Baxi Boiler Warranty (Durations, Terms, Conditions)

James Elston
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Updated on 4th December 2023
Posted on 3rd December 2023
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Baxi Boiler Warranty (Durations, Terms, Conditions)

Baxi warranty for boilers review, lengths, terms & conditions

One brand in the boiler industry that caught our attention is Baxi. It is a reliable brand you can depend on for all your water heating needs.

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This article will detail how the Baxi boiler warranty works and how to maximise its coverage.

The market size of the United Kingdom’s radiator and boiler manufacturing industry is estimated at £1.4bn in 2022. With many brands in the market, competition is tight. But, Baxi has been around since 1866, giving them the leverage of experience in manufacturing top-notch boilers.

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?

What is a boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty serves as protection for customers from faulty and defective products. Boilers must be working all the time to provide hot water to a home. Defective boilers may result in boiler leaks, cold water, frozen condensate pipe, and low boiler pressure, among others.

The warranty helps customers deal with the above issues without extra cost if the problem is a factory defect or covered by the warranty’s clauses free of charge.

Baxi boiler warranty lengths

Baxi boilers offer two types of warranty: standard warranty and promotional warranty. The length of a boiler warranty should always be factored into the new boiler cost. Generally the more expensive the boiler the longer the warranty will be.

Boiler ModelStandard WarrantyPromotional Warranty
Baxi 200 Combi2 years3 years
Baxi 400 Combi2 years5 years
Baxi 600 Combi2 years7 years
Baxi 200 Heat2 years3 years
Baxi 400 Heat2 years5 years
Baxi Platinum Combi5 years10 years
Baxi Duo-tec Combi2 years7 years
Baxi Megaflo System2 years7 years
Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi7 years10 years
Baxi EcoBlue + Combi5 years7 years
Baxi EcoBlue System5 years7 years
Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat5 years7 years
Main Eco Compact Combi2 years5 years
Main Eco Compact System2 years5 years
Main Eco Elite Combi2 years5 years
Main Eco Elite System2 years3 years
Main Heat2 years3 years
Potterton Titanium Combi5 years7 years
Potterton Titanium Heat2 years7 years

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A Baxi boiler warranty is only valid if these requirements are met:

  • Register the boiler within 30 days of installation
  • The Benchmark commissioning sheet must be completed upon installation by a Gas Safe registered installer
  • The homeowner must keep the Benchmark commissioning sheet and present it for verification during a warranty claim
  • An annual boiler service must be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer every 12 months in accordance with the guidelines set in the manufacturer’s manual

In cases when the above conditions are not met, the product will have a limited warranty of only 12 months from the installation date.

Terms and conditions of a Baxi boiler warranty

With more than 150 years in business, Baxi boilers have been proven to be efficient in heating. However, there are still cases when a product may become defective. If this happens, check the Baxi boiler warranty to see if the warranty agreement covers the damage or not.

Aside from the requirements mentioned above, here are some other details you must know about the Baxi boiler warranty and stop you making the boiler warranty invalid:

  • The Baxi boiler annual service may be done 60 days before or after the installation anniversary date without affecting the warranty’s validity.
  • The warranty period will be lessened to 12 months if the installation is not done by a certified Gas Safe installer or if the annual servicing isn’t done within 60 days of the installation date’s anniversary.
  • Parts may be replaced free of charge within the warranty period but are subject to the company’s discretion.
  • The warranty only covers the boiler itself and its integrated controls. It does not include accessories such as the external wireless Baxi boiler controls, thermostats and connected systems.
  • A deposit may be required prior to an engineer’s visit. The deposit will be returned if the damage is covered by the warranty. However, the company may take the deposit if the problem is not included in the warranty, the property is not accessible during the scheduled visit or if any of the warranty’s terms and conditions are not met.
  • Repairs will not be conducted if the boiler area is not accessible or if there is a danger to health and safety.
  • The warranty applies only to boilers purchased and used in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.

***You can check the Baxi website for more in-depth details of the terms and conditions of their warranties. For clarifications and questions, you may contact Baxi customer service at 0345-121-3212.

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Warranty exclusions of Baxi boilers

The Baxi boiler warranty is not applicable on the following issues:

  • Boiler installations in mobile leisure accommodation vehicles (LAVs)
  • Boiler has been transferred to another location
  • Annual servicing costs and replacement parts from wear and tear
  • Repairs needed due to calamities, neglect, accidents and other malicious acts such as theft or attempted theft
  • Problems caused by the heating system
  • Damages from hard water scale deposits or sludge
  • Issues arising due to problems with other services like gas, water, or electricity
  • Boilers installed without following the guidelines from the manual
  • Parts have been replaced with other third-party brands
  • Incomplete and non-verifiable Benchmark commissioning checklist

Ensure you get an annual boiler service every year with one of our service plans or boiler cover here at Boiler Central that include the cost of an annual gas boiler service.

How to extend a Baxi warranty

baxi boilers with warranty

Is your Baxi warranty expiring?

If so, you may extend the standard warranty initially offered. Contact Baxi’s customer service to see what protection plans are available and most useful for your needs.

Are you qualified for a boiler upgrade?

The government has launched an initiative to upgrade boilers from domestic and small non-domestic properties. The program will benefit people in England or Wales and encourage them to upgrade to low-carbon heating systems like the heat pump.

You may be qualified if the property you have meets the following requirements:

  • Up to 45kWth installation capacity
  • Valid Energy Performance Certificate without any outstanding issues

The boiler upgrade program will run from 2022 to 2025.

Baxi boiler warranties conclusion

Baxi boilers range from combi boilers and system boilers to heat only boilers. Regardless of what type of boiler you choose, educate yourself with the stipulations stated on the Baxi boiler warranty.

Knowing these conditions will protect you from damages and future repair and labour costs and enable you to compare other top boiler warranties such as the Vokera boiler warranty and Alpha boiler warranty

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What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
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