Intergas Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler

Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler
Total Cost
£1,850 - £2,350
Manufacturer Intergas
Boiler Model Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler
Condensing boiler? Condensing
Energy Efficiency Rating 92%
Energy Band A Rated
LPG model/Conversion kit Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 10 Years
Heating Output 23.1 kW
Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Wall Mounted
DHW Flow Rate 16.5 l/min
Total Cost £1,850 - £2,350
ERP Rating A Heat A Water
Hot Water Max Output 33.8 kW

The Intergas Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler is a highly reliable, compact condensing boiler that is perfect for medium-sized to larger properties.

Typically costing around £1,050, this boiler is easily installed, simple to adjust, and even requires less servicing than other boilers. The Intergas Xclusive has an option of radio frequency installation, which allows your installer to monitor the boiler’s usage and performance, and determine if and when it needs a service.

The Intergas Xclusive is also equipped with solid state electronics that control the main components from one central platform. This allows for minimal moving parts and furthers its reliability. All the serviceable components are also highly accessible, which helps to save both time and money.

To top it all off, the Intergas Xclusive is a highly energy efficient model. It comes with an innovative heat exchanger that integrates both hot water and central heating circuits, which ensures maximum heat transfer and minimal heat loss. It also has a strong Energy related Product (ErP) rating. So with these levels of energy efficiency, your house will stay heated but your carbon footprint will be reduced, and you will have the cheaper energy bills to prove it.

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Boiler installation

The Intergas Xclusive is a wall-mounted boiler that is small enough to be tucked away in a kitchen, bathroom, or airing cupboard. You will need a professional boiler engineer to fit in any new boiler as it’s definitely not a DIY job!

The installation should cost roughly between £500 – £1000, depending on the engineer’s rates and the size and model of the boiler it is replacing. It should normally take between six and four hours to install, but again, this will depend on the boiler that is being replaced.

How much does it cost?

The Intergas Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler retails at around £1,050 with VAT included. If you don’t have to pay VAT or are able to claim it back, the price is around £888. This puts it in the mid-range of boilers and is about average for any new model.

As we saw above, the boiler installation should cost between £500 – £1000 and additional extras such as a boiler filter or a flue should be covered by around £300.

In total, purchasing the new boiler, having it professionally installed, and buying the recommended additional sundries, should cost somewhere between £1,850 – £2,350, with VAT included.

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler is an abbreviation of ‘combination boiler’. Combi boilers combine the space in which water is heated for tap use and for central heating into one compact unit. Combi boilers also heat water directly from the water mains, whereas regular boilers would usually have an external cylinder in which heated water is stored.

The best combi boiler saves a lot of space as it does away with the need for an external tank and the clutter of the additional piping. It is also far more cost and energy-efficient, as the water is heated directly from the mains supply, rather than being externally stored and then losing heat in storage.

What is a condensing boiler?

The Intergas Xclusive is also a condensing boiler. A condensing boiler condenses water vapour from any exhaust gases and is able to recover some of the heat that would normally be wasted.

In most boilers, hot gases are released from the system via the boiler flue. These gases build up as the water is heated within the system, and they must be expelled in order for the boiler to continue to function. Condensing boilers make use of these gases and harness the exhausted vapours to create more heat within the system.

Many of the released gases are carbon-heavy and highly pollutant. Therefore, condensing boilers are all the greener and energy-efficient, which makes them perfect for our modern, environmentally conscious world.

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Is the Intergas Xclusive suitable for my home?

As a combi boiler, the Intergas Xclusive is on the smaller side and won’t take up too much room as it doesn’t require any additional bulky tanks or cylinders. So this model is ideal for those who are looking to save a bit of space.

The Intergas Xclusive has a flow rate of 16.51 litres per minute, and a hot water maximum output of 33.8 kW. These levels will suit most properties with two or more bathrooms. The boiler also has a central heating maximum output of 23.1 kW. This means it can service houses with around ten radiators. However, it is important to note that these are just approximate figures, so if in doubt, you can always ask your current boiler engineer for advice.

In short, the Intergas Xclusive 30kW suits medium sized to larger properties, but it is also compact so doesn’t take up too much space. If you have a home with two bathrooms or have slightly higher heating demands than the average smaller property, then the Intergas Xclusive may well be the perfect model for you.

The dimensions of the Intergas Xclusive 30kW Combi Gas Boiler are:

450mm Wide x 766mm High x 277mm Depth.

What fuel supply does it need?

As its name suggests, the Intergas Xclusive is a gas boiler. It runs on natural gas and will need to be connected to the mains gas supply.

However, for properties that are not connected to the mains gas supply, this boiler is also LPG compatible. This means that it can be run off Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is a fuel that is not connected to the mains and can be added to the system when it is needed. LPG is often a more environmentally friendly option than other boiler fuels. But on the downside, if your system runs on LPG you must always have LPG in storage. If your boiler runs on LPG and you exhaust your supply, your boiler won’t function as it needs fuel to burn.

What are the key features?

The Intergas Xclusive includes an innovative heat exchanger that integrates both hot water and central heating circuits. This patented, aluminium heat exchanger is a two in one design that works to convert the energy for both the hot water and central heating circuits in one. This ensures maximum heat transfer and minimum heat loss.

The boiler contains cutting edge, solid state electronics to control its gas valve, pilot light, fan, and pump, allowing for a reduced number of moving parts and further increasing its reliability. This means it is very simple to use and easy to adjust.

All the components that may require servicing are easily accessible, which will help to save you both time and money if the services of an engineer are ever required.

Does it have remote technology?

When you have an Intergas Xclusive boiler installed, you will be offered the option to have radio frequency (RF) technology embedded within the unit. Radio frequency allows your installer to remotely track the boiler’s use and performance.

This means the installer’s engineers will only provide a boiler check when the boiler has fulfilled the requisite use, which for this model is 1,700 hours.

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How energy efficient is it?

As a combi boiler and a condensing boiler, the Intergas Xclusive is highly efficient. It’s no surprise then that this model has a seasonal efficiency rating of 92% and is an A-rated Energy related Product (ErP) model for heating and hot water.

In simple terms, yes, this boiler is incredibly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Are there any other options?

The Intergas Xclusive generally suits medium-sized to larger homes, perhaps with two bathrooms and a normal demand for heating and hot water. However, there are two other models in the range for smaller or larger properties with differing hot water and heating needs.

For smaller properties with only one bathroom or those with less demand for hot water, there is a 24kW model. And for larger properties or those with greater demands for heating and hot water, there is also a 36kW model.

Both alternatives carry all the same features as the 30kW, though they will slightly differ in price.

How often will it need servicing?

Most boilers are recommended an annual gas boiler service. However, the Intergas Xclusive only requires servicing after every 1,700 hours of operation.

If you choose to have the radio frequency installed, your installer will monitor your use and will provide a service when it is needed, rather than annually. This could well lead to you saving money in the long run as it will prevent any unnecessary boiler checks, but will also alert your installer if the boiler is experiencing any issues.

How long is the warranty period?

The Intergas Xclusive comes with a ten year warranty period, so you can be rest assured that you are covered if anything goes wrong. With this model, Intergas have designed a reliable, efficient, and modern boiler that is guaranteed to not let you down!

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