Vokera Boiler Error Codes, Causes & Fixes

James Elston
Written by James Elston
Updated on 5th December 2023
Posted on 4th December 2023
Vokera Boiler Error Codes, Causes & Fixes

Common Vokera boiler problems, fault codes & errors guide

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A Vokera boiler breaking down is not ideal, therefore in this article will cover all errors and fault codes regarding Vokera Boilers, so you can identify any problems you might have with your Vokera boiler to get you back up and running in no time.

Before we get into the details, here are some facts about Vokera. Vokera was founded over 35 years ago and has offices in the UK as well as Ireland. 

Vokera’s parent company, Riello Group, was established in 1922 and is well-known for its leadership as a global supplier of heating appliances and guarantees that all boilers are tested before they leave the warehouse.

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What does the red flashing light on a Vokera boiler mean?

Vokera boilers that have a red light flashing or constantly on, are likely to be in fault and lockout, leaving you without heat and hot water. If you have a relatively new boiler, check your Vokera boiler warranty as the issue may be covered by that and you can get your boiler fixed free of charge.

This issue could be caused by many things, so you need to hire a Gas Safe engineer who can diagnose the problem and repair your Vokera boiler, but in the meantime, this guide will help you find the root cause of your Vokera boiler’s red light and get your heating and hot water working again.

Vokera Boiler Red Light Causes

Vokera boilers have a constant green light and no flashing red lights when it is working properly and means that your boiler will continue to provide hot water and heating as usual, unless your boiler’s red light appears in addition to the green light though, then it could indicate a problem and you will need to check the Vokera fault code guide to fix the problem.

Below are the possible causes of various light sequences that you might see on your Vokera boiler if it breaks.

Green Light Off and Red Light On

The unit is in a boiler lockout because and will be showing a constant red light on the Vokera boiler. This could be due to:

  • The boiler is getting too hot (overheating)
  • The pump doesn’t circulate hot water to the central heating system, or to the taps as required.
  • A problem with the fan means that potentially harmful flue gasses are not being expelled.

Green and Red Lights on

Your boiler may have one or more of these problems:

  • After a recent boiler service, it was left in service mode.
  • The water pressure is not at the right level and is either too low or high
  • The heating temperature sensors can be faulty

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Flashing green light on Vokera boiler

The constant green light from your Vokera boiler indicates that the boiler’s flame is functioning and this is what you want to look for however if the green light starts flashing, it could indicate that there is an issue. Check your Vokera boiler thermostat or controls to start the boiler up and see if it is working properly.

  • Hot water sensor not working
  • Boiler on standby

Resetting a Vokera Boiler

It is possible to reset your Vokera boiler to turn off the flashing lights and make it work again to heat your home or hot water.

Reset your Vokera boiler by moving the mode selector switch to ‘OFF/RESET’ and then moving it back to ‘hot water only or ‘heating hot water’. If your boiler works again after this reboot, you will know it because the light will continue to glow green. If your boiler is not working, you can hire a Gas Safe engineer.

Fault CodeIssue
_CLCall for service
A01Ignition failure flame not sensed – internal fault
A02Limit thermostat fault
A03Fan fault
A04Insufficient system water pressure
A06Domestic how water (DHW) thermistor fault
A07Primary flow thermistor fault – temperature of water is too high.
A08Return thermistor fault – water temperature too high.
A09Flue thermistor or flue thermistor counter fault.
A11False flame
A77Low temperature thermostat fault
ACOService operation
N/AFlame on

Fault CodeIssue
PPreheating function active
P BlinkingPreheating function running
01Failure to ignite
03Problem with fan/flue
04Insufficient water pressure
05Reset as described for code 01
06Hot water thermistor open circuit
07Primary thermistor open circuit

Vokera Mynute Boiler Error Codes

Fault CodeIssue
AL10, AL20, AL21, AL26, AL28, AL34Try resetting the boiler, if the fault reoccurs you need to contact a heating engineer.
AL40Check the system’s pressure and refill if necessary. Reset the boiler, if the fault reoccurs then you need to contact a heating engineer.
AL41Check system pressure – refill if necessary. If fault reoccurs, contact a heating engineer.
AL52, AL55, AL60, AL71,AL73, AL74, AL79Contact a heating engineer.
AL74, AL79Reset the boiler. If the fault reoccurs, contact a heating engineer.

Evolve Combi Evolve System Error Codes

Fault CodeIssue
E10Flame lockout
E011Extraneous flame
E020Limit thermostat
E030Fan fault
E040Water transducer – check system water pressure
E041Water transducer – check system water pressure
E042Water transducer fault
E060Domestic hot water probe fault
4070Fault flow sensor over temperature – flow sensor flow/return line probe differential alarm
E077Main zone water thermostat
E080Error with return line probe – over temperature outlet or differential alarm
E090Flue gases over temperature probe
E091Clean primary heat exchanger
Water pressure low
Water pressure high
Boiler board communication lost
BUS 485 communication lost
E021, E022, E023, E024, E067. E088, E097Iono alarm
E085, E094, E095Combustion fault/high CO
E058Main voltage error
E065Current modulation alarm
E086Obstruction fumes alarm

Fixing a Vokera boiler & maintenance

Looking after your boiler is important as you don’t realise how much you use it till it’s not there. Ensure that You get your Vokera boiler service every year to ensure that your boiler is maintained and is running efficiently.

This can stop hefty repairs bills and fix problems before they arise. You can however get a service plan with Boiler Central or a boiler cover plan which covers the costs of breakdowns and repairs if your boiler is not under warranty and also includes the cost of a boiler service.

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