Johnson & Starley

Formed in 1922, Johnson & Starley has been providing the UK with heating solutions for almost 100 years. 

Innovation and progress is at the heart of the company and that is evidenced in its range of QuanTec super efficient condensing boilers. 

Johnson & Starley combi boilers

There are lots of advantages to choosing a combi boiler. Combi boilers work by connecting directly to the main water, eliminating the need to install a separate cylinder or water tank. Everything you need to generate hot water is contained inside the boiler, which typically means combi boilers are cheaper and easier to install compared to regular and system boilers. 

Combi boilers are also compact and can often be wall-mounted and fitted inside a cupboard or a kitchen cabinet. 

The Quanetc combi boiler range is fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger and has a passive flue heat recovery system that can give energy savings of up to 25%. The boilers also come with a 8 year parts and labour warranty. 

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
Johnson and Starley QuanTec 24c Combi 24kW Gas Boiler 16kW 93% 8 years £N/A
Johnson and Starley QuanTec 30c Combi 28kW Gas Boiler 23kW 93% 8 years £N/A
Johnson and Starley QuanTec HR 28c Combi 28kW Gas Boiler 28kW 94% 8 years £N/A
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