Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 30kW Gas Boiler

Logic Combi ESP1 30kW Gas Boiler
Total Cost
£1,514 - £2,014
Manufacturer Ideal
Boiler Model Logic Combi ESP1 30kW Gas Boiler
Condensing boiler? Condensing
Energy Efficiency Rating 94%
Energy Band A Rated
LPG model/Conversion kit No
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years
Heating Output 30kW
Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Wall Mounted
DHW Flow Rate 12.4 l/min
Total Cost £1,514 - £2,014
ERP Rating A Heat A Water
Hot Water Max Output

Ideal logic ESP1 30kw gas boiler review

The Logic Combi ESP1 30kw series is a combination boiler that provides both instantaneous domestic heat and central heating. Full sequence automatic ignition and fan-assisted combustion. Condensate is formed from flue gases by the boiler’s high efficiency. This condensate is then drained through a plastic pipe at the boiler’s base to a disposal point. The flue terminal will also show a condensate “plume”.

Our Logic Combi ESP1 30kw boilers are optimized for compliance with new builds. They deliver excellent SAP and DER performance. These models are lightweight and compact and easy to install. They have been endorsed by Energy Saving Trust. 

Why choose the Ideal Logic ESP 30kw gas boiler?

The Logic Combi ESP1 30kw central heating unit is available in three outputs: 24, 30, or 35kw. It can also be used with a variety of optional timers to give you complete control and peace-of-mind. The Ideal Logic Combi ESP 1 30kw has the following key features:

  • – An easy to read pressure gauge gives you maximum control of the unit
  • – Low component count to maximize reliability and ensure that your boiler will not fail you.
  • – Full modulating operation for low outputs
  • – Automatic bypass
  • – Easy to use filling loop
  • – Simple diverter valve
  • Two-stage flame sensing for greater reliability
  • – Latest generation Honeywell gas valve
  • Preformed copper tails
  • – Pre-wired mains lead for AAV and PRV (2m) – Very easy to access
  • – Pre-piping kit
  • Boiler frost protection to ensure your boiler is protected during the winter months
  • – Compatibility to a wide variety of piping options
  • Optional weather compensation sensors and timers to give you maximum control over the boiler.

Condensing boilers are high-efficiency appliances that automatically adjust their output to meet the heat demand. As the heat demand decreases, so does gas consumption. When it is operating at its most efficient, the boiler condenses water from flue gases.

Ideal Logic ESP1 30kw weather compensation kit

The Weather Compensation option can be fitted to the system. This will allow you to control the temperature of the room by turning the knob on the boiler. To increase the room temperature, turn it clockwise. To decrease it, turn it anti-clockwise. Once you have achieved the desired temperature, the system will automatically adjust to this setting.

Boiler Frost Protection

Frost protection is built into the boiler. It works in all modes provided that the boiler’s power supply is always on. The boiler will stop freezing if the temperature of the water drops below 5oC. This does not mean that all parts of the system are protected.

Who are our fitters?

We use our own Gas Safe installers and the best installers the UK has to offer. Every single one is Gas Safe registered and has been thoroughly vetted.

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