Let us ‘Knock the Socks Off’

‘Knock the Socks Off’ Our promise

Since we’re at the top of the online boiler industry, it’s fair to say that our prices are super low, and warranty lengths unmatchable. However, the service you get once your boiler is paid for is really what sets us apart from the competition.

Do you know what we love?

We love making customers happy.

Not by keeping them £25 richer with a price match ‘promise’.

We love keeping customers happy by making sure that the customer service they get from Boiler Central is the BEST customer service you have ever experienced.

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Do you know what else we love?

We love these tech orientated companies that pop-up and give the big players a shake.

That is USBoiler Central is THAT company in the boiler industry.

Let’s be fair here – our products are the same as our competitors.

That’s right – our products are equal to our competition – There is only one Worcester Bosch 2000, one Viessmann 050.

We know the way to thrive and be the best boiler company in the UK is to excel at customer service.

Not ‘promise’ to match a price online.

Cheapest is not always the best.

It’s super easy to buy your boiler online and save £25 by getting a price match.

But once that order is placed, that’s when the real work starts and this part requires the best staff we can possibly find

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A boiler isn’t a TV – obvious right?

Maybe so – but price matching a TV is the only USP that they can provide.

Why you may ask?

Well quite simply, a TV you unbox and put on a wall or TV stand, price match was great and that’s that.

With a boiler, once you’ve ordered online with Boiler Central, we have staff on hand to provide top-class customer service.

It is these staff, alongside the ‘cream of the cream’ UK based Gas Safe engineers that put the boiler on the wall.

This involves alot of planning and contact with our customers to make it as smooth as it can be.

Exactly the reason why we don’t price match ‘promise’.

The best gas engineers are expensive – FACT.

So who would you want to install your new boiler?

A – Ron on £200 a day, not much work on and not very experienced.

B – Paul on £350 a day with 20 years experience and trusted by us.

If you choose A – we’re not for you.

If you choose B – you are our type of customer.

Go to the link below, you won’t regret it…

Get a fixed price here in 20 seconds

That’s why we offer to knock the socks off any customer service you can expect in the industry.

That’s right. No price war (well, a little one) – just a guarantee that we will provide you with the best customer service.

Firstly, let’s just clarify that the cheapest does not always mean the best.

So, to keep our top-rated customer service levels, we will always have a bottom line.

Why? Because we have values to upkeep, offering the best customer service you can get from any company. So all of our competitors continue to drive prices down and compete to the final penny, so something has to give.

Here at Boiler Central, we offer very low prices, but prices that still gives us a few quid to fund our team of excellent customer service staff.

When we first started Boiler Central, we never wanted to get into the big numbers game, or get large sums of external investment (we’re self-funded unlike the others); we wanted to sell boilers with the Unique Selling Point (USP) that our unbeatable customer service is the reason you should buy your boiler from us.

We have since provided the best levels of customer service, the word has got round, and we are now doing large volumes nationwide.

So there you have it – we should be able to match most prices found online, but we won’t be getting into any further price wars and also offering money-back or vouchers as an added bonus (or should we say, the bit that makes the deal into a loss maker).

Get a fixed price here in 20 seconds

Remember, the cheapest is not always the best.

How many times have you bought something from China, and it’s fell to bits. Shortly followed by thinking you should of spent a few more quid for a similar product made in the UK?

This is the same scenario.

You can get a boiler cheap. Of course you can.

But what happens once you have bought your boiler is paramount to your happiness.

Our pre and post-installations team will work their magic to make sure your boiler is fitted with minimal mess and frustration to you.

We make it super easy.

We even register your warranty and inform building control, so you don’t have to.

We are open 7 days a week if you ever need us. That will not be changing.

We have the best gas installers in the UK working for us.

We offer fixed prices online and never charge you extra for any required upgrades or on-the-job issues that we find.

We have more staff than required to make sure every customer is super happy.

All of the above are not sustainable when getting into price wars.

Gone are the days where loss leaders are cool and using millions of pounds of external investment to be able to make losses on boilers.

Be smart, Get a fixed price here in 20 seconds

Never promise anything…

Unless it’s the best customer service!

Although we don’t offer a ‘promise’, some Amazon vouchers and any other things to make your boiler purchase lose us money, we can do our best to match online prices on like-for-like boilers.

Simply send us the below:

  • Your quote that you would like us to knock the socks off
  • Your name and contact number
  • A picture of your current boiler

And then lets us knock your socks off hello@boilercentral.com

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