Baxi Boiler Service Cost & How To Book A Baxi Service Online

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Updated on 4th December 2023
Posted on 30th November 2023
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Baxi Boiler Service Cost, Online Booking & What’s Included

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Struggling to find a competent Baxi boiler service in the UK?

Well, we have a suggestion for you. Based in Warwick, Baxi boiler service is one of the most experienced boiler services in the entire country.

The company ensures that the boiler in your place works with flying colours. Thus, you can rely on them with composure.

You can book your annual boiler services and get top-notch maintenance as long and keep your warranty valid with all our boiler cover options.

Simply use our online boiler service booking form to get started and arrange for a local Gas Safe registered heating engineer to attend your home on a day that suits you.

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Why Choose a Baxi Boiler Service?

For one, they are incredibly cheap, so you won’t have to loosen the purse strings. The services start from £11.75 to £21 per month. So, the benefits are affordable for everyone. Furthermore, they work with domestic and general to offer the customer all their exclusive maintenance and support plans.

The boiler plans help you maintain the boilers at your place, whether in your house or office. The company also gives you tips and tricks to maintain the units. Furthermore, you can access the high-class portal and an annual service.

The best part about the service is they have a highly skilled team. The company has 150 years of experience in the heating/boiler industry, so you can be sure that you will only be getting the best services.

If you subscribe to their service and your boiler fails, Gas Safe Engineers will come to your place and fix the problem! Whether you have the warranty or it has expired, the employees will be at your service. How great is that?

Keep Baxi Boiler Warranty Validity

There are three brands that Baxi supports as well as the Baxi boiler range.

  • Baxi
  • Potterton
  • Main Heating

Once you purchase a boiler of your choice from any one of the brands as mentioned earlier, you need to carry out the following steps to ensure that the boiler’s warranty is valid. Overall, the guarantees offered are up to 10 years.

  1. You need to register the warranty within the month of installation.
  2. It would be best if you ensured the installer completed the Benchmark Commissioning checklist. Then, once you get the checklist, stash it away in a safe place.
  3. You must get your boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe boiler engineer registered with the company.
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What Services does Baxi Boiler Provide?

The services they provide are for everyone; whether you have a maintenance and support plan or not, you can go to their site and book the service you want. For almost all services, the company asks you to contact them. The contact number is available on their official website.

If you already have a plan, you will be asked to sign in to the app. Whereas, if you are a first-timer, here are all the plans they provide. The services massively depend upon whether you have a warranty or not.

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Baxi Annual Boiler Services

There are three major types of services that Baxi provides.

How much does a Baxi boiler service cost?

A Baxi boiler service cost £100-£125 depending on where you live in the UK. You can pay for a Baxi boiler service as a one-off for £90 with Boiler Central if you can set up one of our service plans for as little as £8.99 which works out much cheaper still than one Baxi boiler service cost. if you want to upgrade or you are out of warranty, you could also get one of our excellent Boiler Cover plans.

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Baxi Service and Boiler System In Warranty Plans

As mentioned above, the services start from £11.75 per month, which depends entirely on the type of service you choose.

The most basic package would give access to the boiler care portal and annual boiler service. It also offers tips and tricks to keep the boiler operational, annual checkups by Gas Safe Engineers, support all around the year, and they will also look after your central heating system. So, from radiators to exposed pipes, the service includes everything.

Moreover, if your radiator or the exposed pipework fails or malfunctions, the company will repair it. So, if you are looking for an essential service that offers the necessary checkups for boilers and are on a budget constraint, this one is for you.

Gold Plan – Out-of-Warranty Plan

You can purchase the Gold Plan at £19 per month. The services included in this package are the same as those in the basic package. However, there are two distinctive features.

The first one is that the company will repair damages up to £1500 if your unit stops working or fails the annual service. The second is that it does not include the check on the central heating system integrated into your house.

Platinum Plan – Out-of-Warranty Plan

The platinum plan starts from £21 per month. It has the same services as the in warranty. However, the plan offers boiler repair worth £1500 if the boiler stops working or malfunctions. Furthermore, the company will look after the central heating system.

The company also states that if they cannot repair the unit, then Domestic & General will get the boiler replaced with a new one with a value of up to £750, installation cost not included.

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Baxi one off Repair Services

There are generally two types of repair services that the company provides if you are experiencing any Baxi error codes or faults.

Repair and Care

Well, you do not have to worry if your boiler is out of warranty. The company accommodates you in this regard in the following options. You can get a one-off repair and ongoing maintenance by paying only £28.99 per month.

The initial repair by the expert engineers will get the boiler up and running. However, if the company cannot fix your boiler, they will give you a 100% refund of your payment. Also, if your boiler starts malfunctioning after the first repair, the company will replace the unit and provide a piece of equipment worth £750.

One-Off Repair

As the name suggests, it is a one-time repair offer at a fixed rate. The Baxi engineers will come to your place to check the boiler. The service will include replacing/repairing boiler components, engineer call-outs, and labour.

The one-off service is pretty expensive as compared to the other services. The prices start from £347.88. However, you must go to their site and book an engineer to visit your house or office. Some other features of this particular service include:

If the company cannot fix the problem, they will charge only £90 for the inspection. The remaining amount will get refunded to your account. Furthermore, the unit’s elements are guaranteed to last at least one year after the engineers have repaired them. In this case, the labour is covered for three months or 90 days.

Help and Advice Services

Lastly, the company also provides excellent customer service available around the clock. They have answered some of the prevalently asked questions on their site. However, if the FAQs are no help, you can always contact them, and the company will work hard to ensure your issue is resolved.

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Baxi Boiler Service FAQ’s

Is it worth purchasing a magnetic filter installed and fitted?

Yes, it is worth it. Replacing the boiler in your house is a significant decision and probably one of the most crucial decisions you would make. With the magnetic filter, all the debris and dirt in your central heating system is filtered out before the water reaches your taps.

Hence, it will help prevent sludge from building up in the radiator and the pipe. If you do not install the filter, the boiler will lead to high energy bills and lose its efficiency. Furthermore, it is one of the primary reasons why the boiler breaks down.

How to look after your boiler in the summer?

Looking after the boiler in summer is not a difficult task. It is similar to checking your automobile’s oil, spark plugs, and other components. First, however, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

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Is it worth getting an annual boiler service?

Yes, a boiler service is worth it as an annual service will ensure that the boiler is efficient, safe, and reliable, so why not check out the latest boiler service cost guide for the average prices in the UK to compare. Besides, getting an expert to check your boiler once in a while will inform you about the remaining shelf life of the boiler and what to do to get more efficient performance.

Turn off the central heating system

No one needs a central heating system in summers unless they want their skin to melt off. Hence you can turn down the room thermostat to ensure that the warm heat does not enter the house. Furthermore, it would help if you turned down the hot water tap. Not only will it prevent damage to the boiler, but it is also efficient.

Check the radiators too!

Yes, you need to check on the radiators even though they are not a part of the boiler. They are a critical part of the entire heating system; hence you must check them every once in a while. Summers are the perfect time to check them for leaks or to repair them.

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Baxi Boiler Services Conclusion

Whether you are looking for servicing or repairing services for your boilers, Baxi boiler service is the best, especially if you live near Warwick. They are highly professional individuals who ensure you get your money’s worth.

If you don’t have a Baxi, check out some of our other boilers that are covered in our Viessmann boiler service guide and Ideal boiler service guide.

From sending tips and tricks to maintain your unit to sending engineers to check up on it, the company provides you with a one-in-all solution for boilers care and maintenance.

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