Ferroli Boiler Error Codes, Causes & How To Fix

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 21st September 2023
Posted on 20th September 2023
Ferroli Boiler Error Codes, Causes & How To Fix

Ferroli boilers error codes and faults – What they mean & how to fix

ferroli boiler error codes and faults

When your Ferroli boiler isn’t working, error codes can be a real help in understanding what’s causing the problem.

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Now every manufacturer has its own set of codes, so if you have a Ferroli boiler, this is the article to help you get your boiler fired up once again! if not we can also help with a new boiler.

Common Ferroli Boiler Error Codes & Faults

Some boiler problems are more common than others, and most of the issues will not be specific to the Ferroli boiler brand, so we’re going to focus on those first. If you can’t see the code displayed on your boiler, don’t worry, take a look at the complete list at the end of this article.

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How to fix a Ferroli Boiler F37 error code

The Ferroli F37 fault code might be one that you’ll be able to fix without the help of an engineer.  That’s because this one gets displayed when there’s a low-pressure problem. This can often be fixed by adding more water to the system to increase the pressure back to the operational level. That means that your Ferroli boiler f37 flashing error could be fixed super quick!

The way you add water to the system does vary between models, so take a look at your boiler manual first. Not sure where that is? You can download a copy here.

ferroli boiler error codes and faults

How to fix an F3 fault code

The Ferroli f3 fault code is shown when the safety thermostat trips. That can happen for several different reasons:

  • a damaged heating sensor
  • lack of water circulating within the system
  • air has got into the system

This one will need an engineer to visit to work out exactly what’s going on.

How to fix an A01 fault code

When you get the Ferroli boiler code A01, then that means that your boiler hasn’t been able to light. This might be because:

  • there’s no gas getting into the system
  • a faulty detection or ignition electrode
  • a damaged gas valve
  • the power is set too low to cause ignition

In terms of fixing the Ferroli fault code A01, first, check that your gas supply is working. If that seems okay, then the next step will be an engineer’s visit.

How to fix a D1 fault code

While we’ve listed all the current Ferroli boiler fault codes, d1 is not listed within their user guides. Now we believe that it is due to an issue with the diverter valve not opening fully. This then causes a restriction within the flow pipe causing the problem.

Should you get the Ferroli boiler d1 code, we recommend an engineer’s visit to check out the valve.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

All Ferroli Boiler Error Codes

 Error CodeFault
A01Ignition problem. It may be a faulty electrode or a lack of gas.
A02A faulty electrode or a card error
A03Damaged heating sensor causing a lack of water circulation or air within the heating system
F04Incorrect setting of the card parameter
F05Error on the air pressure switch, the flue baffle may be obstructed or be incorrectly sized
A06Post ignition phase, there is no flame. Gas pressure issues might cause this
F07Faulty air pressure switch causing the contacts to close when the fan comes on
A09Faulty gas valve. It may also be due to a disconnect in the wiring.
F10Faulty delivery sensor with wiring causing a short circuit or it’s become disconnected
F11Faulty hot water sensor may be damaged or disconnected
A15Presented when fault F05 happens several times within one day – may be due to a faulty air pressure switch
A16Faulty gas valve
A23Problem with the card parameter. It may be due to incorrect settings.
A24Problem with the card parameter. It may be due to incorrect settings.
F34Electricity supply under 170V – problems with the mains electricity
F35Issues with the frequency of the mains electricity
F37Water pressure too low, or the water pressure switch may be damaged
F43Intervention by the exchanger protection system. It may be due to a lack of water or air in the system
F50An internal error within the DBM23B controller
F51An internal error within the DBM23B controller


When Ferroli boiler fault codes appear, it can cause panic along with the end of hot water and heating for your home. But with our guide to what the code means, you may be able to fix it yourself! Do remember that any type of mechanical work needs to be undertaken by a gas certified engineer.

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Posted on: 20th September 2023

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