How to Use Central Heating Thermostat

central heating thermostat (how to)

How to Use Central Heating Thermostat? central heating smart thermostat

The thermostats in your boiler not only makes it easier to use but also helps to utilise the boiler accurately.

It can also reduce your energy bills dramatically.

Controlling temperature and time is a crucial factor in the central heating system.

However, there is a lot of confusion among people, how to use a central heating thermostat and it is because of several types and models are available on the market.

From programmable thermostats to boiler types, I’ll discuss a comprehensive guide on using a central heating thermostat and why you need to use it efficiently.

Room thermostats including a dial 

Your room thermostats will start turning on the heating after your room reaches the desired temperature you have set.

Once the temperature reaches in your desired position, it will turn the heating off.

You have to set the thermostat onto the wall, there is a circular dial with a mark by an arrow on it which points on the currently running temperature in the thermostats.

Thermostats absorb the air around it, it is very important to keep everything open, this means no air can get blocked, through the curtains or anything else that may block the airflow.

We have a misconception that turning the thermostat on means it would heat your home quickly, it won’t heat your home as quickly as you think.

Your home will take the same amount of time to reach the required comfortable temperature. After that, it will continue heating until it raises the temperature you set on the boiler thermostat. boiler cover

Digitally programmed room thermostats 📲

Digitally programmable room thermostats work dynamically.

It allows us to control the heating when turning on and off with the heating controls, at the same time it sets the temperature through a digital interface integrated with the thermostats.

There are many advanced models available on the market which has programs to set your heating for the weekends and weekdays separately allowing for different schedules.

Some of them also allow you to set different schedules on different days of the week.

Smart Thermostats 📱

Smart thermostats provide the highest level of control over your home heating system.

Although, features vary between models, smart thermostats usually allow you to control your heating using your smartphone or using any other online system.

Other features included in the smart thermostats are:

·          Adaptable with your set routine

·          Responsive behaviour upon the condition of the weather

·          Recognising geolocation, which identifies people in the room or out of the room

However, the most popular brands to choose for smart thermostats are:

Hive, Nest, and Honeywell, etc.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves boiler gauge

While addressing thermostatic radiator valves, it doesn’t directly control the boiler valve. It vastly helps you to keep the temperature of your room at your desired point to stop the temperature dropping or rising.

Thermostatic radiator valves control the flow of hot water through the radiator and reduces it when the temperature reaches a certain level.

They detect the temperature when the air is flowing around them.

This will work at its best if nothing is covering the radiators or the thermostatic valves.

You will see symbols or numbers like 1-6, on the valve that represents the level of the heat the radiator will produce.

Normally, if you set it to 3, the temperature would come out in the room is around 20°C.

You should not fit TRV to the radiators in the rooms where you already set up a wall-mounted smart thermostat, to avoid competing controlling the room temperature each other.

You can now connect a smart thermostat with smart radiator valves to control the output of the heat of the radiator using a smartphone.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the room or outside the house.

In the winter season, when you will be at home in the daytime, the recommendation is to keep the thermostat set between 20-20° C (in Fahrenheit 68-72° F).

At night when you will be outside of the room, try to set it between 17-19 ° C (in Fahrenheit 62-60° F), this will help save energy and money.

In the summer season, keep your thermostat at 26° C (in Fahrenheit 78° F) when you’re at home, stay comfortable and cool, at the same time don’t waste energy and save money.

Any time if you go away set the thermostat to 31° C (88° in Fahrenheit).

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