Alpha E-Tec 28kW Combi Boiler Review

Alpha E-tec 28kW Combi Boiler

Alpha E-Tec 28 Combi boiler review for 2022

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Alpha innovations boilers are rapidly becoming more and more popular as people seek to find the best combi boilers on the market at as low a price as possible.

With their low price tag and 10-year warranties, the Alpha E-Tec range is perfect for anyone looking for a low-cost boiler with all the benefits of an expensive one. Marketed as a compact combi boiler for kitchen cupboards, these energy-efficient combi’s might just be the perfect boiler for your home.

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Why buy an Alpha E-Tec boiler?

Alpha E-Tec 28kw Combi Boiler

The Alpha E-Tec range has been designed to be suited by almost every home in the UK. It is compact, it is wall-mounted, it can be used with both a horizontal and vertical flue, and is backed up with a 10-year guarantee.

They use a stainless steel heat exchanger that is built to last just as in new boilers at twice the price tag and comes with the same 10-year Alpha warranty.

With every Alpha boiler you will also get a free wireless thermostat as standard, but they do have a range of Alpha boiler controls and thermostats including a smart thermostat with an app to help keep your energy bills low.

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Alpha E-Tec Boiler Range

The Alpha E-Tec comes in the 3 main boiler types – Combi boilers, system boilers & regular boilers.

There is also the standard E-Tec boiler and also the E-Tec Plus which have improved features and components over the standard boiler.

Boiler MakeAlpha
Boiler ModelE-TEC
Boiler TypeCombi, System & Regular
Energy RatingA-Rated
Warranty7-10 Years
MountingWall Mounted
Heat ExchangerStainless Steel
Integrated Filling LoopYes
Expansion VesselYes
Flue TypesHorizontal, Vertical
Flow Rates12.1-15.9 l/min
Price Range (boiler only)£600-£800

Alpha E-Tec & E-Tec Plus Combi Boilers – 28kW, 33kW & 38kW

Alpha E-Tec 28kw Combi Boiler

There are 5 different E-Tec combi boilers including the Plus range. These combination boilers provide heating and hot water from the same unit.

With a compact design that can fit in most kitchen cupboards, they’re great for when space is at a premium.

Just because they are compact doesn’t mean that there is any compromise on power either. The E-Tec combi comes in 3 different outputs to ensure that there is one that will suit your hot water and heating needs.

Alpha E-Tec System Boilers – 20kW, 30kW & 32kW

As with any good boiler range, there are always a few options. If you have high hot water demand in your home or you have a larger home then the E-Tec system boiler will be perfect for you. This boiler will work with an old hot water tank if you have one.

If you don’t have one these will be an additional cost. There is only a 7 years standard warranty on their system boilers but you can get up to 10 years with some installation companies.

Alpha E-Tec Regular Boilers – 15kW, 20kW & 25kW

If your home has an older heating system it is likely that you may have both a hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank in the loft or at height in your home. If so then the Alpha E-Tec regular boiler range will be right up your street. 

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Alpha E-Tec Boiler Prices

We have mentioned how the E-Tec range is unrivaled value for money, so let take a look at how much the boiler themselves will cost you.

Remember if you need a replacement boiler then the boiler unit itself is only part of the cost. All prices here are not including labour costs for boiler replacement.

Boiler BrandBoiler ModelBoiler TypeBoiler OutputEfficiencyBoiler Price
AlphaE-TECCombi Boiler28kWA Rated£710
AlphaE-TECCombi Boiler33kWA Rated£730
AlphaE-TEC PlusCombi Boiler28kWA Rated£779
AlphaE-TEC PlusCombi Boiler33kWA Rated£909

Alpha E-Tec Boiler Installation

If you are now sold on a new Alpha Innovations boiler then you will need to consider the costs of the installation of your new unit. The cost of installation will completely depend on the labour costs.

If you already have a combi boiler and want to swap it for a replacement combi boiler such as the Alpha E-Tec 28Kw combi boiler then this will be a relatively low installation cost.

If you have a system boiler and want to change to a combi boiler for whatever reason, then this cost will be higher due to the work involved. Let’s take a look at some Alpha E-Tec boiler installation costs.

Alpha E-Tec 28kw Combi Boiler

Alpha Boiler E-Tec Reviews on Trustpilot

If you’re still not convinced about the E-Tec range then maybe some rave reviews would help you change your mind?

The Alpha E-Tec range has been reviewed hundreds of times on the renowned review website TrustPilot. Check out the rest of the Alpha boiler range available right now too.

Not only has it been reviewed hundreds of times they have managed to receive a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. That’s a top rating of excellent, they couldn’t get much better hinting that there are not that many problems or errors with this Alpha boiler

Alpha Boiler Vs Worcester Bosch

Everyone has heard of Worcester Bosch when it comes to boilers and it seems that any other boiler company has to compare with them.

Worcester Bosch make fantastic boilers but you do pay that bit more for them, they are regarded as producing the best combi boiler year on year.

Essentially the choice between an Alpha or a Worcester is price. You are still getting a 10-year guarantee on an Alpha boiler which suggests that they are confident their boilers will last just as long as any other boiler on the market.

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You will also get a price that includes both the boiler and the installation work involved.

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