What temperature should my thermostat be set at?

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What Temperature Should the Central Heating Thermostat Be Set At?

There are different arguments among different people about what the ideal central heating temperature should be. 

It is necessary to get to know the recommended temperature thermostat settings in different environments and weather conditions. The correct temperature will keep a comfortable home and enhance good health.

Thermostat temperature settings will eventually save you money on the home energy bills. You are probably thinking, how can thermostat settings alter fuel bills? boiler temperature

Before knowing what temperature your central heating should be, you more than likely would have wasted heating and money by not having the recommended room temperature set for your heating thermostat correctly.

The ideal central heating temperature will reduce energy wastage, help the environment and lower energy bills. 

What temperature should I set my thermostat in my bedroom? For health reasons and sleep benefits, you should have a temperature drop in your bedroom compared to the heating in your living room.

An individual boiler thermostat setting in each room is great for this, and you can set the exact temperature as you wish in each room. environmentally friendly

Smart heating controls that you can now have on your smartphone or tablet with most central heating systems make it possible for you to change what temperature the thermostat is set at, as and when it suits you.

So, the best temperature for central heating will vary at different times of the year and also differ in each room throughout the year.

Setting up your thermostat at a constant temperature is not something that is going to work out magically or can be set continuously.

What Temperature Should my Boiler be Set at for Central Heating?

I will provide you with a recommended average central heating temperature for your thermostat that should work every time in every condition.

What temperature should a boiler be set at on the thermostat depends on several factors including:

Humidity level, Season, and how many times you come in and out of the house. boiler temperature

By considering those factors, I’ll recommend you to set the temperature that suits your house best, and what is comfortable for you.

However, most of the people have a range of temperatures that suits them in particular conditions but not one magical number that works all year round.

So, in this article, you will get to know: 

  • What temperature should I set my thermostat in winter?
  • What temperature should I set my thermostat in the summer?
  • How do I set my thermostat to be efficient and cost-effective? 
  • What temperature suits the elderly and babies?
  • How smart thermostats work?


What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat in the Summer Season? 

Boiler temperature setting can be challenging when wanting to be comfortable and cost-effective. 

Here, I’ll discuss some cost-effective heating temperatures that you can set on your thermostat and get an efficient result at the same time as been comfortable.

Saving energy with an efficient heating system will keep the heating bills low and reduce your carbon footprint. boiler efficiency

In most UK homes and commercial buildings, more than 40%/50% of the electricity bill is the result of central heating boiler temperatures and air-conditioning. 

More than 70% of UK homes heat their homes twice a day by altering the central heating boiler temperature settings.

Going back to what temperature should a boiler be set at, you must limit the heat when you are out of the house. energy saving trust recommended

It is proven by the Energy Saving Trust that reducing the thermostat temperature by 1degree it can reduce your fuel bill by 10%. 


What Temperature Should I Set My Boiler in Winter?

In the winter season when the cold weather hits, the average temperature is as we said above, around 18° c and it is commonly set at 20° c.

The average internal temperature has risen dramatically since higher energy efficient boilers are now used around the UK.

Temperatures have increased due to the incredible energy-efficient boilers, which tremendously reduce fuel bills compared to old inefficient boilers which used to be so expensive to run.

If you need to know what the highest-rated and recommended boilers are then our boiler advice guides will help you. new boiler

Some people keep their homes hot, and some people keep their homes cold, most of us average somewhere in the middle. 


Most homes reside the sensible 18-21°, and there are several homes, having excessive cold and hot living rooms. optimum room temperature


What Temperature Should my Boiler be Set? 

The thermostat setting in the UK is, on average, 18 degrees, but some people say 21 degrees. If you reduce the degrees by a couple of marks, this can make a massive difference to your bill.

The Recommended Sleeping Temperature:

The recommended sleeping temperature is 16 to 18 degrees. It is proven that your body temperature drops when you are asleep, so this will be a comfortable temperature. 

24 degrees is too hot for your health and well-being.

The Recommended Summer Temperature:

In summer it may be a case of just turning your heating on for your hot water. You may find you need to open a window and lower your quilt tog to around 2.5 to 7.5 to be at the average 18degrees.

The Recommended Winter Temperature:

The recommended winter temperature is still around 18 degrees to 21 degrees. We recommend putting on more layers of clothing or going with a higher quilt tog always to keep bills at a lower price and to maintain good sleep and health.

Recommended Temperature for the Elderly:

The NHS recommends people aged 65 years and above keep the temperature at the same 18 to 20 degrees but suggest curtains are shut at dusk and avoid any drafts coming within the home.

Recommended Temperature for Babies:

For a baby, it is different from the typical child or adult. If the temperature drops below 20 degrees, you could give them an extra blanket, so they get the extra warmth.

Baby monitors can now show your babies temperature and if they are asleep comfortably. A sleeping baby is a happy baby, according to The UK Baby Centre who recommend the room temperature between 16 to 20 degrees.


Temperature Controls:

As we all know, these days, technology is impressive; all boilers are now designed to be user-friendly and as efficient as possible. An efficient boiler will keep fuel bills low and reduce the carbon footprint.

Boilers will include a thermostat, room thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves and a timer or programme so that you can set and alter your heating to suit your needs without wasting heat or fuel. worcester bosch smart boilers

The latest central heating technology is a smart thermostat, with a smart thermostat, you can control your heating, whether you are at work, on holiday or wherever you are simply on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart thermostats can remember your heating routine, they can pick up your location, so when you are nearby they can turn the heating on, but if you are away from home, they can turn it off.

Smart thermostats can recognise the best temperature setting to prevent you from wasting heat and money. They do this by only altering the temperature by 4 or 5 degrees, so less gas is in usage.

A standard thermostat would just set a timer, turn on or off.

Smart thermostats are the way forward! hive thermostat

Hive and Nest are highly recommended smart thermostats. Hive won the Which? Best buy award in 2018.


Which? Scores come on reliability, brand customer satisfaction and heating engineer ratings. 


What is the Typical Thermostat Setting?

It might seem to be a simple number to remember, but according to a recent survey, it reported that the most popular settings in most UK homes are 20 degrees. boiler temperature

12 degrees would be classed as too cold for your home, and 30° is considered far too hot for UK homes. 

Wrong temperatures will prevent good sleep, general well-being and concentration levels from tiredness.


Temperature Myths

We often hear that the higher the temperature, the quicker your home will heat up, this is not true! This myth is a waste of energy, and you will see a rise in your fuel bills.

We also hear leaving your heating on at a lower temperature all day is the best way to heat your home, this is also not true! Again this is a waste of heat, and the fuel bills will increase.

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