Navien Boiler Error Codes, Causes & How To Fix

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 17th May 2024
Posted on 16th May 2024
Navien Boiler Error Codes, Causes & How To Fix

Navien boiler error codes and faults – What they mean and how to fix

navien boiler error codes

There’s nothing worse than turning on the tap and getting cold water when you were expecting hot.

Well, that is apart from coming home to a cold house when you were expecting it to be toasty warm! This is the point when you need to work out what’s gone wrong with your heating system.

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Luckily your boiler will indicate what the problem is by displaying an error code on the control panel. In this article, we’ll look at the codes shown on Navien boilers when things aren’t working as they should.  

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Common Navien Boiler Error Codes & Faults

Some Navien boiler faults are more common than others, no matter who the manufacturer is. Whether you’re looking at Navien combi boiler error codes or those for your system boiler, some issues are going to come up more often.

So, we’re going to take a look at those ones first and then at the end of the article you’ll find the complete list of Navien error codes. If by the end you think you need a brand new boiler then we can help with that too.

How to fix an 02e error code

navien boiler error codes and faults

The most common cause of this problem is low pressure in our heating system. Have a check of your Navien NCB combi boiler manual to determine what pressure your boiler should be to see if this might be causing the issue.

Pressure problems can often be quickly sorted out without needing to call in an engineer. Our complete guide to pressure issues in boilers is a great place to start. No new boiler costs just yet!


How to fix a 10e fault code

For the Navien boiler error code 10e, you’re probably looking at an issue related to the air pressure. When the air pressure is too high, then the system shuts down to prevent any further damage being done to your boiler. There are several reasons why this might happen, including:

  • a damaged air pressure hose
  • clogged condensed water hose
  • faulty air pressure sensor

So, this is one of those issues that does need an engineer to come out. They’ll be able to work out precisely what might be causing the problem and suggest ways of getting it fixed.

If you have cover for your boiler, then you’ll be able to call out for help knowing that there’s no need to worry about unexpected bills!

How to fix a 302 fault code

The Navien boiler error code e302 also relates to low pressure in your system. Just as before, you may be able to fix this yourself by adding water to the boiler, which in turn increases the pressure. Have a look in your manual for instructions on how to do this for your boiler because the method can vary between models.

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How to fix an e787 fault code

When you see the Navien boiler error code e787, it’s telling you that there has been a problem during the manual reset process.  This can be a nice and easy one to sort out! Simply going through the reset process once more can often clear the problem and quickly have everything working again.

All Navien Boiler Error Codes

Navien Boiler Error CodeProblem
3Ignition failure
004False flame error
012Flame loss
016Overheated heat exchanger
030Abnormal exhaust temperature
46Overheated heat exchanger
047Error on exhaust thermostat 
060An issue with the limit switch
109Faulty Fan
110Blockage in the exhaust
127Faulty air pressure switch
205The heating supply thermistor has short-circuited
218The heating return thermistor has short-circuited
302Low water pressure
352High water pressure
353Faulty water pressure sensor
407Faulty hot water outlet thermistor
421Faulty cold water inlet thermistor
480Faulty hot water tank outlet thermistor
515Problem with the relay feedback
517Problem with the  dual in-line package switch setting
594Problem with the  EEPROM
615Problem with the input and memory
740An Issue with the  outdoor temperature sensor
782An issue with the main panel communication

Navien Fault Codes Summary

When you have problems with your Navien boiler, it’s a priority to get it working as quickly as possible and without too much expense. Having a little knowledge about the error codes means that you might be able to fix the issue without needing to call out an engineer or getting a replacement gas boiler.

Navien is one lesser known brand in the UK right now that is really starting to take off with online companies really getting hold of these excellent boilers. There are other lesser know brands with similar issues that arise. here we have the Daikin error codes & Keston error codes, both brands that you may not have heard of but are great for people on the budget.

That said, even the best combi boilers and best system boilers do come to an end of their life, and when it’s time to get a new one installed, it’s essential to have a really clear understanding of what costs are involved.

That’s where our fixed price quotation service comes in as an excellent way for your needs to be assessed and recommendations to be made. You get great new boiler deals with next-day boiler installation.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
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