How Do Back Boiler Fires Work

how a back boiler works

How Do Back Boiler Fires Work πŸ”₯❌

Many types of boilers are available on the market with a remarkable number of modern facilities, still now notable households in the UK is using back boilers.

This guide will inform you on how back boiler fires work in detail.

“Back boilers are no longer allowed.”

Over the passage of time, it has been losing against the modern boilers.

Many are finding its time to end the lifetime of back boilers.

We know about back boilers functions, working process, features and cause of extinction etc.

What is a back boiler 🧐🧐

Back boiler is a very old conventional boiler system, used as the central heating system for heating the whole house and for heating water, placed just beside a fireplace.

In the past, they were the most used boiler and back boilers can be quite messy when taking them out and replacing with a combi boiler.

In the 1960’s, it started getting popularity; in 1970’s and 1980’s it was able to get to its highest success.

Later, condensing boilers came and started to take the place of a back boiler.

Condensing boilers were more efficient and cost effective.

As the condensing boiler has appeared, people could find many drawbacks then and felt they needed to change their boilers. Thus the decline of back boiler had been started.

Back boiler vs combi boiler βŒβœ…

Back boilers are the oldest and combi boilers are the most modern boilers available on the market today.

In comparison, back boilers are far behind technology wise over combi boilers.

Back boiler is not money, space or time saving while combi saves all.

Back boilers have much less efficiency and combi boilers are the most efficiency among the boilers available today.

How do back boiler fires work 🧐🧐

Back boilers needed to be installed in to a fireplace.

After proper installation, back boilers are ready to use to heat hot water and provide heating around the home.

Then the heat exchanger of the boiler system took heat to heat itself; next started to heat the whole heating system or water (it depends on the purposes it is being used for).

The heat exchanger multiplies the heat.

Back boilers use the heat off a fireplace run by electricity or gas fire.

Cold water comes into the main system from a storage tank, main system starts to heat the water and after heating the water at desired level a pump delivers the water to the output.

To keep the necessary pressure for all the output channel it reserves the hot water in a tank or storage.

“Remember back boilers are no longer allowed.”

Disadvantages of back boilers ❌❌

When people became able to find well-furnished boilers, back boilers failed to keep their necessity to them.

With the development of technology, people are finding many drawbacks or disadvantages of back boilers.

Some of the disadvantages of back boiler are here to know about it.

  • Higher price: New boilers appearance with new technology; people just realised that, back boilers demand higher amount of money to buy it.
  •  Hot water supply capacity: Back boilers are incapable to supply hot water instantly. It makes delay to supply hot water.
  • Higher installation cost: Back boilers installation is not less expensive like the newer one. Generally, they demand higher cost to get them installed.
  • More space capturing: Having so many components back boilers generally need more space. Both hot and cold water tanks are needed to work a back boiler. So, they use larger space.
  • Not suitable for single families: Single families are increasing day by day. Back boilers are not suitable for single families who need only one output channel of water. If they install them, they will need higher cost to buy, install and maintain.
Can a back boiler explode 😳😳

“Back boilers are not safe.”

Now-a-days, experts have found many risks to use a back boiler.

If you have this type of boiler, you need to be more cautious and take suggestions from the heating engineers.

In some cases, like: you are not using your back boiler, but did not remove its components.

Your fireplace is also existing beside the boiler, because of the heat and gas being trapped in the weaker pipework, without the flue system an explosion may happen.

πŸ”₯ Extinction of back boilers πŸ”₯ 

Government formed some regulations in 2005, in 2008 and later also to restrict the usage of back boilers and to ensure public safety because they are not gas safe.

Though the presence of back boilers in houses are notable still, the decreasing rate is reminding us about the upcoming decline of back boilers is not impossible.

Fill in our contact form for advice on what to do about your back boiler, “remember how important your health and safety is.”

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