British based company Mistral has over 40 years experience of manufacturing oil-fired heating solutions. A UK market leader, Mistral has one of the largest ranges of combi and system oil boilers to choose from.

Boiler outputs range from 20kW to 70kW, providing options for properties of all sizes. You can also choose between internal and external models, giving you a huge amount of choice when it comes to where you install your boiler.

Mistral boilers are highly efficient and include an innovative central waterway that achieves better heat transfer and helps the boiler to run more smoothly.

All Mistral boilers with a standard warranty of 2 years for the burner and controls and 5 years for the heat exchanger.

Mistral oil-fired combi boilers

There are lots of reasons combi boilers are so popular with homeowners. They are compact, easy to install and easy to service. They can also provide hot water on demand, which means no waiting around for water to heat up.

Mistral has four combi boilers to choose from: the Combi Standard, Mega Combi Standard, Combi Plus and Mega Combi Plus. Within these boiler ranges you have the option of choosing condensing and non-condensing and internal and external models.

These boilers have a high quality casing, multi directional flue outlet and pre-punched pipe access points for easy installation.

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
Mistral Combi Standard CC1 20kW Oil Boiler 20kW 92% 2 years £1,920
Mistral Combi Standard CC2 26kW Oil Boiler 26kW 92% 2 years £1,980
Mistral Combi Standard CC3 35kW Oil Boiler 35kW  92% 2 years £2,160
Mistral Combi Standard CC4 41kW Oil Boiler 41kW  92% 2 years £2,400 
Mistral Combi CC1 Plus 20kW Oil Boiler 20kW 90% 2 years £2,100
Mistral Combi CC2 Plus 26kW Oil Boiler 26kW 92% 2 years  £2,460
Mistral Combi CC3 Plus 35kW Oil Boiler 35kW 92% 2 years  £2,460
Mistral Combi CC4 Plus 41kW Oil Boiler 41kW 92% 2 years  £2,700

Mistral oil-fired system boilers

System boilers are ideal for homes that have a high demand for hot water or multiple bathrooms. Unlike combi boilers, system boilers also require a cylinder to be installed, which is used to store hot water. This means it can deliver water to multiple outlets at the same time without losing pressure.

Mistral system boilers are available in a range of outputs from 20kW to 41kW.

These boilers are equipped with a:

  • pressure gauge
  • circulating pump
  • 12 litre expansion vessel
  • automatic air vent
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