Best Boiler for a Large House and Boilers for 4 bed Homes

James Elston
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Updated on 1st December 2023
Posted on 30th November 2023
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best boiler for a large house

Best Boiler For Big House With 4 or More Bedrooms & 2 or More Bathrooms

worcester 8000 best boiler for large house

If you’re living in a large house, you wouldn’t be the first to question the effectiveness of your boiler – especially in the winter months.

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It can be hard to find a boiler and central heating system that can warm your space enough so that you don’t need all those extra layers.

Keep reading for a total rundown of everything you need to know to make an informed decision on the best new boiler for a large house. What is the best boiler for a large property and why?

From combi boilers to system boilers and even regular boilers, we’ve got you covered with brands and frequently asked questions too! Find out how much a new boiler cost along the way.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

Best boilers for large homes – What is a big house?

“Large house” is a bit of an ambiguous term, so what size does a house have to be to fit this description? It completely depends on what you would classify as a large home but we have tried to keep it as simple as possible but also outline the reasons for the best new boilers.

Homes with 4 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms are classed as big houses

large house

In this context – a 4 or 5 bedroom house with 2 or more bathrooms is considered to be ‘large’.

This is important when it comes to getting a new boiler, as you need it to be powerful enough for sufficient central heating and to meet all of your hot water demands.

If your home has more than 10-12 radiators, boiler type matters much more. After all, it needs to keep you and your family warm during the ruthless UK winters.

Which type of boiler is best for large houses?

When answering this question, there are many factors to consider. If you have multiple radiators and water outlets, which is likely in anything larger than a four-bedroom house, you need to look to consider things such as a boiler’s power and even how it works. Here’s a brief summary on boiler types and why they’re each different;

System boilers are the ideal boilers for larger homes

system boiler

A system boiler has a hot water cylinder alongside it that stores your water, meaning that it can meet the demands of water for your large home and bathrooms or en suites. They quickly respond to hot water and heating needs.

With a simpler installation than a regular boiler (that require extra water tanks in your loft), there is no need for the unnecessary costs that come with the pricey additional pipe networks that are required. System boilers mean that you can save time and money as they do not require external parts.

There is also no need for a cold water tank with a system boiler, and they can also be adapted to use solar energy to heat up your water if this is necessary.

Why are combi boilers not suitable big houses?

So, why might you choose a system boiler over a combi boiler? Typically, a combi boiler uses 9-16 litres of water per minute. If two hot water outlets are used at the same time, which is likely in a large house, this will significantly decrease.

thumbs down

A combi boiler is also not very efficient for heating, in comparison to a system boiler, as there is too much output for the heating system when a home demands a lot of hot water.

Sometimes, people with a large home may opt for a conventional boiler. Requiring a hot water cylinder, similar to a system boiler, a conventional boiler does not use the mains water supply, which is good for homes that have particularly weak water pressure.

They do also require a cold water cylinder, which can be stored in the loft. If you need to provide hot water to multiple showers or taps simultaneously, they are a great option.

A combi boiler can’t cope with high hot water demands

Unfortunately, a combi boiler is not a great option for a large house. So if you’re looking for the ‘best combi boiler‘, you won’t find it here. If you have a home with 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, or 4 bedrooms with 1 bathroom, then the combi boiler is typically the most popular choice in UK homes.

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The best boilers for a large house

Replacing a gas boiler can be overwhelming, especially as there as many different brands and types of boilers available on the market.

Are you someone that prioritises energy efficiency? Maybe your home is powered by solar energy? Or maybe you just want a boiler that looks good and is easy to use. These are all key features you should look out for when purchasing your next boiler.

Best system boilers for a large home

Here are some of the best boilers for a large house, taking hot water performance and central heating into consideration. From high-quality, trusted brands, consider these options if you have a large 4 or 5 bedroom house with multiple bathrooms.

Worcester 4000 system boiler

worcester 2000


Available as both a combi boiler and a system boiler, the Worcester Bosch 4000 is sleek and uses new hydrogen-ready boiler technology along with wireless connectivity.

Released in mid-2021, replacing Worcester Bosch‘s best-selling boiler, it is much quieter than its predecessor.

The system boiler uses a hot water storage tank that has hot water readily available, making it a perfect boiler for a large home with multiple bathrooms.


  • Energy-efficient: Less fuel burned with this boiler means lower carbon emissions as a consequence.
  • Cost-effective: None of your hard-earned cash will be lost on inefficiency as 94% efficiency means only 6% of energy is lost while heating your water.
  • Instant hot water: The Quick Tap feature means if you turn on your hot water tap on and off, your boiler will give you hot water within 20 seconds, meaning less water wastage and less waiting around.
  • User-friendly and convenient: it is easy to programme with its LCD display panel and Bosch EasyControl app means you can control each room in your home with thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Quiet: This system boiler has no loud, annoying running sounds.
  • Can run on 20% hydrogen blend: You will not be affected by government promises to address the climate crisis by 2025.
  • 10-year guarantee: For extra peace of mind!

Why choose this boiler?

You should choose this small size boiler for your home as, not only does it have a sleek and compact design, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

Coming in 99.9% recyclable product packaging and a 94% efficiency rate, you know you’re being kind to our world.

Viessmann 100-W system boiler


The Viessman Vitodens 100-w best-selling gas condensing boiler is available in 3 types: regular boiler, combi boiler, and a system boiler! It is reliable, powerful and one of the leading boilers on the market.

viessmann 100

You can reduce your carbon footprint with this boiler too, as it can run on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen. It boasts some other impressive features too.


  • Security: Contact with a Gas Safe registered engineer if you ever have a problem with your system boiler, so you can have ultimate faith in your system.
  • Convenience: not only do Viessman’s system boilers have built-in wifi, but it also has an easy-to-navigate LCD touch screen panel too.
  • Stylish and small size system boilers: you can rest assured that this compact boiler will fit comfortably in between cupboards and blend seamlessly into ANY home decor.
  • Fast installation – the combined PRV and condensate connection saves valuable time and means installation is simple.
  • Reliable: Unlike other competitors that use plastic, Viessman use stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers on their system and combi boilers.
  • 12-year boiler warranty: Boiler Central offers a warranty of 12 years on all new Viessman systems and combi boilers, so you can be confident in the longevity of your boiler!

Why choose this boiler?

Using hot water cylinders that store water that is ready to go, your family can use the multiple showers and baths in your home at the same time, without worrying about running out of hot water.

You can also be confident that your boiler is made from high-quality materials, and resistant to wear and breakage.

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Worcester 8000 system


The Worcester Bosch 8000 range includes combi boilers and system boilers – which are the best boiler option for a large home. Available in black or white, with a modern design, this boiler is energy efficient and lightweight for easy installation.

worcester 8000


  • Easy navigation: the push-button LCD panel is easy to navigate and means no extra fuss and stress trying to work a complex control system.
  • Smartphone control: you can use the Bosch EasyControl app to adjust the heating in your home if you’re at work or on vacation.
  • Eco mode control option: this feature allows you to save money and energy by putting your boiler into eco-mode and reducing carbon emissions.
  • 12-year guarantee: Worcester Bosch offers a 12-year guarantee on their 8000 boilers if they are installed by a Worcester Bosch engineer.

Why choose this boiler?

This boiler is stylish and can fit into any home. Available in two neutral colour options, it’s designed to be seen.

The Worcester 8000 is a great option for those looking to provide central heating for large properties, whilst trying to remain energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The easy-to-use nature and smart-technology compatibility make it even more attractive to those looking for a hassle-free experience.

Best conventional boiler for large properties

Worcester Ri boiler range


The Greenstar Ri 27kW & 30kW from Worcester Bosch is a regular boiler with a higher output, making it a great boiler for a large home. Able to run on 20% hydrogen blend, it is energy efficient and ‘ready for the future!’

worcester ri


  • Easy to use: The simple boiler controls and user-friendly display mean that it allows its users to navigate quickly and easily, saving time and extra fuss.
  • Solar energy: This boiler can be used with Greenskies solar panels, perfect for if your home runs on solar energy, to save you energy and money!
  • 10-year guarantee: if installed by a Worcester accredited installer, you have a 10-year guarantee on your boiler, so you can feel assured that you will not have to fork out for a new boiler any time soon.

Why choose this boiler?

The higher output of this boiler makes it much better than a combi boiler, and therefore suitable for homes with high central heating and hot water demands.

How to choose the right boiler for your home


When it comes to choosing the right boiler for you, you must consider space, energy efficiency, and most of all the size of your home.

If you’re here, you likely have a large home that demands a lot of water to multiple outlets.

Best boilers for larger homes in the UK – Conclusion

In conclusion, when looking for a new boiler for a large house, system boilers are a much better option than combi boilers. Even a large-size combi boiler is not a suitable choice for a large property, due to the lack of readily available hot water.

Boilers that require tanks are able to store hot water, ensuring the whole family can use the multiple bathrooms in your home in the morning. The last thing you want is to make those early winter mornings any more stressful than they need to be! If you need a new boiler quickly, you can even get a boiler on finance to help spread the cost.

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What’s the best Worcester boiler central heating system?

The best boiler from Worcester is a matter of opinion and depends entirely upon personal choice, and what an individual might look for in a boiler.

The Worcester Bosch 4000 could be considered as the best boiler from the brand, especially for a larger property that requires a lot of hot water. It is excellent and boasts many features, with an incredible 94% efficiency rate.

If you are someone who is concerned about their carbon footprint or heating bills, the Bosch 4000 is a great boiler for you. It uses Quick Tap technology, is compatible with the Bosch EasyControl app, and has the most impressive features found in one boiler.

However, if you’re not looking for a boiler that would be suitable for a house with 2 or more bathrooms, you may find a combi boiler or regular boiler that is more suitable for your home and that is highly efficient.

Why are conventional boilers better for large houses?

A conventional boiler can sometimes be the best boiler for a large property, due to the hot water tank that it requires. This means that domestic hot water is readily available to go to different locations in the home and meet hot water demands when it is required. This can include multiple bathrooms and radiators.

However, a conventional boiler does require a cold water tank which can take up loft space that people do not have. Despite this, it is still a much better option than a combi boiler.

How big a house will a 30kW boiler heat?

An average-sized home with three or four bedrooms could be sufficiently heated with a 30kW boiler. However, this power output is best suited for homes with no more than 10 radiators.

If you are looking for the best boiler for a home that has more than one bathroom and/or more than 10 radiators, then you should consider a 35kW boiler to sufficiently heat it and meet hot water demands.

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James Elston
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Posted on: 30th November 2023
Topic: Boiler Advice

James Elston is our resident boiler replacement and heating expert here at Boiler Central. With over 20 years experience in the boiler installation industry, James ensures that he knows everything there is about our Gas Safe boiler installations, energy saving and home heating solutions. This can be from simply procuring the latest best combi boilers, to reviewing and ensuring that Boiler Central maintains the highest standards across our boiler installation company.

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