Potterton Boilers Reviews, Costs & Efficiency Breakdown

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 15th February 2024
Posted on 14th February 2024
Topic: Boiler Advice

Need to know if Potterton boilers are right for your home?

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This detailed guide delivers the key facts on their cost-effectiveness, durability, and service support.

As part of the Baxi boilers and BDR Therma Group, learn about the diverse range of Potterton boilers suited to various home sizes and what warranty coverage means for you.

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All about Potterton Boilers – Overview

  • Potterton offers a broad array of boiler types including combi, system, and regular, suitable for various home sizes and needs, with factors like output rating, efficiency, warranty, and cost being important in the selection process.
  • Pricing for Potterton boilers ranges from £640 to £2,000, plus boiler installation costs varying based on location, complexity, and type of installation, with factors such as energy efficiency and boiler size impacting both initial cost and potential long-term savings.
  • Potterton provides boilers with high energy efficiency ratings (up to 91.0%), with certain models designed for homes with multiple water outlets and bathroom facilities, and prioritises customer assurance through warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years that require annual servicing.

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Why Choose a Potterton Boiler?

Potterton offers a wide variety of combi, system, and regular boilers, each designed to cater to different heating and hot water demands.

With many Potterton boilers to choose from, they come in an array of sizes and power outputs, ensuring there’s a fit for every home, regardless of the number of radiators, taps, or bathrooms.

Deciding on the right boiler can be a daunting task, but with Potterton’s extensive range, you’re bound to find a match.

For homes with a higher number of radiators and multiple bathrooms, Potterton’s regular boilers are an ideal choice. When selecting the ideal boiler, it is important to consider:

  • Output rating
  • Efficiency
  • Warranty
  • Potential cost

With Potterton, you’re not just getting a new boiler; you’re investing in a reliable heating solution that continues to deliver year after year.

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Costs & Price Range for Potterton Boilers

Understanding the cost dynamics of Potterton boilers ensures you make an economically sound decision.

Standalone Potterton boilers are priced between £635 and £2000, depending on the type and model. However, this is only the beginning of the financial journey.

We will examine the factors that influence boiler pricing and installation costs in greater detail.

Factors Influencing Boiler Pricing

Potterton offers a range of boiler models, spanning from mid-range to value-range. The pricing of these boilers is largely influenced by their size and output.

For example, a larger boiler with a higher output would typically cost more than a smaller, less powerful model. However, the initial investment in a larger, more powerful boiler could pay off in the long run in terms of efficiency and durability.

Speaking of efficiency, Potterton’s energy-efficient boilers with A-ratings could potentially offer cost savings over time through reduced energy use.

While these models might come with a higher price tag, the reduction in household energy bills and carbon footprint make them a worthwhile investment.

Thus, both initial cost and long-term savings should be taken into account when deciding on a Potterton boiler.

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Comparing Potterton Installation Costs

Installation costs for Potterton boilers can vary significantly, ranging from £500 to £2,500.

This range is influenced by several factors such as the location, installation complexity, and the number of engineers required.

For instance, a like-for-like boiler swap is generally less expensive than converting to a new type of boiler, as the latter often requires additional pipework adjustment and installation of new units.

Complex installations, such as converting to a different boiler type or relocating the boiler within the home, can incur additional costs and disruptions. Final installation costs may also include the price of additional materials specific to the property and installation, as well as components like:

  • system power flush
  • magnetic filter
  • new flue pipe
  • thermostatic heat controls

Hence, to ensure the best deal, one must compare quotes from various professionals.

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Selecting the Right Potterton Combi Boiler

When it comes to Potterton combi boilers, there’s a model for every home. Available in sizes ranging from 24kW to 40kW, Potterton combi boilers cater to varied budgets and requirements.

They offer instant hot water on demand, making them suitable for homes with up to 10 radiators and 1 bathroom, and their high energy efficiency further adds to their appeal.

Models like the Promax Combi, Promax Ultra Combi, Titanium Combi, and Gold Combi are popular choices among homeowners. Their features include:

  • Compact and lightweight design, allowing them to be installed even in kitchen cupboards
  • Robust hydraulic connections
  • Service due indicators
  • Options for an outdoor weather sensor

These features make Potterton combi boilers a well-rounded choice for any home.

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Potterton’s Regular Boiler Selection

For homes with a loft-based cold water tank and separate hot water cylinder, or those with low mains water pressure, Potterton’s regular boilers are an ideal choice.

The range includes notable models from the Gold and Promax lines, available in both wall-mounted and floor-standing configurations. With options like the Potterton Titanium and the Promax SL Heat Only Boiler available in various kW, Potterton caters to diverse home sizes.

Although the installation of gas boilers, like regular and system boilers, may be more complex and potentially pricier due to the requirement for a hot water storage cylinder and a separate cold water tank, the comfort and efficiency they provide justify the investment.

The consistent heating and hot water supply provided by Potterton’s regular gas boiler systems make them a top choice among homeowners.

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System Boilers by Potterton: A Versatile Choice

For properties with multiple bathrooms or shower rooms, Potterton’s system boilers are the go-to choice. Designed for homes with multiple water outlets in use simultaneously, these boilers offer a seamless hot water supply even during peak usage.

Popular models like the Potterton Promax Ultra ErP series even offer a 7-day wireless sensor for added convenience.

Potterton’s commitment to the environment and cost savings is evident in their ErP A rating for their condensing system boiler models.

This rating signifies high energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions, making Potterton system boilers a green and cost-effective choice.

When choosing a Potterton system boiler, it is important to factor in additional installation costs and make a comparison of quotes from skilled professionals to secure the best deal.

Ensuring Reliability: Annual Boiler Service

The reliability and longevity of a Potterton boiler can be greatly enhanced with regular annual service.

Servicing not only ensures safe and efficient operation but also helps prevent hazardous situations like gas leaks, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

It also helps keep energy bills lower by preventing soot buildup and ensuring smooth running of the boiler.

Regular maintenance can greatly extend the service life of a boiler, leading to long-term savings for homeowners.

Moreover, early detection of potential issues during service visits can prevent costly repairs and significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

For maintaining warranty coverage, it is suggested that customers stick to regular annual services, preferably scheduled before the onset of winter.

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Warranty and Aftercare Services

Potterton goes the extra mile to assure customers of their product quality with warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years. These warranties cover parts and labor free of charge in case of a breakdown during the warranty period, offering peace of mind to homeowners.

However, to maintain the warranty, a Potterton boiler must be annually serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer, and warranty registration needs to be completed online within 30 days of installation.

While the price of Potterton boilers may be influenced by the length of the warranty, with longer warranties potentially leading to higher initial costs, the assurance of free parts and labor in case of a breakdown can outweigh the initial cost.

Hence, homeowners should regularly check the manufacturer’s terms and conditions for any updates or special offers associated with the warranty.

Finding the Most Efficient Potterton Boiler

Efficiency is a key consideration when choosing a boiler, and Potterton excels in this regard. Potterton boilers have an A-rating for efficiency, exceeding the latest standards for energy efficiency, safety, and emissions.

Models like the Promax, Titanium, and Assure are particularly recognised for their high standards of efficiency.

Specific models such as:

  • Potterton Promax SL
  • Potterton Promax System
  • Potterton Gold System
  • Potterton Gold Combi

Boast energy efficiency ratings up to 91.0%, with some models like the Promax 24/2 HE Plus and Ultra 12 System reaching up to 89.6% and 90.3% efficiency respectively.

Although these efficient models may carry a higher initial cost, the considerable energy savings and cost-effectiveness over time validate their investment.

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Installation Process: Getting Your Potterton Boiler Installed

Boiler installation is a critical aspect of a new boiler and must be carried out by accredited professionals to comply with the UK’s stringent gas safety regulations. The gas installation process includes:

  • Selecting the appropriate site for the boiler
  • Connecting it to the gas supply
  • Installing the correct flue system
  • Integrating it with the existing central heating system.

Preparing the installation site requires ensuring suitable space not only for the Potterton boiler but also for future maintenance activities. A compliant installation process includes:

  • Proper management of plumbing connections
  • System filling and pressurising
  • Adherence to regulations for flue lengths and compartment ventilation
  • Electrical setup that meets IEE Wiring Regulations
  • Culminating in a series of functional tests.

Correct installation is key to the safe and efficient functioning of your Potterton boiler.

Customer Experiences with Potterton Boilers

Customer experiences with Potterton boilers are mixed, offering a real-world perspective on their performance. While some customers praise the longevity and smooth operation of their Potterton boilers, others have raised concerns about reliability and customer service.

Positive reviews often highlight the longevity of reliable boilers, with one boiler functioning well for over 50 years, and a smooth operational history over five years for another.

On the other hand, some customers have reported reliability concerns, including needing to replace a boiler after just 6 years and frequent costly repairs, notably diverter valve failures.

Customer service is another area where experiences vary, with some users reporting long phone wait times and unhelpful technical support.

These experiences should be taken into account when making a decision about a Potterton boiler.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues: Potterton Error Codes

Potterton boilers come equipped with error codes to help diagnose specific problems with the boiler’s functioning.

These codes offer insights into the nature of the issue and provide guidance on whether professional repair is required. Some common error codes and their meanings include:

  • E53: Flue obstruction
  • E50, E321, E10: Sensor faults
  • E120, E135: Sensor errors
  • E130: Internal error
  • E128, E129: Flame problems
  • E92: Combustion problems

Certain error codes, such as E118 (low system pressure) or E13 (flame detection issues), necessitate prompt action, typically a call to heating engineers, to avert boiler damage and ensure safety.

The Benefits of Choosing Potterton

Choosing a Potterton boiler comes with numerous benefits. For starters, Potterton boilers maintain consistent heating and hot water supply, ensuring comfort and convenience for homeowners.

User-friendly controls on Potterton combi boilers, including a wireless digital timer room thermostat with seven-day programmability and simple mode selection, offer easy temperature adjustment.

In addition to their functional benefits, Potterton boilers offer the following advantages:

  • Compact size, making them suitable for a variety of home sizes and easily integrating into different environments
  • Energy-efficient features like the Potterton Multifit IFOS flue outdoor sensor
  • Warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years, providing customers with cost savings and peace of mind

These factors collectively make Potterton boilers a valuable addition to any home.

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Potterton boilers offer a blend of reliability, efficiency, and value for money. Available in a range of types and sizes, they cater to diverse household needs, ensuring consistent heating and hot water supply.

With their compact design, user-friendly controls, and energy-efficient features, Potterton boilers are an excellent choice for any home.

Whether you’re looking for a combi, system, or regular boiler, Potterton’s range has something for everyone.

Their boilers come with warranties ranging from 1 to 10 years and are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

With a Potterton boiler, you’re not just getting a heating solution; you’re investing in comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Potterton boilers still exist?

Yes, Potterton boilers still exist and are part of the Baxi heating group. They offer a range of combi, regular, and system boilers.

What happened to Potterton boilers?

Potterton is still part of Baxi Heating today, as Baxi purchased the Blue Circle Heating Division in 1999.

Are Potterton good boilers?

Yes, Potterton boilers are known for being reliable and budget-friendly, making them a good option for many homes.

What types of boilers does Potterton offer?

Potterton offers combi, system, and regular boilers to meet different household requirements.

How much do Potterton boilers cost?

Potterton boilers can cost between £635 and £2000, with installation costs dependent on factors such as location and complexity.

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James Elston
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Posted on: 14th February 2024
Topic: Boiler Advice

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