How Much Does it Cost to Install a Back Boiler?

back boiler installation (cost)

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Back Boiler 

A traditional, popular, but disadvantageous boiler is a “back boiler.”

Generally, a modern boiler comes with great technical advancement. Modern types of boilers such as regular boilers, system boilers, heat only boilers and combi boilers are on the market with the same advancement.

So, the appeal of back boilers is decreasing day by day.

Some incidents of back boiler users and government regulations have been accelerating the appeal loss of back boilers.

Considering the above described matters you may have a need of knowing back boilers installation cost, servicing cost, safety issue and removal etc.

So, we are here to describe you all these.

What is a back boiler 

Back boiler is a boiler system, requires fire to run the boiling system, can heat the central heating system of a house or water, need both cold and hot water cylinders and a pump to deliver hot water to the output channels.

Back boiler was common for almost all families in the past.

It had to give its place to the newer combi boilers.

Can a back boiler give me satisfaction 

Is the back boiler appeal still now?

Can it give us proper satisfaction?

Questions like these two or similar, almost have the same answer – “No”.

There are many causes for which the above questions answer is negative. It has many drawbacks compared to other ones in the present market.

How much to install a back boiler 

Whatever your reason is, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of a back boiler, you are thinking of installing a back boiler.

A back boiler will be in accordance with your boiler brand, model, size, expertness of the installer, installer party (seller or third party) and warranty.

If the seller authority gives you a higher duration warranty than the regular warranty.

It will extend your warranty but with a higher installation cost.

Boiler installation place of your home is the vital factor.

Every boiler needs a flue (pipework, started from the boiler and ended outside of the house) to pass toxic gases through it.

So, if the flue is so long, it will increase the total installation cost.

Finally, a back boiler installation cost can be ÂŁ600- ÂŁ1000 or something more or less.

To ensure safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness select a gas safety registered heating engineer.

Durability of back boiler 

Generally, a back boiler’s handsome duration can be 15 years.

It totally depends on your boiler usage, servicing, well set up and some other affairs.

If you are an existing user, be careful to extend boiler lifetime.

Should I repair my existing back boiler 

In most cases, a damaged back boiler repairing decision will not be wise for anyone.

From the start to the end of a back boiler, it demands higher boiler costs for everything.

If you are running a back boiler and it has been working fine, you may not take a decision to remove it.

If it has stopped working, you may repair it by giving a very low service charge.

If the charge is higher, it’s better not to get it repaired.

Don’t be astonished, if you find no replacement parts of your boiler.

Removal of a back boiler 

Removal of a back boiler is not easy, it is complex and dirty.

If you are going to remove a back boiler, take preparation to handle the hassle.

As the set up uses a fireplace, the removal will cause damage to your floor and fireplace too.

Dust and small pieces of your floor will spread out. It will be a costly task also.

If I don’t remove my unused back-boiler 

You have stopped using your back boiler to be economical, respectful to government law and to be cautious about safety.

You are not safe, if your fireplace is running.

You must remove your whole back-boiler set up to be safe.

It can take heat from the fireplace, increase and spread the heat, through its heat exchanger and finally it can cause an explosion because of this excessive heat.

Are back boilers safe to use 

Because of safety issues, incidents and government warning we can easily find out that, back boilers are not safe fully.

If you are continuing with a back boiler, have a conversation with a gas safe boiler engineer, get your boiler checked up, discuss replacing your back boiler, discuss boiler replacement cost and discuss other types of efficient boilers.

For more information on a back boiler, please fill in our contact form and somebody will ring you as soon as possible with help to your query.

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