Vaillant Heat Pumps Cost, Installation, Efficiency & More

James Elston
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Updated on 16th November 2023
Posted on 15th November 2023
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Vaillant Heat Pumps Cost, Installation, Efficiency & More

Vaillant Heat Pumps – Latest Vaillant Air Source & Ground Source Heatpump Prices & Reviews

vaillant heat pump

Vaillant is one of the most recognised home heating brands in the UK due to its super-efficient new boilers.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of the Vaillant ethos, and there’s no surprise that they manufacture heat pumps too.

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    Hydrogen-ready boilers are what we believe to be the future for most households in the UK, and the most likely to take over from natural gas, but heat pumps have their place.

    Are you ready to get pumped about the ultra-powerful, ultra-sustainable heat pump from Vaillant? Then keep reading.

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    How much are heat pumps from Vaillant?

    A new Vaillant heat pump will cost you between £3,000 and £15,000 not including the installation of the unit.

    When it comes to the full cost of a heat pump including installation. Then things start to get more complicated. Here are some of the considerations you will need to think about:

    1. How big/small is your house?
    2. Have you got a large family?
    3. What do you want to gain from your heat pump?
    4. Are any additional materials needed?

    Vaillant heat pumps are one of the best heat pump brands available right now.

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    What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

    Vaillant heat pump installation costs

    The full cost of installation will vary and there are grants out there to help with this. We do also suggest making sure that your home is suitable too as it will need to be extremely well insulated. When you think about how much a new boiler cost and the long-term savings, are heat pumps worth it?

    Get in touch with a specialist here so they can find the right heat pump for your home.

    Are Vaillant’s heat pumps energy-efficient?

    vaillant heat pump arotherm

    The air source heat pump and water heat pump are like the Sir David Attenborough of heating systems. Vaillant spends their day thinking about the planet and ways in which their products can help improve it.

    It’s one of the most eco-friendly products out there! Your carbon footprint will be reduced more than those working from home!

    They take 75% of their power from nature, whether that be air, water, or ground. Kinda sounds like a superhero, doesn’t it? It blasts economic, heating power through your home. Not only is it efficient to the planet, but also to your fuel bills.

    Unless the price of electricity goes through the roof, your energy savings will be better than ever with air source heat pumps. This is because fluctuations in energy prices are to always be expected. You’ll no longer have to wear two dressing gowns or choose between turning the heating on versus having hot water.

    If you can afford the cost of underfloor heating then this will make these heat pumps, even more, energy efficient but it does come at a price.

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    What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

    Popular Vaillant heat pump models

    Vaillant aroTHERM Plus

    This air-to-water heat system is like a ninja; you’ll never hear its presence. This is perfect for those living in busy terraced housing properties. It’s the first to contain a natural refrigerant and is efficiently gaining you savings against fossil fuels.

    Like we wish most of our grades to be, it has an ErP rating of A+++! This air source heat pump is a compact unit suitable for those with minimal space and can be tailored for indoor use. You can find out more about this model here.

    vaillant heat pump arotherm

    Vaillant aroTHERM Split Heat Pump

    Say hello to the ultimate air source heat pump possessing a quiet operation for your domestic household. Your carbon emissions will be reduced by collecting warmth from outside with its air source heat pump function.

    Split in two, you’ll have an indoor and outdoor unit that works well with ground heating. Local installers can install it discreetly and even within a 15m range from your front door!

    Vaillant aroTHERM Hybrid

    This air to water heat system is merged with a traditional boiler. The air to water heat pump hybrid can be used with a gas, oil or an LPG boiler system. Its lower running costs, integrated with traditional boiler services, make it a great first step for energy-saving buyers new to the game.

    Is Vaillant a good choice for your heat pump?

    Take a look at some benefits and see for yourself why Vaillant are a GREAT choice for your investment.

    vaillant heat pump arotherm split
    • First of all, they’re not fussy. They don’t care where you live and can easily be installed to any property, whether it’s a small flat or large townhouse.
    • They’re known for their quiet noise levels. Seriously, you could put it in your bedroom.
    • You’ll receive extra heating options through the government’s renewable heat incentive, which they offer to homeowners.
    • Compatible with smart accessories such as your phone. (No more wasting electricity on an empty house if you’re running late.)
    • 20-25 years of life. This is DOUBLE the lifespan of regular boilers.
    • How many times has the boiler repair service turned up to your house because something’s broken…again? Thankfully, these designs are extremely low maintenance.
    • Those only wishing to save on bills can choose the hybrid, which is compatible with existing LPG, gas and oil boilers.

    There’s an air source heat pump which syphons heat from the air outside. This is the most popular structure on the market. Then there is your water source pump, which is reliable because the water pumps operate with consistent temperatures outside.

    Vaillant does also make ground source heat pumps too for the geothermal heating of your home.

    Truthfully, it’s going to cost a bit of cash upfront compared to a regular new boiler. However, it’s an investment that does what good investments do: saves you money in the long run.

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    What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

    Vaillant air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps FAQs

    What are heat pumps used for?


    Imagine a shower that doesn’t weaken when someone is washing up dishes. Now imagine the possibility of having the heating on in January. Finally, imagine going to bed knowing you’re helping the environment… and your bank account.

    That’s a heat pump. Essentially, they heat your home and its water supply. If you think a heat pump is not the best solution for your home, check out some of the best combi boilers that are now hydrogen ready.

    Where are Vaillant based?

    You’ll find Vaillant headquarters in Belper, Derbyshire. Don’t panic if you’re not a Belper resident because they have local installers all over the country waiting to deliver to you.

    Is a Vaillant heat pump worth it?

    Whether you choose an air source heat pump or a water heat pump, Vaillant heat pumps offer:

    • Reduced running costs
    • Heating throughout your home
    • An extreme quiet mark
    • And hot water (without fear of your shower becoming a Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold reality).
    • In anticipation of the gas boiler ban in 2025

    There’s no need to worry about how much energy you’re using unless electricity prices become sky high because your newly installed unit will save money in the long run, and you can also get an air source heat pump grant too.

    If you have the cash to invest, there’s no need to search anywhere else. Take advantage of the free quotes available with Boiler Central.

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    What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
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