used by your old system or heat only boiler.

Is it easy to change my boiler’s location?

If you are changing your boiler’s location, installation can take up to three days. The pipework will need to be adjusted for your new boiler to work in the new space.

Is the Baxi Duo-tec 28 combi good for my home?

There are many factors you should look at to decide if a boiler is right for you. Most importantly, you’ll have to look at its outputs, efficiency, and size.

How big is your home? If the answer is medium to large, then Baxi Duo-tec 28 might be a good boiler choice. It has a high efficiency rating of 92% that will assure quality heating.

Do you have one bathroom? Its domestic hot water output of 28 kW will meet your home’s water requirements. So will its reliable central heating output of 25.9 kW, if you have up to 15 radiators.

Will the boiler fit in my home?

This combi boiler is designed to fit in your home, so you don’t have to worry about the size too much. A good fit is a given.

The unit measures 780mm high, 450mm wide, and 345mm deep. It will fit well inside any standard kitchen cupboard.

You can place your new boiler anywhere else you like too. The built-in frost thermostat allows for a colder area, like the garage or attic.

Is the 28kw Duo-tec output enough?

Baxi Duo-tec 28 has outstanding outputs that will efficiently provide for a medium home. So, if your property fits the criteria, you can enjoy reliable heating and hot water on demand with no issues.

The compact unit’s maximum output is 25.9 kW for heating, and 28 kW for hot water. This makes it perfect for households with one bathroom and up to 15 radiators. If you need more power check out the Duo-tec 33kw version

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What are combi gas boilers?

Combi boilers are where domestic hot water and central heating meet within one compact unit. Combination boilers can provide your home with both without the fuss of tanks and cylinders for water storage. This makes them very convenient.

Combi boilers also provide hot water instantly. So, you don’t have to wait a long time for your cylinder to refill with hot water. They bring extra comfort to your life and make your central heating system simple and convenient to use.

What are Baxi Duo-tec 28’s key features?

The Baxi Duo-tec combi 28 boiler is compact, reliable, and durable. It features technology that can provide increased comfort in your home. From accessibility to efficiency, its many features recommend it as a great investment.

The easy to read display and controls make heating settings accessible to your household. You can make them even more convenient by adding uSense smart controls. This boiler’s accessibility keeps on giving when you use the 230v switch live.

You do also get many installation components that make the job easy and speedy. They include multi-flue kits, a pre-plumbing jig and pre-formed copper pipe tails. On top of that, you get a built-in filling loop, and a one-metre mains cable. This will make your installer very happy.

You can also add a Time and Temperature control and IFOS to your boiler. Its compatibility with the two makes Boiler Plus compliance accessible to you and your home.

What is Boiler Plus compliance?

Since April 2018, all boilers have to fulfill a specific efficiency criteria. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The latest boilers should all come with features that let you be Boiler Plus compliant.

Gas boilers need to be at least 92% energy efficient. Gas and oil boilers need time and temperature controls. Lastly, combi boilers should have energy efficiency measures.

Baxi Duo-tec is in line with these regulations. Its energy efficiency hits the mark, and so does its compatibility with Time and Temperature control and IFOS.

What does having multi-flue kits mean for a boiler?

The unit features compatibility with multi-flue kits. This means you can have your engineer customise the flue placement to fit your home’s space.

What is the boiler’s energy source?

This combi boiler uses natural gas for fuel, which is provided by the national grid supply through the National Transmissions System.

Its use of natural gas for fuel makes it up to 90% efficient. Especially when compared to using oil. This means it produces less waste in your home, and fewer carbon emissions into the environment.

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Is the Baxi Duo-tec a gas condensing boiler?

Baxi Duo-tec 28 is highly energy efficient. You already know this, but how does it work? This boiler uses condensing technology that lets your boiler recycle exhaust gas through the heat exchanger.

Condensing boilers are as much as 99% energy efficient in their outputs, while non-condensing ones can only reach 78% efficiency. This makes condensing boilers an economical option. You can save up to £310 every year, on bills alone.

Is thie Duo-tec 28 a good boiler?

Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler is ideal for homes in need of reliable, durable heating. It really pays itself off in time too, with the savings it makes for your energy usage.

If you have a medium to large home, this combi boiler makes for a great buy. It can provide just as much as you need. It also looks very sleek and will match any modern home interior. Its beautiful gloss white finish will help it fit right in.

Baxi Duo-tec is also cost-efficient. It features condensing technology, high efficiency, and compatibility with parts that will make it perform even better. This makes it a great investment for your home.

How long is the warranty period for the Duo-tec 28?

Baxi Duo-tec combi has a 7 years parts and labour warranty. Its durable components guarantee a long life. Yet, in the event of an unlikely break-down, you know you’ll be covered.

Who is the Baxi Duo-tec 28 suitable for?

If you have a medium to large home, Baxi 28 is a great option for your central heating system. It will efficiently provide enough energy for a home with 15 radiators and one bathroom.

The unit’s reliability and energy efficiency promise low costs throughout the boiler’s long life. This makes it a great choice if you are a householder or landlord.

How much is a Baxi Duo-Tec 28 Boiler?

When you buy a new boiler, there are a few costs that you should keep in mind. These include installation and accessories, other than the boiler unit itself.

Typically, this boiler costs £812 (inc VAT). A standard installation fee can range between £500 and £1000 (inc VAT) for a straightforward job like a swap.

Any extra accessories like a filter, or multi-fit flue kits, can cost around £300. This brings your new boiler’s final price to between £1,612 and £2,112.

Does the Baxi Duo-tec range come with other options?

Baxi’s range of boilers offers options for most home sizes. So, if this model sounds perfect, but you need a different output… Look no more! Baxi has it.

Baxi Duo-tec combi’s range of boilers includes Baxi Duo-tec combi 24, Baxi Duo-tec combi 28, Baxi Duo-tec combi 33, and Baxi Duo-tec combi 40. These will provide for different home sizes, and be accessible for different budgets.

Their prices range between £761 and £908. But, they all boast the same features and high energy efficiency of 92%. So you’re never missing out on anything Baxi has to offer.

Does this boiler need servicing?

The seven-year parts and labour warranty is in place to give you some peace of mind. But, to keep this warranty, you need to have a Gas Safe engineer service your boiler every year.

Servicing shouldn’t take too long though. They’ll have easy access through the front, which makes for a very quick service.

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