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Please read this before submitting your help request below:

We are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries as part of the freezing weather

Frozen condensate pipes

This is mainly due to frozen condensate pipes which are the plastic pipe outside your home which remove waste water from your boiler (This pipe is usually white but can be black)

Common error codes for this are:

  • Worcester Bosch EA 227 & EA 229
  • Viessmann F2
  • Ideal L2
  • Vaillant/ Glow Worm F28 & F29

See our video guides here:

If you think this could be you then see our guide to resolving the most common issues that can get your boiler back up and running quickly, however, if this does not seem to be the likely outcome, do get in touch.

Low boiler pressure

Other common issues can also be resolved such as low boiler pressure or resetting your boiler after defrosting your condensate pipe can be found online in our guide

Your boiler pressure should remain between 1.5 bar and 2 bar on the pressure gauge. It may rise when the boiler heats up.

If your pressure continues to drop quickly during the day or steadily over a few days, there is likely an issue.

Contact us for help

If you smell gas please contact the national gas helpline on 0800 111 999

If your boiler is not working please follow this like to see our helpful guide here to get your boiler back on it’s feet

Due to the snow, any booked engineer visits may take longer than anticipated.

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