Alpha have been designing boilers for over 50 years and are one of the UK’s industry leaders in heating solutions. Offering high-quality boilers at budget-friendly prices, Alpha is one of the best brands on the market.

They are also known for their reliability, which is reflected in the fact that many of their boilers come with a 10 year warranty as standard,

They currently manufacture a range of combi, regular and system boilers, all of which run on natural gas.

Alpha combi Boilers

Unless you have low mains water pressure or a house with a lot of radiators and bathrooms, a combi boiler will meet the level of performance you need. Combi boilers connect to the main water supply and heat hot water on demand. This is then fed to the central heating system or the hot water outlet, depending on where you need it.

You don't have to worry about running out of hot water or waiting for your hot water cylinder to refill. Your energy bills are also likely to be less as you are not constantly heating hot water to store.

One of the other benefits of having a combi boiler installed is that you don’t need an additional water storage tank or hot water cylinder, saving you valuable space. The majority of combi boilers are also compact, meaning you have to worry about it taking up too much room.

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
Alpha EVOKE 28kW Combi Gas Boiler 26.1kW 93% 7 years £650
Alpha EVOKE 33kW Combi Gas Boiler 29.7kW 93% 7 years £690
Alpha E-TEC PLUS 28kW Combi Gas Boiler 26.1kW 93% 13 years £800

Alpha regular boilers

Regular boilers are commonly referred to as traditional boilers because they are often found in older properties. They work by having a cold water storage tank fitted in the loft which sends water to the boiler. The water is heated and sent to either your central heating or to a hot water cylinder, where it is stored until you need it.

If you have existing pipework or the storage tank already in your home, it makes sense to fit a new regular boiler.

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
Alpha E-Tec 15R 15kW Regular Gas Boiler 15.1kW 92% 7 years £710
Alpha E-Tec 20R 20kW Regular Gas Boiler 20.4kW 92% 7 years £715
Alpha E-Tec 25R 25kW Regular Gas Boiler 26.1kW 92% 7 years £810

Alpha system boilers

If you have a large demand for hot water or existing pipework already in place in your home, then you may decide that a system boiler is a better choice for you.

These boilers require a hot water cylinder to be installed (or already be there); the boiler heats the water and then sends it to the cylinder where it is kept warm. It can then be used as and when you require and provide a constant supply of hot water.

The only limitation is the size of the hot water cylinder. When all of the hot water is used up you will need to wait for it to refill.

Boiler model kW Output Efficiency Warranty Price
Alpha ProTec Plus 50 System Gas Boiler 54kW 92% 5 years £983
Alpha ProTec Plus 70 System Gas Boiler 74kW 92% 5 years £985
Alpha ProTec Plus 90 System Gas Boiler 98kW 92% 5 years £1,144
Alpha ProTec Plus 115 System Gas Boiler 121kW 92% 5 years £1,246
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